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Contemplating How to Remove Ford Body Mount Bushings? (Try This Guide!)

How to Remove Ford Body Mount Bushings

To keep all those noise and vibrations out of your experience with your vehicles, bushings work really hard. However, no part of that vehicle will last you forever. And when it’s time to give up on the old one and get it replaced with a new one, you should not keep contemplating.

It’s best to get the job done before there’s more damage to your vehicle.If you don’t know how to remove ford body mount, then just give us your next few minutes.

And we will give you a basic way of removal, along with a solution to two issues usually faced during getting the bushings out. Enjoy!

How To Remove Ford Body Mount Bushings – The Basic Way

Before trying to remove, make sure you note down the position of all the body mount hardware. This includes the washers as well as bolts. Because you are very likely to reuse all of this hardware, so you cannot lose them as well.

  • For removing the bolts and nuts, you have to apply a rust buster product. You want to remove from the inside, focusing on one side at a time. Other sides can stay loose.
  • Then you have to jack the body above at two spots. You’ll find the information in the manual. This has to wooden block beneath the body so that the load can spread evenly.
  • The body mounts shall be pressed with flare fit. You can use the tube as well as a few huge washers to make the ford body mount puller assembly.

Keep in mind that you want to have the ford OEM body mounts through puller assembly. Do this from the bottom. And start tightening it. This will start to make the body mounts become free from the frame.

  • At this point, you can also use some sprayed lube on the old rubber bushings. The factory metal hardware will be reused most probably. So, keep it aside.
  • Now after soaking the bushings in lube for a while, you should be able to normally remove them out. And then you are free to install new bushings and basically do everything in reverse.

The Body Bushings Are Stuck & Can’t Come Out

If you are not very lucky, you might discover ford body mount bushings are basically stuck on. And even with the provided instructions, you cannot make it come out.

You’ve tried to follow the basic way of trying to remove the bolts from the top. But it does not move. Even with a sledgehammer or similar tools, there’s no luck. Prying will also not do anything.

Well, follow the given steps:

  • First, you want to have the seats out of your way to have full access. If there’s any carpet, remove that as well.
  • Next, you want to try removing the cab mounting bolts’ one side. And make the other side lose but don’t instantly remove it.
  • Instead, you want to lift it a little bit, 2 inches will work.
  • Since sleeves are around ¾ inches inside, you can basically use a drill here. The ¾ inches bit works best and has a friend hold the sleeve bottom.
  • They need to use a #22 socket. You will drill the lower sleeve meanwhile. Go for around 3/8 inches. And then get a punch while placing bolt from the underside.
  • Next, you can simply knock them out. Don’t forget to clean the edges. And do the same for another side

If You Can’t Separate the Metal Washers Easily

Sometimes even with a proper body mount removal tool and knowledge on how to do it, things don’t work out. For example, this case, is very likely to happen.

There should be some mushroom-shaped metal-made washers. And you may discover these are quite hard to separate from the upper. Some just cut the lowers, but it’s not a very nice decision after all. There has to be some trick that brings you out of a situation like this.

Actually, it’s a simple thing happening here. The entire assembly might just be too rusted. And so, they are not separating from each other. You can have the pieces out the normal way if that rust breaks off.

And to make that happen, you need a spray. The one that can penetrate deep. Apply it all over the middle area of the bushing. This is usually where the bottom and top center tubes will meet. Then after a while, pounding on the bushing. And this will make them loosen and eventually come out.

Also, you can cure the bottom piece, leaving the top as it is. This will need a new washer later. If money is not a problem, then go for a completely new setup.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are mount bushings?

To absorb static and dynamic forces, bushings are used in vehicle suspensions. It will dampen shocks as well as vibrations. These are also known as bushes, center bonded bushings, and, in some cases, just bushings.

How much does it cost to replace body mount bushings?

To buy the new bushings, you’ll spend between 5 to 150 bucks. For the labor cost, you’ll need 100 to 300 bucks. And if we combine both, then it’s around 105 to 450 bucks for one bushing replacement.

How do I know if my bushings are bad?

If your vehicle makes a lot of rattling sounds when driving through rebel roads, then it’s an early sign. Also, during sharp turns, there could be clunking sounds. Similar noise when hitting the brakes sometimes.
The front portion seems like shaking and trembling a lot. And you’ll feel steering has become a lot harder than before. All of these are pretty clear indications that you should think about a bushing replacement as soon as possible.

Wrapping Up

And that was how to remove ford body mount bushings. We also added two common issues one can face while trying to take these out. Hopefully, you would be able to carry on with the removal process now.

Bushing replacement is going to cost quite a lot of bucks for labor done by someone else. And that’s why if you can manage to learn the removal as well as installation of bushings, it’s going to save you a lot.

However, these are very important parts of your vehicle. And you don’t want to take risks if such tasks are something you’ve never been good at. Hiring an expert and letting them do the task would be wiser.

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