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How to Fix Wheel Well Rust F150- A Step By Step Easy Tutorial!

How to Fix Wheel Well Rust F150

Because of all the dirt that got accumulated with everyday driving, rust is horribly taking over the underside and you must find out how to fix wheel well rust f150 to get things sorted. Don’t worry, as we have an easy-to-follow ritual for you, that needs very basic stuff and targets the rust to get rid of it.

The problem basically comes due to that accumulated dirt getting mixed up with moisture as well as salt gradually. These eventually cause rust issues later on. And also, sometimes these rusts are very stubborn as well as quite hard to go away. The best way is to keep such issues away is to pay more attention to regular maintenance. There are also wheel well liners available these days that can keep such problems away.

Anyways, now that there is already rust you must deal with, have a look at the quick guide given below that should help you solve the matter. There will be some tips coming up that helps a lot as well. Hope this works for you, enjoy!

Guide For Fixing Wheel Well Rust F150 – Interesting Tips

There are many tricks that help to fix the rust of the F-150 wheel well faster.To make a good impact, pay attention to your wheel well areas on a daily basis. Since the wheel well areas are well-hidden, a little scrubbing with the good cleaner will make a good difference.

Fixing rusts on the wheel well needs good tools for a smooth texture.

And, you can try a weekly repair to stop rusts. As the F-150 truck wheel well is made flexible, they may need fine tricks to fix rust issues. So, before you head to how to fix a rusted wheel wellon F-150 trucks, let’s look into some helpful tips.

Protect Your Hand & Mouth

It would be better if you cover your hand and mouth while doing the fixing process. The rusted parts will be filthy for your bare hands and mouths to touch. Plus, protective equipment will be right for the job.

Surgical masks and gloves are a good choice for fixing wheel wells rust.

You just need to go to any online store and grab the safety equipment cleverly. Just be sure to check the user’s reaction and their recommendations to pick the best in both worlds. This way you will get quality options at ease.

Clean The Truck

Another thing you need to do is cleaning your truck. Most experts suggest cleaning the truck first before fixing the wheel well rusts. The reason is that the dirt trapped inside the wheel well. It can bring back rusts even if you try fixing it using a good method.

And, makes sure you have taken out the plastic plugs underneath the wheel wells. Plus, wash the 3 holes to ensure dirt to be cleaned.

Do you want to know how to wash your car wheel well rightly? For that, just use your car washer spray gun on the F-150 just like you do. Be sure the wheel well is washed ideally to begin the fixing process.

Use Up Valued Tools

As the wheel well location is quite unnoticeable, tools will be required for fixing it. Be sure to grab a worthy tool from the store while choosing and don’t neglect quality. You will need some rust solutions from the store for this purpose.

Also, makes sure to get a good-quality paint and primmerto patch up the surface of the wheel well ideally. These items will help when you are trying to fix the rusty surface. So, grab these items based on the user’s rating.

Sand The Rusted Part

You will not get a good result if you skip sanding. It not only keeps out the larger corrode areas but also grants a smooth texture on the wheel well. That helps when priming the surface.

Sanding does take out the rusted parts to cover up well. It also helps the F150 wheel well rust surface to level or even out. To get a decent finish with no imperfections, make sure to sand the rusted parts.

How To Fix Wheel Well Rust F150 Trucks

To fix out the wheel well rust, you need a perfect workstation and tools. No matter where you want to do the processes, just be sure to take out tools that will require.

The F-150 wheel well rust fixing will need patience and energy.

So, can wheel well rust be fixed permanently? Even if it can’t be fixed permanently, but it can be repaired at ease. Makes sure to clean your F-150 and grab good-quality tools. Now, let’s go into all the steps of how to fix wheel well rust f150 truck in the right way.

Tools You Will Need:

  • A Clean Cloth
  • Safety Gloves
  • Safety Mask
  • A Rust Reformer
  • Sand Paper & Block
  • A Top-coat Paint
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • A Small Brush

Step-1: Sand Down The Wheel Well Rusts

First of all, secure hand wearing safety gloves and mask. We then washed the F-150 truck using water until there is no visible dirt. Be sure to detach the plugs and clean the holes well. After that, let it dry for a while.

Now, take sandpaper and block to smoothen out the rusted parts. Just smoothly stroke the surface without putting much pressure. We have continuously sanded for 15 minutes until the surface evens out.

Step-2: Use A Rust Reformer The Sanded Part

Next, take rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth and dip it. Then, clean the sanded surface using a cloth. After doing that, we used a rust reformer on the rusted surface of the wheel well. It covers and stops rust well.

Just be sure to spray on the rusted part only. Let it dry for 20-40 minutes. Then, wait for 24 hours to apply the primer in the following steps.

Step-3: Apply Primer On The Sanded Areas

After that, we used the primer on the rusted surface. If you have a primer that needs sanding, then make sure to sand it down before applying it. Smoothly sand on the surface until it even out.

Then, use the primer and wait for 10-15 minutes. Based on your primer manufacturer’s detail, dry out the surface.

Step-4: Cover Up The Rusts Using A Paint

Lastly, grab paint to top-coat the primed surface. It would be better if you get rustproof paint to stop wheel well rust. Makes sure to take a small brush to paint on the primed areas of F-150 the wheel well.

Then, keep the surface dry for up to 30-60 minutes. If you want to top-coat another layer, then wait for 3 days.

Final Words

Now that you have learned about how to fix wheel well rust F150 truck, we hope you successfully solve this issue. Driving F-150 trucks that have ugly rust on the wheel well will give a bad impression on your daily life.

It will also cause future damage to the wheel well liners and guards. Usually, truck wheel well rust repair cost a lot.

Luckily, there is a perfect solution to fix wheel well rust on Ford F-150 trucks. Our given method is super safe and simple to try on rusted areas. And, the technique is efficient to bring back the level and smooth finish of your F-150 truck. Have A Wonderful Day!

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