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[4 Main Reasons]Fix The Starting System Fault Ford F150 Quickly

Starting System Fault Ford F150

One of the most engaging parts of a truck is the starting system that lets you start and drive comfortably. It is a tough and rough component that holds the motor and gear to run the flywheel in order to start the f150 engine.

But what if this part reacts unusually suddenly and now you have some ford f150 starting system fault to find and solve. This can happen to a lot of people on the internet, just like you they might as well be looking for this topic to get a decent solution. And, we can confirm you are expecting solutions that won’t let you down.

In this guide, we’ll describe the symptoms and solution of starting system fault ford f150. So, What Are You Waiting For!

Let’s Find Out Starting System Fault Ford F150 – Real Reasons & Solutions

When we heard the ford f150 system won’t start, all the doubts go to the battery as it’s the main culprit most of the time. But, you’ll find out a couple of other reasons too that cause engine to go numb. And, these are the real reasons behind this.

Reasons for Starting System FaultPossible Fixes That Work
Weak or dead batteryRecharge or replace the battery
A rusted or faulty alternatorClean or replace the alternator drive belt
Loose cable issueTighten the wiring harness
Problematic fuel systemUse petrol or diesel

So, what would cause a ford f150 to not start? Maybe your truck has a weak battery, defective alternator, or wobbly cable issue. And perhaps your f150 has a faulty fuel system that causes serious issues to start the engine.

According To Firestone Complete Auto Care,

The starter is a small motor, powered by the battery. It gets the engine of your car running. A starter relay sits between the battery and the starter motor, transmitting power. Without a properly working starter relay and motor, you won’t be able to even back out of a parking space without a jumpstart or tow.

If you don’t know whether your truck isn’t starting or not, then note out how many of the given symptoms match your situation:

  1. Loud click or irksome noise
  2. The lights turn on but the engine doesn’t accelerate
  3. The engine doesn’t crank when jumpstarting
  4. Sometimes fume come out
  5. Oil leaks

A lot of times the ford f150 cranks but wont start due to rust or a problematic alternator that cause difficulty for the engine to react fast. Every little indicator that causes failure to start the system, you need to fix the problems.   

Empty or Lifeless Battery Can Be the Reason Why Ford F150 Isn’t Starting!

If you are having issues with the f150 rattling noise when accelerating and the weak performance of the engine, it might due to a dead or powerless battery. Basically, it’ll make the worst outcome of starting in wintery or cold weather.  

The reason is that the electrical parts such as the seat, wiper, blower, and other parts have to work constantly which causes the truck’s battery to strain a lot of power. That makes it react poorly while starting the engine.

And also, it may cause your truck lights or radio to automatically turn off when you park the f150. Yet, it can also happen if the ford f150 radio not working that’s causing trouble.

So, are you having similar challenges? If so, we suggest you try the jumpstart technique a couple of times. And if you fail, then try recharging the battery and try again.

Still, having the same issue? In that case, it would be better if you change the battery. For that, follow the instructions:

  • Open the hood of your f150.
  • Use a ratchet socket to loosen the clamps from the battery tray.
  • Detach the negative battery terminator clamp using a nose plier.
  • Then, remove the positive battery terminator clamp.
  • Next, take out the old battery and insert a new one.
  • After that, attach the positive and negative battery terminator clamps to their place.
  • And then, tighten them out.

Fixing Imperfect Alternator to Fix Starting System Fault on F150

Are you having a problem with starting and displaying going out at the same time? If that’s the case, it’s because of either corrosion or fault on the alternator (3-phase generator).

To figure out what problem you have, try locating the alternator. See if the condition of this part. Use oil to remove the rusty vibe of the alternator. After doing that, check if the truck starts normally or not.

If not, then replace the alternator drive belt with a new one. Sometimes this part causes the engine to start roughly due to its imperfection. Be sure to check the condition with a multimeter before replacing it.

Loosen-up Cables Causing F150 Starting System Errors

So, your truck battery is full-recharged but never starts after a lot of attempts? It may be due to a loosely fitted power cable. If that’s the case, then just find out the place of the power cable by checking your truck vehicle owner’s manual.

image 12

Diagram of Ford F150 Starter Process

Next, plug the loosen-up cables using a good pair of needle pliers for safe adjustments. Then, check out whether the f150 truck starts smoothly or not. Hope this fixes the error of starting.

Oiling Fuel System To Fix The Issue Of Ford F150 Starting

Have you tried all things and nothing works out? Then, the problem must be a bad fuel system. If you happened to forget to check your fuel and haven’t filled it rightly, then prepare for refilling it with petrol.

  • Start by filling the fuel tank with petrol to avoid the starting issue. If you have older models, then using be sure to bleed the fuel system before doing anything.
  • Then, check the pipes and hoses of your truck to ensure no leakage.
  • Next, you need to think of a worst-case scenario. Check if the fuel filter, line, or injection pump has a blockage or not. If they have, then hurry up and seek help from the workshop.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you test a starter without removing it?

That’s possible to test the starter even if you haven’t removed it. For that, you should use a jumper cable to get rid of the electrical system. It’s better to crank the engine while connecting the negative jumper cable as a ground for your truck.  
After that, be sure to click the red cable to the positive terminal to test the starter without removing it.

Can I replace a starter myself?

Yes, you can replace it if you know the basic mechanic works. It’s very easy to remove the motor and replace it with a good-quality starter using the right tool. Besides, this way you can free yourself from excess expense by seeking help from an expert.

How often should you change your starter?

Most drivers who use trucks have to change the starter motor every 100,000 to 150,000 miles. But, it is suggested to change it beforehand to get rid of symptoms of a bad starter which may destroy riding comfort. Be quick to take action.  

Wrap Up

Now, you are fully aware of the starting system fault ford f150 and how to treat it rightly based on the problems, right? Hopefully, you know well. The trucks are designed to run the engine so that they can drive a good while.

But, sometimes the system causes the engine to become paralyzed due to the mistreatment that it has been facing. We have given 4 different methods that solve the issues of starting successfully if you do it well.

And if money isn’t a problem and you find the writing out of your head or hard, then be sure to get help from a professional mechanic. Just don’t waste time after identifying the problems and fix the error as soon as possible. Hope you find this guide useful and informative. See You On Our Next Guide. Till Then, Good Bye!

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