Know Where to Find 6.7 Cummins MAP Sensor Location

Trying to discover your 6.7 Cummins MAP sensor location? It may be hidden under your plain sight. In most vehicles, the MAP sensor is placed somewhere around the intake manifold.

Manifold absolute pressure sensor, known as the MAP sensor, is used in Cummins Turbo diesel engine’s ECMto keep in check the fuel injection amount.

MAP is an essential part that helps the ECM to control the amount and timing of the air-fuel injection in the engine. Damage in the MAP can cause your engine to decrease performance level and failure.

Therefore, you can also know the 2018 6.7 Cummins MAP sensor location so that you can clean and replace it when needed.

6.7 Cummins MAP Sensor Location

MAP sensors are typically placed around the intake manifold. It can be on the throttle or next to it. For the 2013 6.7 Cummins MAP sensor location, have a look at the intake manifold on the driver’s side.

To find the MAP sensor, open the hood when the engine is cool. Locate the intake manifold. If you look at the driver’s side, you should be able to notice a small box next to it. This is the part that is called the MAP sensor.

What does it Do

The MAP sensor is a small black-colored box. Its job is to assist the ECM in calculating the air pressure which is caused by the starting of the engine, pressing the gas pedal, etc. With the help of the MAP, ECM can provide an accurate amount of air-fuel mixture to the engine and make it work smoothly.

However, the MAP sensor often gets dirty and has a tendency to develop soot on them. When they are covered with dirt, they become unable to send the signal properly to the vehicle’s ECM. Consequently, it fails to determine the air-fuel ratio which affects your vehicle’s fuel mileage.

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To avoid such problems, you need to often clean the manifold absolute pressure sensor to keep it going. In many cases, you might as well need to replace the sensor completely.

Knowing the 2017 6.7 Cummins MAP sensor location beforehand will make the cleaning or replacement easier for you.

How to Clean

Once you have found the 2010 6.7 Cummins MAP sensor location, detach the sensor from the vehicle with the help of a screwdriver. Place the sensor on a flat surface.

To clean the soot, use an electrical parts cleaner and a clean rag. The electrical parts cleaner will deeply clean the MAP sensor. Once the cleaning is done, place the sensor back in the vehicle.

Changing it would be a great idea if you have a damaged MAP sensor. You can do it yourself and seek professional help.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the MAP sensor do on a 6.7 Cummins?

The MAP sensor can be found in Cummins turbo diesel engines. 6.7 Cummins MAP sensor location is next to the intake manifold. A manifold absolute pressure sensor or the MAP sensor helps the ECM of the vehicle to determine the calculation of the air-fuel mixture by signaling the change of air pressure.

How do you clean a MAP sensor?

You need to clean the MAP sensor to clear out the soot on it. Find your 2009 6.7 Cummins MAP sensor location first. Then use an electrical parts cleaner to clean the outside of the sensor. You can use a mass airflow sensor cleaner to clean the MAP.

What problems can a MAP sensor cause?

When you notice a damaged engine, the cause might be a problematic MAP sensor. It can cause low fuel mileage, decreased engine performance, check engine light, and an inappropriate air-fuel ratio. All these things can lead to engine failure.

Wrap Up

The MAP sensor is an important part of the diesel engine vehicle. It detects the air pressure change and signals the ECM to supply the perfect air-fuel ratio mix to the engine.

Although a tiny part, its damage can cause havoc on your engine’s performance. The fuel mileage, acceleration, and engine performance will get affected, and even engine failure is possible. To prevent all these, you must be aware of the 6.7 Cummins MAP sensor location so that you can keep it clean on a regular basis.

After you read this article, finding your 07 6.7 Cummins MAP sensor location should be easy if you need to clean or replace it.

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