Chevy 350 Head Gasket Replacement Cost: How Much To Pay?

It’s obvious that a faulty gasket on your chevy 350 will cause the engine to lose compression. And you need to replace the faulty one, but how much does it cost to replace a head gasket on a chevy 350? Since it is an expensive procedure, you may need to spend $1200 or more depending on some variables.

The 5.7L Chevy 350 V8 engine ruled its time with some prime features such as lightweight and higher power. Hence, knowing about Chevy 350 head gasket replacement cost becomes useful when your engine head gasket blows and the only treatment is to replace it.

In this article, we will cover everything about the Chevy 350 head gasket problem with some easy fixes and costs associated with it. So, read on to grab all this information!

A Bit About Chevy 350 Head Gasket

The Chevy 350 V8 (Eight cylinders) small-block engine was one of the most owned and commercially sold engines in the late 90s. Some dominant reason for its popularity was versatility, compatibility, lightweight and extreme power.

An MLS or a multi-layer steel head gasket is the seal that goes between the bottom and the block of the top layer of the engine.

Maintaining a pressure-tight seal between different associated systems within the engine is extremely important. And that’s what a head gasket is for.

Why Is It Important To Replace A Blown Head Gasket?

A blown head gasket may cause your engine coolant and oil to mix due to a leak caused by the crack. Besides, coolant and oil leak into the engine system progressively, causing the engine to damage itself while driving.

Moreover, the compression in the cylinders closer to the leak will gradually lose pressure which is not good for the engine’s lifespan.

Continuing to drive the vehicle with a blown head gasket will only increase the risk of total engine failure and broken pistons. And that will cost even times greater than replacing a head gasket in the first place.

Chevy 350 Blown Head Gasket Symptoms

The engine misfire is the most usual symptom in all cases of a blown head gasket. And second most common symptom is the lack of compression pressure in the affected regions of the engine cylinders.

These symptoms will help you detect if the head gasket is being blown and take necessary actions immediately.

  • Coolant/antifreeze mixes with the engine oil. Draining the oil shows visually detectable layers of coolant and oil.
  • Engine oil is leaking from different cylinders.
  • Lack of power delivery by the engine while accelerating.
  • Engine overheating abnormally.
  • White smoke from the radiator or the exhaust.

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Chevy 350 Head Gasket Replacement Cost

If you want to know how much to replace head gasket on 350 Chevy, you should understand it does not come cheap. The procedure is very time-consuming and tedious.

This makes the replacement of the 5.7L Chevy 350 head gasket one of the most expensive repairing actions.

Usually, the overall replacement cost is around $1200-$1300, but it differs in different states. Since 5.7L Chevy 350 is used in SUVs, pickup trucks, and sports cars, the cost also varies with vehicle types.

The head gaskets for 5.7L V8 cost around $18-$40. Its price varies on the brands making the head gaskets. An additional $50-$60 for the bolts and different types of seals.

Lastly, for the labor fee, you need to pay $800-$900. Workshop location and time required for the replacement can vary the cost.

Head Gasket Repair Cost Chevy 350 In Different States

The replacement cost in cities costs more than the county regions. Besides, Chevy 350 head gasket replacement time also defines how much you should pay.

On average, a 6-8 hour labor in States such as Washington, New York, and California would cost you $1300-$1500, including the gasket price.

However, you will get a similar service for around $1000-$1200 on the outskirts of mega cities and county regions.

How Much Does A Head Gasket Change Cost In Different Vehicles?

Chevy 350 pickup trucks and SUVs cost $1400 to more than $1600 compared to smaller vehicles such as L48 and L82, which requires less than $1300.

A Quick Guide to Replacing Head Gaskets on 350 Chevy

Replacing the head gasket in 5.7L Chevy 350 engine is a long and sequential process. Follow this step-by-step guide to replace the gasket with effectiveness.

  • Start by removing air intake and exhaust manifolds.
  • Disconnect the battery
  • Remove all wiring harness of different engine sensors
  • Disconnect and remove the motor fan shroud
  • Save the serpentine installation sequence by drawing or taking a picture and remove it afterward.
  • Removal of the air-conditioning compressor
  • Remove the alternator, radiator hose, and the alternator.
  • Finally, remove the cylinder and engine head by disconnecting the rocker’s arms, push rods, and power steer pumps.
  • Install a new head gasket and reassemble everything after cleaning and following the backflow sequence.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to replace a head gasket on a v8?

The V8 Chevy 5.7 head gasket replacement cost remains between $1200-$1500. Depending upon workshop location, vehicle type, and engine assembly type, it can be more or less than the stated value.

How do you know if your head gasket is blown on a 350?

If you are facing random engine misfires and coolant in your engine oil, the most probable cause is a blown-out head gasket. Besides, compression pressure difference, white smoke, and lack of power delivery denote the head gasket being blown out.

Is it better to replace the head gasket or engine?

It is worth replacing the head gasket than buying a new engine when the engine cylinder head, engine block, and pistons are undamaged. Replacing a head gasket is more budget-friendly than getting a new engine.


Chevy 350 is an old but classic engine that comes in with different types of vehicles. If you plan to get an old Chevy 350 5.7L engine, you should diagnose the head gasket thoroughly because the replacement cost is not budget-friendly.

It is annoying being stuck with a blown head gasket, but it is worth replacing it than driving the vehicle without fixing it. Replacing the head gasket conveniently enhances your engine’s lifespan for more upcoming years.

We hope by following this article, you get the concept of the average replacement cost of changing the head gasket in chevy 350.

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