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[3 Easy Steps] How to Turn Off Cigarette Lighter in F150?

How to Turn Off Cigarette Lighter in F150

The interesting name cigarette lighter may confuse a person with zero vehicle component knowledge by thinking it’s only about lighters or cigarettes. But in reality, that’s not entirely true! This little automobile part basically works as an auxiliary power outlet that is in charge of providing power to the regularly used accessories of yours that might be with you inside your car. And yes, it might include an electrical lighter. Here, a direct connection with the vehicle’s electrical system is present.

Once you are out of your vehicle, having the socket still on could result in draining unnecessarily power out from the battery. And this is usually the main reason behind a cigarette lighter socket wearing out sooner than it’s supposed to. Definitely, something you don’t want to happen!

And that is why we decided to talk about how to turn off cigarette lighter in f150 and help you sort this unnecessary power draining situation all by yourself. Keep On Reading…

Turn Off Cigarette Lighter in F150( How To Shut off Accessory Power)

Shutting down the cigarette lighter isn’t a hard job if you know the process. In the Ford F150 truck, be sure to open windows for lighting. That helps to view fuses and parts easily. Also, take the tools that you’ll need while doing this job.

Don’t press the ignition switch after turning off the cigarette lighter in F150.

Keep your truck battery attached. Plus, wear the electrical purpose gloves before heading to the process. Let’s look into the steps of how to turn off cigarette lighter in F150 truck.

Required Items:

  • A Screwdriver
  • A Fuse Puller
  • Safe Equipment
  • A Voltmeter

Step-1: Take Out the Dash Cover

Turn on your truck ignition. Then, detach the dash cover of your F150 using a plain screwdriver. Once you have done removing the cover, move to the next process.

Step-2: Change The Fuse

Check the fuses using a voltmeter to measure electric potential. Makes sure you have covered your hand using electrical gloves.

After that, you need to shift the cigarette lighter fuse on the 15-power pin using a puller. It will help the cigarette lighter to stay on only when the ignition is working.

Step-3: Press On The Ignition Switch 2 Times

Then, place back the dash cover on its place. You can use the screwdriver to align it well. After that, click on the ignition switch not more than 2 times continuously.

When you see all the lights are turned on, see whether the cigarette lighter switch turns off or not. If not, again press the ignition switch two times.

Dos & Don’ts When Turning Off F150 Cigarette Lighter

To turn off cigarette lighter in F150 Ford truck, you should have some ideas about the dos and don’ts. There are many things most people do when turning off the cigarette lighter in F150 which is wrong. Doing something that may cause potential problems is not what we are here for. So, let’s find out the dos and don’ts down below and keep things clear.

The Dos:

  • Locating the cigarette lighter fuse: Try to find the right fuse that helps to turn off the cigarette lighter. As there are many fuses around, you should mark them before you are turning off the Ford F150 cigarette lighter.
  • Wearing safety gloves: Let your hand be covered when you are touching the battery or socket. You will need to deal with fuses that may harm if the battery isn’t detached. Try wearing electrical gloves that won’t cause harm easily.

Keep your truck in an idle position to turn off the cigarette lighter rightly.

  • Turn on Ignition: Be sure to keep your F150 truck ignition on when turning off the cigarette lighter. It will help you to check the fuses to turn off the main power of the cigarette lighter.
  • Using fuse puller: Take a fuse puller when trying to turn off the F150 cigarette lighter always on It will support taking out the fuses securely.

The Don’ts:

  • Avoid removing the battery: Try not to take out the battery from the F150 when turning off the cigarette lighter. It may cause an internal issue if you remove the battery. Instead, keep the battery attached to the truck.
  • Don’t touch the fuses: The cigarette lighter causes the battery to invest more power due to the fuse’s connection. And, it will cause electrical shocks or mishaps if you touch the socket in bare hands.
  • Keep away from the messy workplace: Turning off the cigarette lighter is a big job that needs a neat workplace. A messy F150 truck will cause less focus and mishap while changing the fuses.
  • Never press the accelerator: While turning off the cigarette lighter on your F150 truck, avoid pressing the throttle. This way it can reactivate the cigarette lighter always-on mode. Besides, putting your feet on the accelerator can cause an F150 truck to reset.

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Wrap Up

No doubt that the cigarette lighter is a very needed component that shares some of the most useful benefits.  But, if it stays on all the time when the ignition is turned off, it will cause battery damage and drain excess current. Something that later can cause you additional cost on repair or replacement.

We are happy to share the process of sorting this situation and help you fix this issue in a safe way. Hopefully, now you have a clear perception of how to turn off cigarette lighter in F150.

From this point, you’ll be able to spend less battery power and avoid further hassles in near future. Hope Things Works in Your Favor!

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