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Here’s Why Starting System Fault Ford Explorer with Most Suggested Fixes

Ford Explorer is a trustworthy road companion. However, like any other machine, it might fail to perform as expected. One such problem is starting system fault Ford explorer. How can you solve this starting system fault?

There are a variety of difficulties that can cause a starting system fault in your Ford Explorer. Dead battery, poor alternator, clogged fuel filter, damaged starter are typical causes that prevent proper starting function.

If you wish to know how to solve all these problems and start your Ford explorer in no time, then keep on reading this article.

What Does It Mean When It Says Starting System Fault?

The ignition key is inside and having your vehicle not start is one of the most aggravating aspects of owning a car. The starting mechanism is highly complicated, and it relies on multiple distinct pieces to get the engine started.

If any of these parts fail to function correctly, your automobile will not start. As a result, a starting system fault ford explorer 2015 can be identified.

Why Starting System Fault Ford Explorer?

When we get a starting system fault Ford Explorer 2014, all suspicions are directed toward the battery, the most common culprit. However, a few additional factors might cause your engine to go numb.

Here’s a handy table below that lists the issues that could cause the starting system to fail, as well as their potential fixes.

Possible Reasons For Starting System FaultProbable Solutions
Dead BatteryReplace/recharge the battery
Alternator issuesReplace or clean the alternator
Clogged fuel filterChange the filter
Loose cableTighten all the cables
Defective spark plugsTighten the spark plugs
Broken starter motorHeat the motor with a stick or metal tool

All the above-stated reasons can also be the reasons for starting system fault 2011 ford explorer.

This part will walk you through some of the facts about the starting system and the solutions to all of the starting system flaws mentioned in the previous section.

Before we begin discussing the problems in detail with solutions, do keep in mind that the starting system problems are common for 2014, 2015, and even older Ford explorers like the 2011 models.

Dead and damaged battery

If your Ford Explorer makes a rattling noise when you accelerate and the engine performs poorly, it could be due to a dead or powerless battery. Corrosion on your car battery’s contacts can result in contact loss and reduced current flow, preventing your engine from starting correctly.

The cause for this is that electrical components such as the seat, blower, and other parts must operate continuously, putting a strain on the truck’s battery. As a result, it has a difficult time igniting the engine.

Solution: If your battery is dead, then you need to change your battery and for that, Remove the clamps from the battery tray with a ratchet socket, then remove the negative and positive battery terminator clamp with nose pliers. You will also need to follow the same removal process for corrosion in your battery.

After that, remove the old battery and replace it. Screw the positive and negative battery terminator clamps into position. It’s finished!!

And for corrosion, there is no need for battery replacement; just clean the battery and put it back in.

However, if there is a low voltage on the battery, you may jump-start it with jumper cables and a healthy battery from another vehicle. Connect the positive and negative edges of your battery to the donor battery. Start the donor vehicle, and this will restore the battery of your car in working order.

Issues with alternator

Do you have an issue with your computer starting up and the display turning off simultaneously? If this is the case, the alternator is either corroded or has a defect.

Solution: To get rid of the alternator’s rusty feel, use oil. Check to see whether the truck starts typically after that. However, if the alternator fails, you must install a new alternator drive belt.

Clogged Fuel Filter

Another reason for starting the system fault of ford explorer is a clogged fuel filter. Dirt and airborne particles plug the fuel filter; as a result, the fuel pressure also decreases.

Solution: You cannot clean the fuel filter, and the only remaining option is to change the fuel filter.

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Loose cables

If you checked your battery and it is entirely okay, even after that, your Ford explorer doesn’t start in one go, and then the problem is somewhere else. In this case, you need to check the cables as there might be loose cables.

Solution: At first, you need to find the power cord, and for this, you can check your truck’s owner’s handbook. To make safe changes, plug the loosen-up wires using a decent set of needle pliers. Your Ford Explorer should now be operational.

Defective Spark Plug

Spark Plugs are critical for the engine to start, and sometimes the ignition system plug connection can become loose.

Solution: In the case of one loose plug, you can tighten it yourself. However, contact a professional mechanic if the whole spark plug is damaged.

Broken Starter Motor

A starter motor will fail after a lengthy period of use as they give a fixed lifetime, and if the starting motor fails, the engine will not start. You can check this problem quickly as when you start the engine, the engine will make a clicking sound.

Solution: If the engine doesn’t start because of the starter, spin the key while striking the starting motor with any stick.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my Ford say starting time fault?

When you start the car, if there is power in an electrical system like the lights and display, the problem is either a defective ignition relay, starting relay, faulty starter, or one of the other causes listed above. It’s also conceivable that the ignition system has been deactivated due to a jammed security code.

What does System Fault mean?

A System Fault is a glitch or defect in UNISS that prevents the System from performing the functions it is supposed to for the time being.

How do you start a 2011 Ford Explorer?

To remote start, your 2011 Ford Explorer first locks all doors with the lock button. Then tap the start button on the remote twice more. There will be two flashes of the external lighting which means the car has started.


The Starting system fault ford explorer can be quite a pain, especially when you face it during busy work. Several reasons can be behind it, but there isn’t any reason to rush a mechanic just yet.

You can solve most of the issues easily at home without much hassle. Hence, this article can guide you to solve all these problems with ease by yourself.

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