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What Size Jack Stands for f150?

What Size Jack Stands for f150

So, what size jack stands for f150 do you require? All right, according to most Ford F150 users, they claim that the jack stands having a weight capacity of 3 tons lift their F150 light-duty trucks perfectly fine. However, this size will vary depending on the model of your vehicle and its carb weight.

To be honest, choosing the car’s equipment especially when it comes to jack stands is really difficult if you don’t know their right sizes. Besides, if you are not an expert yet, an amateur, it will be a pretty tough task for you.

Hence, any wrong selection will be deadly for you if you go through a cheap jack stand that can’t hold a few tons of truck weight. So, in this article, we will help you to figure out the right size of jack stands you will need for the F150 light-duty trucks.

What Size Jack Stands for F150 Truck Do You Need?

To support your vehicle while lifting the whole even a single wheel by providing ground clearance you need to use a jack stand. However, most people don’t know what size they require to hold the weight of the car. It is especially when they are dealing with medium to heavy-duty trucks including Ford F150 vehicles.

Therefore, here, we will discuss the jack stand size you will need for F150 in this part although in our next section we will show you in detail how you can select the jack stands sizes. Yet, as you have come here to know particularly for F150 trucks, so let’s go for it.

Well, before you know the size, let’s have a quick look over the table as per our expert’s recommendation given below-

Type of vehicleWeight capacity (lbs or ton)Base
Small light vehicle4,000 lbs or 2 tonFour-legged base
Medium to large size vehicle6000 lbs or 3 tonWide base
Large vehicles that require routine work10,000 lbs or 12,000 lbs 5 ton or 6 tonHeavy-duty, wide and extra-large base

So, from the above table, we can clearly see that for a medium to large size vehicle such as light-duty trucks including F150, medium SUVs, sedans, etc. a 3-ton size jack stand is suitable to safely support the vehicle while holding its weight.

However, while diagnosing, we have seen a lot of arguments among the Ford vehicle users since they are confused and also don’t have an actual idea about the jack stand size. Based on the user’s recommendation, we have figured out that most of them recommend using a minimum 3-ton size jack stands.

This is because, with this size, it can easily support the vehicle while also preventing any unexpected vehicle falling incident that will ultimately damage not only you but also your car. Thus, it acts as a fail-safe while you are underneath your vehicle.

Besides, some users also claim that this 3-ton jack stand size is enough to uphold the weight while lifting the rear end of the vehicle from the center of the differential. And they didn’t experience any problem that actually tended to be prone to one side tipping of the vehicle.

Although some suggest using 2-ton size jack stands if you need it just for the ancillary support. Moreover, some of them also recommend a 4 to 6-ton size jack stand for the F150 truck.

According to them, your safety should be the first priority and with this 4-6 ton size, you can safely and comfortably work underneath your vehicle.

This is because 4-6 ton size jack stands provide flat pieces on the bottom corner of your vehicle for better and even distributing pressure. Besides, this size range offers good height and more weight holding capacity for the F150 light-duty truck.

What is the best size jack stand for F150?

To figure out the best size jack stands you require, you should look over several jack stands that are available in the market.

As we have mentioned before, what size jack stands you will require solely depends on your requirement, the weight capacity to hold the vehicle, and ground clearance for the safety of you and your vehicle. So, based on these facts, you will find a wide range of jack stands.

However, to help you out, we have come to you to recommend some best size jack stands for F150 to clear your confusion as well as to make your purchase easier.

Well, here, look into the following recommendations-

Products NameWeight CapacityPrice on Amazon
1BIG RED3 Ton- Torin Aluminum Jack Stands3 ton or, 6000 lbs$65.69
2Omega Lift- 6 Ton- Steel Heavy Duty Jack Stands6 ton or, 12000 lbs$72.72

BIG RED-3 Ton- Torin Aluminum Jack Stands

Our first recommendation for the best size jack stands for F150 is the BIG RED-3 Ton- Torin Aluminum Jack Stands. This pair of stands are high quality, lightweight, and also come at a very affordable price.

The manufacturer Torin uses high-grade aluminum materials for the construction of these stands. It features locking support pins in 6 different locking positions that are easily removable providing not only extra security but also excellent stability for your F150 vehicle.

The weight capacity of the jack stands is 3 tons or 6000 pounds which means that these pair stands are capable of holding the weight of your F150 truck safely above your body.

This weight capacity makes it one of the best handling size jack stands to handle a wide range of different types of vehicles such as small cars, light-duty trucks, jeeps, etc.

Furthermore, the height ranges of these stands are adjustable which is 10-3/4-inches – 15-5/8-inches. And also the saddle offers a large area to provide better contact with the vehicle’s load. Thus, it ensures ground clearance.

Besides, its foot base is much wider providing extra steadiness so you don’t have to worry if you’re planning for compact storage of these stands.

Omega Lift- 6 Ton- Steel Heavy Duty Jack Stands

Our next choice is the Omega Lift- 6 Ton- Steel Heavy Duty Jack Stands. Like the previous one, these pairs of jack stands also come with better specifications, high quality, well construction, and overall with an excellent weight capacity.

It is made from durable stamped heavy-duty steel materials with a welded frame design thus offering good strength, stability, and durability. The weight limit of this pair stands is 6 tons with a superb lifting height range of 16-inches – 23-1/2-inches. Due to this weight capacity and heavy construction, handling a wide range of vehicles will be easier for you.

Besides, to provide additional safety underneath your vehicle, the saddle of the stands provides a large surface area while also featuring double locking support pin mechanisms.

Yet, for quick but multiple positioned height adjustments, it comes with a sawtooth design allowing also the upward movement of the stands smoothly.

