5 Common Roll n Lock E Series Problems+ How To Solve!

Are you struggling with the roll n lock e series problems? If so, then you are not alone in the town. The majority of the time, the problem emerges due to a lack of appropriate installation. However, there are also several reasons you may face a problem with the lock e series.

We badly want to solve your problem as we care about you and your truck. So, let’s know some of the issues that can cause problems and how to solve them quickly.

Roll n Lock E Series Problems

Lousy coverCheck the locking system.
Difficulty opening the coverCheck the  lodged in the canister
Stuck while retractingClean the cover properly.
Continuously poopingFix the cover latch.
LeakageUse additional seals.

Above are the most common issues you may discover with roll n lock bed cover problems in your truck bed. However, it will always be better for you if we elaborate on the solutions’ parts briefly down below.

Note: There may be one solution that suits a couple of issues at a time. So, read the following section carefully!

Lousy Cover

The problem is more acute when you tend to drive your truck through off-roads. Here, typically, you enable the roll n lock e series cover, but the roll n lock keeps opening, or the cover of the bed becomes lousy after some time.

Do not take this issue lightly because it will harm the cargo inside the cover, and the cover may be damaged if you continue driving in this scenario. Installing the wrong cover may be a reason for this problem.

So, the simple solution to this problem is to check the cover’s lock carefully. There may be a loose bracket that can cause the problem. Sometimes, this issue of lousy cover may arise because of faulty installation.

Therefore, what you need to do is to check the roll n lock instructions properly. Besides, repositioning the rails will be another good practice.

Difficulty Opening the Cover

What is the value of Roll n Lock a series cover if you can’t open it at the right time? We notice people face this problem in most cases. The cover denies opening sometimes. You may also notice that the cover opens for a while and closes again.

One of the significant issues is the lodge in the canister. So, you should check the canister ASAP whenever you see this type of problem. Besides, if there is rust in the mechanism system, you may notice the hard opening of the bed cover.

So, along with checking the canister, you can apply some lubrication. Once you have done this, allow the cover to open and close several times to ensure that the problem is permanently fixed.

Stuck While Retracting

According to our deep research about roll n lock bed cover problems, most users face the problem of covers stuck while retracting. Many valid factors can cause the problem.

There may be a lot of dirt or dust on the suspension system of the cover that allows the cover to get stuck while opening and closing. So, you have to clean the cover’s rails regularly to get rid of this type of problem.

You can use lubricant in this regard too. Using a lubricant will allow the cover’s rails to function appropriately in every situation. Remember one essential thing: this problem will be more acute if the cover gets older.

You may hardly find the same issue with the newer bed’s cover. If you still face the problem with the newer roll n lock e series cover, you must contact the manufacturer or the dealer.

Continuously Pooping

Poping up the tonneau cover is pretty irritating, and when it happens repeatedly, it needs a further step to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

However, the main culprit of the cover’s continuously popping is the faulty latch look in the locking system, causing the cover not to stay latch.

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Nevertheless, the better solution to this problem will be to check the latches and locks. If the condition worsens, you have to change those to solve the issue. Besides, you need to ensure that the latch is connected correctly with the lock.

Leakage Issue

If you live somewhere where there is a lot of rain, you can feel the problems. The leakage on the bed cover may occur for lousy installation, the cover getting damaged, and stuff. If you are not careful with the cover during rain, it can cause the issue of leakage.

Whatever, you can use some additional seals to cover the leakage. It will be much better if you use some additional seals while installing the cover to fill the rails gap. You can also install the bed seal kit to fix the problem.

However, despite all these problems, the Roll N Lock e series truck cover wins riders’ hearts with its fantastic design, build quality, and other truck bed protection features. However, 3 of the top-recommended covers from this E series are-

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Install Roll n Lock E Series?

The very first will is unable to power the supplier. Once you have enabled it, the next step will be to properly stall the housing bracket so that the Tonneau cover sticks with your track. Then, place the cover properly, taking much from the driving side. Don’t forget to install the frame with the cover. Make sure all the wires and brackets are perfectly installed.

What Is the Difference Between Roll n Lock A and M Series?

The Roll n lock A series is made with all powder-coated aluminium. On the other hand, there is a vinyl aluminum finish with the M series. However, there is a difference regarding the price range as well. The M series is comparatively less piece, which is $1379. In contrast, you have to pay around $1799 with A series.

How Much Weight Can A Roll n Lock Cover Hold?

To be honest, it’s greater than you expected. A roll n lock cover can hold around 100–120 pounds. This measurement means you will be able to carry a lot of load on the cover. However, irrespective of which series you purchase, we do not recommend putting an access loading on the roll n lock cover to keep your truck safe.

Final Verdict

We have somehow covered the most frequent points related to roll n lock e series problems. Once we realize how valuable your truck is to you and what troubles will take place because of the above problem, we will try our heart and soul to provide you with the best solutions.

First, you have to be sure exactly what type of problem you face and how often. Once you know the source of the problem, you can then go through the solutions that have been mentioned above to fix the problem ASAP.

If you have any further queries (we hope not), don’t hesitate to let us know!

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