What Does IGP Fuse Mean & Why It Is Necessary?

Are you wondering what does IGP fuse mean for Honda cars? Generally, an IGP fuse means an ignition power fuse or an ignition power signal situated with other fuses on a one-sensor circuit box. That means it works to prevent misfiring issues created by short circuits on the car.

The ignition power sensor fuse is a basic part found in Honda car that performs as a distinct power source inside the vehicle. Perhaps, this kind of fuse works as an interior backup to give protection through many familiar components like providing power to the PCM/ECM, A/C diode (V6), air or fuel sensor relay, etc.

However, below we break down all the details of this internal fuse, its purposes, and its locations, so keep reading this blog from first to last.

A Brief to IGP Fuse Meaning

IGP fuse is an essential part of Honda vehicles that are considered a car ignition protector. If we divide the word into three, the full form of IGP is to ignite power signals. That means this fuse works to send alerts from the ignition key to the car engine.

IGP fuse can be found in different locations on different models. For instance, if you check the user manual of the Honda series of 2003-2004, the IGP fuse Honda car is located in the passenger fuse box of 23.

What Does IGP Fuse Do?

Fuse box sensors are the basic part of every electronic device intending to resist the overflow of currents. All the fuses work on similar goals despite acting individually. You will find two types of fuse boxes inside the Honda car.

IGP is found either on fuse box 1 or fuse box 2, depending on the manufacturer. The IGP fuse box works to prevent external damage and give protection to the engine wires. If we brief them in short, IGP fuses contribute to:

1. Fight Against High Electrical Currents

IGP fuse boxes are very efficient in fighting against high electrical currents. It generally occurs for the reason of fuse blowing. The overflow of electrical currents is harmful to the vehicle since they melt the metals, which gets them hot enough to burn other parts nearby.

2. Prevent Fires From Occurring

Another significant role of the IGP fuse box is preventing fires from occurring. Suppose the vehicle engine temperature become increases all of a sudden. And you don’t understand why the engine wires stop to work, and the dash light didn’t illuminate. This incident is generally happening if the vehicle wire becomes overheated. To decrease this overheating issue, the IGP fuse works as fire prevention and gives protection against horrible damage.

3. Keep Other Fuses Safe In The Circuit Box

IGP is the main protector of some common parts inside the circuit box, including,

  • IGP wire
  • Cam
  • Crank sensor
  • Air flow sensors
  • Starter sensors and
  • Fuel supply system

Those components usually get damaged, and you discover that the car suddenly stops working. Overheating problems can also impact the ignition sensors, and you’re facing trouble running the vehicle fruitfully.

Where Is the IGP Fuse Located?

You can manually find the IGP fuse location on the Honda’s back side of the engine compartment. Sometimes, it will vary on the car model. In that case, it will be better to take help from the user manual. Besides this, you can find them near the driver’s side, at the bottom of the dashboard.

Once you find the fuse box location, push the tabs to open it. Then try to match the number to the manual for detecting the IGP fuse.

Generally, the IGP fuse is found in the 7th position on the circuit box. So, you can probably find them there. But we again insist that their location would differ and often vary from model to model.

For example, the IGP fuse for Honda EDX / FR-V (BE), 2004 – 2009, is situated on the engine compartment, position no. 25, ignition coil-1, ignition coil-2. But when it comes to the model of 2016-2018, you could find the IGP fuse on the fuse box-A on the 7th. They’re also situated under the engine compartment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is IGP In a car?

A car IGP means ignition power fuse, which usually transfers electricity from the battery to ignition components. This is commonly found in the fuse box underneath the hood. Sometimes it could be found under the car’s dashboard.

What Does The SRS Light Mean On A 2002 Honda Accord?

Generally, SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) light stands on a 2002 Honda Accord to control the airbags. It is a crucial safety feature since this light provides red alerts to the driver that there is a problem in the system. The reason for faulty SRS light could happen for many things, including clock spring failures.

Final Words

Lastly, we could say that the IGP fuse means it is the ignition power source or a single power source situated in a one-circuit box. Hence, the location of these power bulbs is vastly different in different Honda models. To find out, you need to search the user manuals by the name of IGP. In this way, anyone can easily trace these power switches from the vehicle fuse box.

As the ignition power fuse works to prevent damage and overheating issues, you may need to get an idea about these parts to troubleshoot any further problems. So, take help from our above information to understand them properly.

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