Moreover, one of the most significant things about these jack stands is they meet ANSI/PALD standards. Therefore, these 6-ton size Omega Lift jack stands are considered a piece of ideal lifting equipment for your home, truck, or auto services as well as for shop and farm use.

How to Choose the Right Size of Jack Stands for F150?

Wondering how you can choose the right size jack stands for F150? Well, knowing the method of choosing the jack stand size is an obvious thing for you, this is how we think, since it helps to find out what size will be best to lift your F150 vehicle efficiently.

Therefore, here, we have compiled some important considerations; you need to think while finding jack stand sizes to raise the trucks by maintaining the stability of these vehicles as well.

Find the appropriate Jack types to pair with the jack stands

Usually, there are three types of jacks you will find that are needed to be paired with jack stands to lift the vehicle, once you have selected the type. They are scissor jacks, floor jacks, and bottle/hydraulic jacks.

These jacks are one of the most important lifting equipment which usage becomes frequent as well as imperative when any of your vehicle tires go flat on a remote area or a highway.

However, jack stands provide safe and stable metal supports by sliding in beside the jacks to take the weight of your F150 truck instead of lifting the vehicle.

Scissor jacks

Well, generally, the scissor jacks are manufactured from a factory that is only required for emergency purposes. Their compact designs come with rhombus-shaped 4-linkages that make them maintenance-free as well as easy operating tools.

To lift the whole side of a truck, this jack type is not suitable; rather it is safe to lift just one side of your vehicle.

Floor jacks

The floor jack is one of the best jack types that most Ford users suggest to use lifting the Ford F150 vehicle. This larger jack comes with not only wheels but also a hydraulic mechanism having the capacity of holding more weight compared to the scissor jacks as well as bottle jacks.

Besides, it provides the highest lift range while also delivering more stability when you are doing lifting operations to raise the truck.

Bottle/hydraulic jacks

The bottle/hydraulic jack is another compact designed jack type that is used to lift the vehicle by using hydraulic fluids. The lift range of this jack type is smaller and thus it is used for smaller operations. However, it has more weight lifting capacity than the other types.

Well, here is a recommendation for you for all these jack types: you shouldn’t rely on any of the jack types to hold the weight of your F150 truck; rather, you can rely on them to do the lifting.

However, when it comes to holding the weight instead of lifting with a safe and more stable condition, rely on your jack stands without any doubt. Besides, to prevent any of the accidental incidents, you should jack up your vehicle simply and then lower the vehicle onto the jack stands.

Figure out the weight capacity

Figuring out the weight capacity of your jack stands is the most important step to choosing the right size jack stands. While doing so, you need to ensure ground clearance and also have to measure the carb weight of your F150 vehicle.

To maintain the vehicle’s stability and provide ground clearance you should place one jack stand per wheel. And thus you need to buy them in pairs (2 or 4) although the number of stands depends on the curb weight of your F150 vehicle.

Well, here the curb weight is basically the weight of all the amenities as well as equipment of your vehicle. You don’t have to include the variable passenger weight or cargo weight of your vehicle while measuring this curb weight.

So, now, you have to figure out the weight capacity of jack stands by calculating using a simple formula. Measure the curb weight of the vehicle, divide this weight by the number of jack stands that you will buy, and then finally double this weight to get the safest and also right size jack stands.

Here, presume that the curb weight of your F150 vehicle is 6000 lbs and you will purchase 4 jack stands. Now, according to the formula, the weight capacity of a jack stand will be-

Weight capacity of a jack stand = Curb weight of the vehicle/ Number of jack stands

= 6000 lbs/4

=1500 lbs or 1.5 ton

Doubling this weight to get the right size = 1500 x 2 = 3000 lbs or, 1.5 x 2 = 3 ton

Measure the height of the jack stands

Another thing you also should consider is the height of the jack stands. To know the right size of the stands you have to measure the jack stands heights on the jack point where you stick them with the help of a measuring tape.

By doing so, you can uphold most of the significant portion of your F150 vehicle. However, honestly, measuring the jack stands weight capacity instead of measuring the height is hassle-free and the best way since it will let you find the right size jack stands effectively that you will require most.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the purpose of using a jack stand?

The main purpose of using a jack stand is to hold the weight of an elevated vehicle and to prevent toppling over issues.
Besides, it provides utmost protection for you and your vehicle by delivering a safe ride, excellent strength, stability, and additional support. This stand also protects the vehicle’s tires while parking and thus prevents damage to the wheels.

How much weight can a 3-ton size jack stand support?

A pair of 3-ton size jack stands together and can support the 6000 lbs weight of a vehicle conveniently. Therefore, this size is recommended to use in small cars, light-duty trucks like F150, SUVs, jeeps, etc.

How much does a Ford F150 truck weigh in tons?

Usually, a Ford F150 light duty truck weighs around 5000-6000 pounds on average. As it’s a light pickup truck, however, this light doesn’t mean weaker, it comes with high-strength as well as military-grade aluminum materials. For example, the 2020 Ford F150 truck weighs about 5065 pounds.

How many jack stands will you require to rotate your vehicle tires?

As experts recommended that you will require at least 3 jack stands to rotate your vehicle tires so you can increase their lifespan. However, if you want to use 2 jack stands to rotate the tires; you need to follow specific rotation patterns when you are rotating the tires.

Final Verdict

So, in this article, you have read what size jack stands for f150 you will need to provide stability while lifting this pickup truck. Using the jack stands for holding weight is necessary, especially in the case of lifting medium to heavy-duty vehicles lift the weight.

However, for your light-duty F150 truck, it is recommended that you use at least 3-ton size jack stands. But, if you want to lift your vehicle with more solid support, protection, and hassle-free maintenance, you should go for 4-6 ton size jack stands.

Well, we have covered a lot of information regarding this topic in this article. Yet, if you still have any inquiries, let us know in our comment section.

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