Check This Cross Reference Wix Filters [With Chart]

Can you interchange Wix oil filters? The answer is yes, but there are a few things you need to know first.

Wix oil filters have designed a variety of makes and models, so you can likely find one that will fit your vehicle. But if you can’t and want to go with another brand, then it’s time to check the cross reference Wix filter list to make sure the filter will work with your vehicle.

Other than that, when choosing a filter to use in your vehicle, you’ll notice that there are multiple different kinds and that it isn’t always clear which one you should use. That’s because, depending on your vehicle, there might be more than one filter that will work for you.

This article on cross-referencing Wix oil filters will give you all the information you need about selecting the right one for your needs.

Cross Reference Wix Filters

Here cross-referencing means looking up the Wix filter number in a database and finding the corresponding oil filter from another brand. This can be useful if you need a replacement filter and Wix doesn’t make one for your vehicle. It’s also good to know how to do this in case you’re ever stranded without a Wix dealer nearby.

Here’s what you need to know about cross-referencing Wix filters:

  1. The first step is finding the right brand, make, or engine to identify the part. (in order to find out the part number if you don’t know)
  2. The second step is to identify the part number from Wix’s official website database. You will be required to input some information that you have got from step 1.
  3. The next step is looking up the Wix filter part number (that we got at the previous step) on the list below to see which other brand it matches according to size and type of construction.
  4. Now time to compare prices at different stores or websites that sell both brands of filters.
  5. Finally, purchase whichever filter you want at whichever store has it at a price that fits your budget.

Cross Reference Wix Oil Filter Chart

You can use this Wix oil filter cross reference chart to find the right filter for your vehicle. The chart will tell you which oil filter you can use.

Wix FiltersApplicationBaldwinFramDonaldsonFleetguardWixLuber-finer
Extended Life Oil FilterCaterpillar Engines87600HH49AP554004LF66751791LFP3191
Spin-on High CapacityB7700PH9376P551807LF337951791XELFP3236
Spin-on Lube FilterB76-MPGHPH49AELF7739LF966751791XDLFP3191XL
Extended Life Oil FilterB99-MPGELF7405LF9691A51792XDLFP4005XL
High Capacity Oil FilterB99-SSHPH3335LF356651792XELFP4005RN
Spin-on Lube FilterB75PH3545P556007LF332851798LFP6007
Spin-on Lube FilterB99PH3335P554005LF691A51792LFP4005
Spin-on Lube FilterChevrolet/GMC (6.6L Duramax Diesel)B1441PH9100P550518LF1610257202LFP2999
Spin-on Lube FilterCummins EnginesBD103PH6349AP553000LF300051748LFP3000
Spin-on Lube FilterB7177PH8942P550428LF397057182LFP3970
Extended Life Oil FilterB96-MPGHPH3612ELF7670LF932551970XDLFP670XL
Extended Life Oil FilterELF7349LF3552LFP780XL
Spin-on Lube FilterB96PH3612P551670LF67051970LFP670
Extended Life Oil FilterBD7309HPH9500ELF7300LF900951748XDLFP3000XL
Extended Life Oil FilterBD7154PH8691P559000LF908057746XDLFP9001
Spin-on Bypass Lube FixerB7577P3555AP550777LF77751749LFP777B
Spin-on Lube FilterBT7339PH3976AP558615LF334951607LFP780
Extended Life Oil FilterBD7153PH8690P559000LF907057745 XDLFP9000
Spin-on Lube Filter (Pncr 1983)Detroit Diesel EnginesB95PH3612P551670LF333351970LFP911
Oil filter ElementP7405LP5090
Extended Life Lube FilterB95-MPGHPH3612ELF7670LF933351970XDLFP911XL
High-Efficiency Lube FilterB95-SSHPH3612LF338051970XELFP911HE
Extended Life Lube Filter8495-MPGHPH7405ELF3998LF962051971XDLFP2160XL
Spin-on Lube FilterB495PH7405AP552100LF362051971LFP2160
Spin-on Lube FilterFord (Super Duty Diesel PU)PH1089057151LFP2051
Oil Filter ElementP7235CH9549P55052857311LP2017
Spin-on Lube FilterB7039PH3786P550371LF363051734LFP2286
Spin-on Lube FilterDodge (Ram Diesel PU)BT7339PH3976AP558615LF334951607LFP780
Spin-on Lube FilterLI-P7S0XLLF35S2ELF7546LFP780XL
Spin-on Lube FilterInternational EnginesBT261PH39P555616LF331651784PH675
Oil Filter ElementP7235CH9549P550528LF1616657314LP2017
Spin-on Lube Filter8134PH3766P550784LF334451742LFP784
Spin-on Lube FilterB309PH7136P550319LF345551747LFP2244
Extended Life Lube FilterELF7367LF902651799XDLFP2285XL
Oil Filter ElementP7329P550820LF1624457291LP7329
Extended Life Lube FilterHPH3786LF902751734XELFP2286XL
Spin-on Lube FilterB299PH39P555616LF342051789LFP6241
Spin-on Lube FilterB7030PH7138P550367LF388351799LFP2285
Spin-on Lube FilterB7039PH3786P550371LF363051734LFP2286
Spin-on Lube FilterBD7250PH9971P550656LF902557744LFP9025
Spin-on Lube FilterBD7252PH39P555616LF342051789LFP9O35
Spin-On Lube FilterIsuzu EnginesBD7169HPH3690P502042LF385457521LFP5964
Spin-On Lube FilterB75PH3545P556007LF332851798LFP6007
Spin-on Lube FilterHino EnginesB7155PH9116P552050LF381857080LFP2050
Spin-on Lube FilterMack EnginesB76PH49AP553191LF66751791LFP3191
Bypass Centrifuge(57GC2183)BC7173P9302P550287CS4100557117LP2273
Bypass Centrifuge (up to 11/11 /03BC7228P552206CS4101057706LP3964
Bypass Centrifu go (up to 1999)8C110P6697P550286CS4100051417LP2232
Extended Life Oil FilterB76-MPGHPH49AELF7483LF966751791XDLFP3191XL
Bypass Centrifuge (After 11/11/03)BC7242P9520P552231CS4101157703LP3985
Spin-on High CapacityB7225PH9376P551807LF397357791LFP3236
Oil Fiber ElementMercedes-Benz EnginesP7230CH9558P550769LF1604657213LP5048
Oil Filter Element (by-pass) BC7326PI 0634P550793CS4100857140LP8213
Oil Filter ElementP7405LP5090
Oil Filter ElementP7188CH9260P550761LF391457215LP8741
Oil Filter ElementP7199CH8751P550768LF382757214LP8700
Spin-on Lube FilterNissanB07105PH5135LFP576C1
Spin-on Lube FilterB7047LF363851647LFP8452
Spin-on Lube FilterBD1403PH8910P552562LF368451674LFP2440
Spin-on Lube Filter845PH7496P550073LF343651642LFP8235
Spin-on Lube FilterPaccar EnginesBD103PH6349AP553000LF300051748LFP3000
Oil Filter Element (bypass)BC7326PI 0634P550793CS4100857140LP8213
Spin-on Lube Filter87177PH8942P550428LF397057182LFP3970
Spin-on Lube FilterMitsubishi EnginesB7121PH9055LF3817LFP8752
Spin-on Lube FilterBD7028PH8936P502008LF3S3051675LFP3307
Spin-on Lube FilterBD1403PH8910P552562LF368451674LFP2440
Spin-on Lube FilterCarrier Transicold/ Thermo-KingBT217PH977AP554407LF78751459PH299
Spin-on Lube FilterB164PH3404P553404LF77851704LFP3404A
Spin-on Lube FilterP550835LF903057382LFP9182
Spin-on Lube FilterB161-SPH5046P502051LF1635451344PH2808
Spin-on Lube FilterBT365PH3403P553712LF69451807LFP3712
Spin-on Lube Filter87139PH9342P550715LF349051391LFP2294
Spin-on Lube Filter8129PH7136P553871LF70251808LFP3871
Spin-on Lube FilterB128P3340P553746LF69551802LFP3746
Spin-on Lube Filter87025P552363LF364157134LFP6228
Spin-on Lube FilterVolvo Engi=nes876PH49AP553191LF332151791LFP3191
Spin-on Bypass Lube FilterB7685P3555A/PLP550425LF365451660LFP8642
Extended Life Oil FilterB76-MPGELF7483LF966751791XDLFP3191XL

