Subaru Outback Rear Gate Garnish Removal Process – Step By Step Guide To Follow

Subaru Outback rear gate grout is a common issue that results from overuse, puddles, or water in the rear gate. If it is left untreated, this can result in crackling and snapping noise from the rear gate and other issues.

Subaru Outback rear gate grout can also result in other problems such as damage to the wheel wells and hull and a creaky ride. So, here is a step-by-step guide on subaru outback rear gate garnish removal.

Subaru Outback Rear Gate Garnish Removal Process

Gone are the days when all you could do was buff out scratches or whiten it with a paint job. Nowadays, people like to go that extra mile and customize their cars with new designs and accessories. Some owners decide to remove the garnish/ bezel from their cars.

The garnish is designed to cover all the vital bits of your car and protect them from harm. However, some actual people find this extra bit of metal ugly and would love to have it stripped from their vehicle.

So, this rear gate garnish removal can be done in many ways. So, follow the steps as follows.

Step-1: Remove the Rear Gate

To remove the rear gate,

You will now remove the doors since they provide the bulk of the back gate support.

Step-2: Check the gutter

To check the gutter for damage, pull the car’s front wheel up to the front wheel post and then rotate the car so that the front wheel is facing the back gate.

If the gutter is reportable, contact your local Subaru dealer.

If the gutter is not reportable and the car is under warranty, remove the wheel and check the gutter for damage.

Step-3: Rotate the gate 90 degrees

To rotate the gate 90 degrees, rotate the wheel that is the source of the noise (the front wheel) in the car so that the middle wheel is facing the other direction (the tailgate).

If the gate is still not moving, contact your local Subaru dealer.

Step-4: Remove the old grout

To remove the old grout, begin by removing the front and rear bumper panels and the glass and plastic roof rims.

Next, remove the old grout, which will go into the landfill after the vehicle is off the ground.

So, you have removed the bezel from the car, marking the end of an era for you and your ride.

You should clean the rear gate attachment to remove any debris from standing water. Next, use a variety of diluted bleach solutions to wipe off surface grime.

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Also, remove your garnish if it is damaged and replace it with a new one. This can be easily done by removing the screws holding the garnish in place and replacing them with screws through the mounting holes in the rear gate.

This prevents any chance of the garnish breaking off. You can also replace old hinges with stronger hinges.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

HOW CAN 2020 Outback Owners Open The Rear Gate Hands-Free?

The first step to opening your rear gate hands-free is to push the right side of the lockdown at least a ¼ inch (if you’re uncertain, try sliding something like your iPhone or ID card along the top of it and feel as it clicks). Next, slide your hand along its top edge. You should be able to barely feel a click as the lock release moves upward by an inch or so. Keep doing this until you feel the outer part of the lock disengage. Now, set the piece back down again and re-mount it as you moved it. You’ll find that the latch will now move down about an inch or two, allowing you to seal your rear gate.

How Do You Adjust The Rear Hatch On A Subaru Outback?

Open and close the rear hatch occasionally to loosen up any dust or dirt on the mechanism. Disconnect the battery cable if you have an automatic transmission. Start with the latch knob and turn it both ways until it stops. The Knob is at the end of a rod that slides into the latch mechanism. You can turn it to the point where you feel comfortable with how hard it closes. Remove both bolts from the bolt hole in the hatch assembly and loosen them slightly before subaru outback hatch panel removal.
The latch bolt and bolt hole are now exposed. You do not need to loosen the Bolt, but you need to make sure that it is straight or even. The Bolt should fit into the slot without much resistance if you line up the holes with your hand while looking at it from all sides. There should be no dust or dirt under the door panel that could interfere with this process. Make sure the Bolt slides straight into the slot and doesn’t wobble. If it does, you probably need to clean the slot. The slot can be cleaned by rubbing a pencil eraser until all dirt is removed.

How Do You Remove Subaru Hatch?

If the only tool you have is a small screwdriver, taking off the hatch or engine cover becomes extremely difficult. Without the right tools, you won’t be able to get the job done, and it will take longer than it should.

Final Words

If you’ve managed to remove the rear gate of a Subaru Outback, we’ve got some tricks up our sleeves to make it a more enjoyable experience.

If you think you’ve done all you can, or if you have any questions about Subaru outback rear gate garnish removal, feel free to drop us a line. We’d love to help.

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