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Will 35 Inch Tires Fit F150 With Leveling Kit or Not?

Will 35 Inch Tires Fit F150 With Leveling Kit

A leveling kit is a simple tool that lifts the front side of the truck to let you drive by feeling a good raise like an off-road feel. Using it might require a matching tires size that will fit rightly to your truck. A lot of people get confused to figure out that to fit leveling kit.

If you are thinking “will 35 inch tires fit f150 with leveling kit” to have a nice lift on your truck, then we got your back to give the right explanation that might help you. It’s okay if you want to use the leveling kit on your 35” tires on f150 but before that know whether it fits or not.

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Will 35 Inch Tires Fit F150 With Leveling Kit – Describing In Detail!

Well, here’s the thing. Yes, you are able to use it if your truck is attached to the right-sized leveling kit for a balanced lift. Let’s dig into the facts.

Tire SizeSuitable Height
  35 Inches Tire4” Leveling Kit
3” Leveling Kit
2.5” Leveling Kit

Using the 35 inch tires will give a lot of advantages such as better looks, ground clearance, grip, and load capacity that one driver will fully get satisfied to drive well. But, fitting them on a truck with leveling kit might give a different scenario if not considered.

Apart from a lot of benefits, the 35 inches tires will also give better surface contact along with thicker sidewalls to ensure good durability and anti-puncture feature. So, what size tires will fit f150 with leveling kit?

According to 4WheelDriveGuide.com,

If you don’t want to go through the hassles of a complete suspension lift kit and a set of new wheels, the other more budget-friendly option is adding a leveling kit, wheel spacers on the factory rims and some cutting away of wheel well plastic and other components.

Not only your truck will not suit 35 inches if the leveling kit has a 4” lift height but also give a bad performance. The 2021 ford f150 2.5″ leveling kit is being used which gives good space on the rims to use 35 inches with no hassle.

Besides, it’s quite affordable and grants good height for both on and off-road driving feel. So, what about the low-sized options? Well, the 2 inch leveling kit f150 truck will not support using 35 inches tires as the space is less and rims will rub a lot causing corrosion.

Coming to the 3” and 4” leveling kit included trucks, it’s totally okay to use 35” tires as it won’t take space on the 10” wide wheel. 

Simple Tips

  • If you want a vertical clearance on your truck with a 2.5” or 3” leveling kit, then don’t use 35-inch tires.
  • Focus on the right offset on your truck wheel to fit the 35” tires.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will 35” tires fit on stock F150?

Yes, you can use 35-inch rims on your truck. However, it should need at least 4 inches to fit 35” tires that have good width and height.

How much height do 35 tires add?

The 35 inches tires usually add 1.5 inches of height inside the space between the truck and rims. Plus, it won’t make a big raise if not using a leveling kit.

Are 35-inch tires really 35 inches?

To put it simply, the 35” tires aren’t the same height (35-inch) if counting in true measurement. Even if the brand claims the size is accurate, still it would make a slight difference between 0.5-1 inch. But, the height is surely less than 35 inches.

Overall Thoughts

So will 35 inch tires fit f150 with leveling kit or not, you now know. Go ahead and use it for a nice lifting. Basically, it’s all about the lifting kit height which lets you easily install the 35 inches rims with no hassle.

The leveling kit works the best to give your truck a better lifting point that helps reducing noise, rust, and uneven tire alignment. These types of benefits make it popular among ford f150 drivers and so they choose to use 35 inches rims.

We tried our best to give some necessary info on whether the 35” tires fit on the ford f150 with a leveling kit or not. Hope this article helps you to use them on the truck. Time To Bid Farewell. Goodbye!

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