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How To Clear ABS Light on Ford – Step By Step Guide!

How To Clear ABS Light on Ford

Are you facing the struggle of ABS warning light turning on even when you aren’t using any functions? As a driver, it is not a good thing to ride on the road while your ford ABS light not working rightly.

To overcome these types of situations, the thing needs a proper reset or erasing. Sadly, most drivers are still looking for a perfect solution of how to clear ABS light on ford as there aren’t a lot of explanations on that matter. 

However, we have given methods that will help so that you can save your money and energy for repair. If your ford ABS light is acting weirdly, then take a deep breath and look into the given easy-to-follow steps for solving this challenge. Let’s go!

Here’s How to Clear ABS Light on Ford with Scanner!

From 2015 to the latest ford trucks, the ABS light that illuminates oddly can be erased by using a scanner tool. This tool plays a great role in simply clearing the code of the ABS warning light by connecting to the ford computer.  

According to OBD ADVISOR,

Sometimes, both the lights may turn on simultaneously. It’s a bad sign, and you must check your car as soon as possible. You can do this with the help of an OBD2 scanner that can read advanced ABS codes.

Before doing any changes to your ford truck, be sure to read the vehicle owner’s manual. This way you won’t miss a single detail to clear code data of ABS light on at ease. Without wasting further time, grab all the tools and hop into the process:  

  • Grab the scanner tool with an adapter for ABS light that is suitable for the OBD II port. And then, Insert the adapter into the OBD II port gently. Be sure the connection is okay to continue.
  • Next, you have to turn your key in the second position into the ford truck ignition. Just makes sure your ford is successfully in a second position without turning on the engine.
  • Again, put your key into the ignition in the same position.
  • Look into the scanner tool screen to ensure it is turned on or not. Once you have done checking it, you want to go to the Scan bar of your scanner tool. And, click on the okay button.
  • After that, you have to select your truck. As you have a ford truck, just look for the Ford USAFORD option. And then, hit on the bar.  
  • Then, click on the Diagnose bar that will automatically scan for a few seconds. Next, you will see the V12.51 bar and click on it too.
  • Now, you have to press on the Automatically Search bar and then there will be 2 options for the ABS system that will clear the light option easily. The first one is U0100 Lost communication with the PCM and another is B2900 VIN Mismatch.
  • Click on the B2900 VIN Mismatch to diagnose the ABS system that controls the warning light too. Then, hit the Retrieve CMDTCS (Continuous Memory Diagnostic Trouble Codes) bar and wait for a while.
  • Afterward, 3 options will pop up on the screen such as Read Fault Data, Erase Fault Data, and Read Current Data.
  • The next thing you want to do is click on the Erase Fault Data bar that way you will able to clear the ABS light always-on issue. And, you are done.

Note: The OBD II port can be located in different places based on ford models. So, look for the OBD II port first before starting the process. 

How To Reset Ford ABS Light Without Scan Tool?

The ABS light might be consisting an always turn-on mood that needs a proper reset. But, if you don’t have a scan tool to clear the ABS light on ford, it pretty easy with the ford truck internal trick. 

Though the process might take a long time, still it will work out well. In fact, sometimes the main reason why ABS light illuminates are due to systematic error in your truck control module.

And also, be sure to work in a clean workstation and wear safety equipment. So, if you want to know how to reset ford ABS light without scan tool, read down below:

Tools You’ll Need

  • Ignition Key
  • Socket Wrench
  • Rubber Gloves

Step-1: Start by, putting the key into the ignition in your truck. Be sure to position it rightly to start the engine.

Step- 2: Then, take out the battery terminal by opening the ford truck hood. Be sure to detach the negative one first then go for the positive battery terminal. This way you can safely remove it.

Step-3: Next, wait for 30-60 seconds. After that, attach the wire along with negative and positive battery terminals on the ford truck. Be sure to tighten the single clamp using a wrench.

Step-4: Now, it’s time for you to again start your ford truck as it will reset the ABS light on ford manually. Just insert the key into the ignition so that you can start your truck.

Note: Never touch the battery terminal using your bare hands. Try to wear a good pair of rubber gloves to avoid electrical shocks.

Step-5: After that, check whether the ABS light works properly or not. If not, it means you need to go to a dealer or professional as the ABS light badly needs repair. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it safe to drive a car with an ABS light on?

The answer is both yes and no. If your ford ABS light is normally accessing, then it is totally safe to drive your truck. But, if the ABS warning light and brake system light turn on at the same time, then it is really risky to drive. 

Where is the ABS fuse?

The ABS fuse is in fact near to the dashboard behind the steering wheel. Based on different models of ford or other trucks, the location can be different. But, for sure, it would be near to the power distribution center or under the dash.

How do you check ABS light?

Well, the ABS light is basically located on the dashboard of any truck model. It has a neon yellow color lighting that blooms when you start your truck. To check whether it is problematic or not, just look into the sign. If it turns on unnecessarily, that means the ABS light needs reset.

Why won’t my ABS light go off?

The most common reason why the ABS light goes off is due to the loss of brake fluid and bad hydraulic valves. Other than that, the ABS light aka Anti-lock Braking System may give always-on lighting trouble.  

What to do when ABS light still on after sensor replacement?

Theoretically, if you replace the sensor of ABS wheel speed, the ABS light won’t turn on. Yet, the ABS light sometimes can illuminate even if you’ve installed a new sensor. To stop the warning light issue, most people clear the trouble data with or without a scan tool.  

Final Words

These are pretty much all the things you should know to clear or reset the ABS light on ford. We have summed up the methods that you can use and be able to clear the warning light issue with or without a scanner tool. 

As the steps of how to clear ABS light on ford are easy and require no huge spend of money, you should give them a try. However, if your ford truck’s ABS light still doesn’t work fine, make sure to replace it. Or else you will suffer from bad damage, even after clearing the data. 

So, avoid delaying it and go to an auto expert or follow our instructions to do it yourself. Best Wishes!

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