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How to Open Ford F150 Hood- Just A 60 Seconds Process!

How to Open Ford F150 Hood

Opening hoods are no rocket science, something that we have been doing for so many years as vehicle owners. So, it may seem weird talking about a process that’s this simple and generally known to most people.

But when it comes to F-150, there can be instances of not being able to open or even close the hood, usually due to the latch being affected by corrosion. This often simply needs some generous penetrating oil application and the pull-release won’t stubbornly stick to one position.

However, even with this situation, the mechanical hood system is still pretty straightforward and simple to understand. And sometimes, going back to basics and taking notes in mind will be helpful to open even a problematic latch included version. Let’s talk about the general process of how to open ford f150 hood briefly.

How To Open Ford F150 Hood- Step-By-Step Instructions

To open Ford F150 hood, you may need to locate the issue. In most cases, the hood doesn’t open due to the latch and spring that cover it well.

Be sure to wear your safety gloves and mask when doing this job.

The Ford F150 hood latch issue can be fixed if you follow the right process. Take the instruction manual of the hood opening process to avoid mistakes. If you are facing Ford F150 hood latch problems, then check out the given method to solve them easily.

Required Tools:

  • A Screwdriver
  • A Torque Wrench

Step-1: Put Pressure On The Hood

The hood won’t open if it is jammed on the spring of the latch. To open the hood, press down on its surface using light pressure.

According to HiRide,

“Locate the hood release located inside the vehicle, just inside the door on the driver’s side. Pull the latch out to pop the hood.

And, the main highlighted point of HiRide that the hood needs to be located for pulling the latch out.”

We also do the same way. If you see the hood loosen a bit, then pull out to check if it works or not. If not, then move to the next process.

Step-2: Pull Out The Cable

Next, find the cable under the dashboard. It should be near the interior release latch. Then, tug softly on the cable. If the hood is turned open, it means the cable need adjustment to fix the issue. If not, the cable must be detached from the front latch.

Step-3: Find The Latch Over Grill

Once you have done the upper steps, it’s time to look at the grill to locate the latch. Use a flashlight to view inside the grill.

It would be better if you take out the grill using an impact driller.

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Step-4: Pull The Latch With A Screwdriver

Then, take a long and sleek screwdriver to pull the latch. You can also use a wire coat hanger around to do the process well. After that, be sure to gently catch it over the latch and tug.

Step-5: Reach It From The Bottom To Open

Lastly, go underneath the Ford F150 to reach the hood and latch. Be sure to reach the latch by using a decent plier to tug.

If possible, use a jack under the truck for easy reaching. It should be opened by now. Then, pull the release latch to open the hood of the Ford F150 truck.

Pro Tips: In how to open Ford F150 hood process, be sure to fully latch the hood on your Ford F150. And, take help from others and follow the directions well to avoid damage.

Final Verdict

Dealing with the hood of the Ford F150 is a hard job as the latch can cause jam issues. And so, it would be better if you follow a method and ideas that assure no such problems. Also, Ford F150 has many models that have this method of opening the hood differently.

If it has corrosion or blockage due to dirt, then clean the surface well. Also, be sure to do weekly hood maintenance to avoid future damages.

We hope this guide about how to open Ford F150 hood solved your trouble. And, hope you’ll fix the issue with the latch. Have A Wonderful Day!

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