Benefits Of Oil Filter Cross-Reference

If you own a vehicle, you know that regularly changing your oil filter is one of the most important maintenance tasks. Not only does this help keep your engine clean, but it also helps it run more efficiently.

However, finding the right oil filter can be a challenge. That’s where the cross-reference of filters comes in. These are different brands or types of filters that can be used interchangeably for certain vehicles.

For Example,

If you have a BMW, you would need an OE BMW filter. But for aftermarket filters like Bosch or Fram; however, if you had an Audi or Mercedes-Benz, either Bosch or Fram will work just fine.

Here are some benefits of cross-reference filters

  1. Out-of-supply situation: Suppose your local parts store has sold out of the particular filter that fits your vehicle, and they don’t know when they’ll get any more shipments in. In this case, there may be another brand that fits well enough.
  2. Curious about what others use: If you’re considering trying a new brand, cross-reference makes it easy to find out. Whereas other drivers prefer to take an informal survey among friends or family members who own similar vehicles.
  3. In the mood for variety: It might be necessary to switch things up once in a while. Cross-reference Wix filters offer plenty of options that are fun and exciting.
  4. No matter the reason, cross-reference Wix filters are a great way to save money and get something that is just as good (if not better) as the original.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Did Wix Filters get bought out?

Wix Filters was acquired by Mann+Hummel in May 2016. Before the acquisition, Wix was an independent company that specialized in the production of filtration products. The acquisition has allowed Danaher to expand its product offerings and reach a wider customer base.

Are Wix filters good?

Many people ask if Wix oil filters are any good. The answer is that they are an excellent filter. They have been around for a long time and have a good reputation. They are also very affordable, which makes them a great option for many people.

Are Wix XP filters worth it?

When it comes to oil filters, there are a lot of options on the market. So, deciding which is right for your vehicle can be tough. Although they come at a higher price tag, Wix XP filters are designed to last longer and provide better protection for your engine, and that’s why Wix XP filters are worth it.

Last Words

When you need to interchange a Wix oil filter, be sure to do your research through the cross reference Wix filters chart. There are also a few different types of filters present outside of that chart, and each one has its specific application.

Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, you may need to use a different filter. Always consult your owner’s manual or a professional mechanic before making any changes to your vehicle’s oil system.

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