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How to Install Ford OEM Running Boards- Check These 5 Steps Now!


If you are looking for more ease while entering and getting out of your ford, then a running board is clearly the best thing to get for it.

Nowadays, there are plenty of options for running boards, and most of the good ones come with a high- price tag. However, there are also cost-effective alternatives available to look for with some time on hand and those won’t break the bank for you. Also, installing the board properly needs you to follow some simple guidelines that may differ based on the model. However, you must have enough patience, as this process might be simple but would require carefulness and a bit of effort.

Let’s help you with an installation breakdown. Today we will tell you how to install ford OEM running boards the right way and hopefully, that will help you out.

How to Install Ford OEM Running Boards

Ford OEM running boards installation will be different based on your truck design. You need to check the installation manual from your newly bought running boards. Just keep your workplace clean and wear safety gloves.

Based on the features of OEM running boards, the installation process can be easy or hard.

FYI, they make it possible for the interior part to be cleaned and secure. Besides, the OEM running boards keep user’s feet clean by wiping off dirt while getting into the Ford truck.

All you need to install Ford OEM running boards is skill and patience. Luckily, you will have Ford running board mounting hardware and kits with you. Now, let’s jump to the process down below.

Tools You Will Need:

  • A Ratchet Wrench (12.7 mm)
  • Combination Wrench
  • Safety Glasses
  • 2 Running Board
  • 2 FrontBrackets
  • 6 Brackets Rear
  • 8 Mounting Straps
  • 1 Bolt Pack For Brackets
  • 1 Bolt Pack For Boards
  • A Needle nose Pliers
  • A Jack Stand

Step 1: Measure The Mounting Hole

Ford trucks have different arrangements for each outline. For that reason, you need to measure the mounting hole underneath.

Based on TascaParts,

Park your vehicle on a flat surface and ensure the parking brake is engaged. You can access the underside of your vehicle by sliding underneath your vehicle or you can use a jack to lift the vehicle up for easy access to the undercarriage of your Ford F-150.

So, the focusing point of TascaParts that the Ford truck should be in an even position to reach underneath using a jack stand or sliding beneath.

We also used a jack stand to slip under the Ford truck. If you see 8mm factory holes, it means you have a normal Ford truck. For larger holes, it needs 5/16 U-nuts to fit. And, the unthreaded factory hole will need a 5/16” S-Tap to put inside the holes.

Step-2: Align The Brackets

Now, put the bracket on the holes to see if it matches rightly. Be sure the brackets are placed so that the nuts can be visibly attached on the bracket’s hole.

Step-3: Attach The Brackets On Mounting Holes

Keep your hand secured using safety gloves and glasses. Next, take needle nose pliers to use bolts to place inside the truck hole. Then, attach the bracket, washer, and nut using your hand.

Step-4: Fit The Nuts To Install The Running Board

Now, use a ratchet wrench to tighten up the nut. Afterward, we aligned up the running board. This step may be a bit difficult since it won’t attach easily.

Be sure to take out all the kits from the running board if they are attached. Then, place the other 2 brackets, lockers, and washers on the hole of the running board. Next, tighten them using the ratchet wrench.

Step-5: Repeat The Process On Passenger Side

Lastly, we have done the same process from steps 1-4 on the passenger side. Insert all the brackets just like you have done before. Be sure to attach the washer before fitting the nut using the ratchet wrench. After that, you need to insert the other 2 brackets and washers.

Then, insert the nuts using your hand. And, this is how you can install the OEM running boards on the Ford truck.

Pro Tips: Be sure to detach the jack stand before you go. And, clean the surface using a mild cleaner.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Where do I put OEM running boards?

The OEM running boards are usually placed on the Ford truck underneath. It needs to be attached on the frame of the Ford truck using all the hardware and brackets.
Note: Locate the nuts below to understand where to place OEM running boards.
As the purpose of OEM running boards is to grip or support on entering the truck, it needs to be sited lower to side doors.

How much does it cost to have OEM running boards installed?

Installing running board does need a good cost if being done by experts. The most inexpensive offer for OEM running boards is not more than $100 to $300.
Yet, it may cost more if the weight of OEM running boards is heavier or need traction. The cost would raise up to 500 dollars.
The installation cost would be no more than 50 to 100 dollars if hiring someone to do that for you. Also, it can cost more if your OEM running boards have an electrical system to attach on the Ford truck.

How long does it take to install OEM running boards?

Fitting OEM running boards by an expert will take not more than 1 hour. It may cause some trouble if you are a beginner. But, if you learn what tools and material are needed, the process may need not more than 1-2 hours.
Note: If you are setting up OEM running boards, it would take not more than 2 hours.
However, the process is not hard or needs tons of things to do. You just need to follow the given method to install faster.

Wrapping Up

In short, the process of how to install Ford OEM running boards isn’t that hard. You just need the right method to follow. We hope our given instructions with some hacks helped you know the correct way to set up the Ford OEM running board.

Most Ford trucks have holes to attach the OEM running boards safely. If you have a Super Cab Ford truck, it will need drilling to do the work rightly.

Our setup instructions will help you set up the OEM running board without ruining the Ford look. We hope the process given above is easy and detailed enough for you to follow with no hassle. Have A Good Day!

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