How Much Does Dodge Charger Lifter Replacement Cost?

How much does it cost to replace the lifter on Dodge Charger? There is no exact answer to this question; rather, it depends on the vehicle’s model and engine lifters’ type.

Dodge Charger lifter replacement cost depends on different aspects such as the number of cylinders, mechanic fees, components fees, vehicle models, and labor fees.

As we know, engine lifters are essential to a car’s engine, as they help ensure that each piston travels smoothly. It has a vital role in keeping the engine running smoothly and efficiently.

It also plays a significant role in opening the valves to allow air in and exhaust out of the pistons. It helps to keep the engine functioning properly and prevents the build-up of harmful gases.

Dodge Charger Lifter Replacement Cost

Before replacing lifters, you need to know how many filters your vehicle has. Most of the vehicles have 8 and 16 lifters. It depends on what type of engine you drive.

For example, A straight-four engine (4-cylinder engine) has eight lifters, and a straight-six engine (6-cylinder engine) has 12 lifters. And A V8 engine has 16 lifters.

Usually, most professional mechanics suggest changing lifters at once because all lifters are built together and might go waste at the same time.

Let’s detail – the price per lifter is between $4 and $40. And the price may vary if you have more than one lifter to replace.

Now coming to the labor cost, there is also varies depending on different places and automobile shops. So, here we will share an idea of a possible fee of labor wages for replacing engine lifters.

If you let a professional expert mechanic replace the lifters, the labor fee will average around $90 – $150 per hour.

Or, if you replace it with a local general mechanic, he might charge between $50 – $130.

Moreover, replacing your engine lifters might take 3 – 12 hours. So, the value will add to the amount accordingly.

Here one more important thing is that some mechanics recommend changing some elements – Camshaft Bearing, Gasket, Pushrod, Head Bolts, and Valves. Each part also has a different price.

So, if they suggest you replace it, you must add some value to the amount. Here we are not going to add it to the account.

If we start our calculation with the lowest amount of $4 as for the lifter price and a general mechanic works 3 hours, the total cost will be $154 to be paid.

On the contrary, the price of 16 lifters at $40 and 13 hours working through a professional mechanic at 150X13 = 1950 USD. So, the final cost will come to $1990.

Engine Lifters Replacement Cost Variation of Different Models

In this section, we will share the five 3 lifter replacement cost and the replacement costs of some different models to get accurate information.

The replacement cost of a 5.3 Vortec engine lifter is around $2500-$3500, including 16 lifters and 12 -13 hours of working and labor costs.

Lifter replacement cost 5.7 Hemi might charge an average of $1600 for all 16 lifters. In addition, you might need a Gasket or other elements with it. So, the cost will add more.

The average cost for a Dodge Charger engine lifter replacement is between $1200 – $2200 and more, including the labor costs though replacement cost typically varies in different areas and shops.

Let’s look at the table of lifters replacement costing in different cases.


What are Engine Lifters on a Vehicle?

Engine lifters are a type of valve used to regulate the intake and exhaust of air in an internal combustion engine. The lifters are opened and closed by the camshaft, allowing the engine to breathe. The engine lifters are an essential part of the engine and must be maintained to keep the engine running correctly.

How Many Lifters Does A Car Have?

A car typically has three types of engine lifters. You need to know what type of engine lifters your car has because it can help you assume a possible repair price. And it also lets you know how much time it needs to service the engine block.

Hydraulic Lifter: The hydraulic lifters are connected to the pushrods, which are connected to the valves. When the engine is running, the hydraulic lifters help keep the valves in the correct position so they can open and close properly.

Over time, the hydraulic lifters can become worn out and need to be replaced. If they are not replaced, the valves can become misaligned and cause the engine to run poorly.

Solid Lifter: Solid lifters are engine valve lifters that use a solid, rather than hydraulic, method to raise and lower the valves. In most cases, solid lifters are used in high-performance engines that require a higher level of valve control than what hydraulic lifters can provide.

Solid lifters use a mechanical link between the camshaft and the valves. Solid lifters can provide a more precise level of valve control, which is often necessary for high-performance engines.

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However, solid lifters also have some drawbacks. They require more frequent adjustment than hydraulic lifters and can be more challenging to work. In addition, solid lifters can sometimes be noisy, especially when they first start up.

Roller Lifter: Roller lifters are found in an engine’s valve train and are the link between the pushrod and the camshaft. Roller lifters help improve an engine’s performance and fuel economy by reducing friction and providing a more efficient energy transfer.

While they are typically found in V8 engines, roller lifters can also be used in smaller engines such as inline-four and six-cylinder engines. Roller lifters can also be used in engines that have variable valve timing (VVT) or variable camshaft timing (VCT).

When Should Lifters be Replaced?

There are several ways to tell if your car’s lifters are going bad. One way is to listen to your engine. If you hear ticking or clicking noises, it could be a sign that your lifters need to be replaced.

Another way to tell is by looking at your oil dipstick. If you see metal shavings or debris on the dipstick, it’s a good indication that your lifters are going wrong and need to be replaced.

Besides, you also might experience some of the symptoms generated from the engine, i.e., hissing noise, misfire, loss of power, ticking, or tapping noise. Once you feel these symptoms, your lifters must be checked and replaced soon if possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to replace the lifters on a Dodge Charger?

As we have mentioned earlier, on average, a Dodge Charger may cost between $1200 – $2200, including labor costs. But the replacement cost entirely depends on different areas and automobile shops.

How much does it cost to replace lifters on 5.7 Hemi?

Generally, lifters replacement costs rely on various areas or repair shops how they charge. Including labor costs and others, the replacement cost of Hemi 5.7 might have an average of $1600.

Are Dodge Chargers expensive to repair?

Dodge Chargers are very reliable cars and are not expensive to repair. Repairing and maintaining the cost of Dodge Chargers might take about $1000 per year.
Though the calculation of cost for maintenance depends on various causes, following the manual instructions, you can minimize the expenditure you spend on repairs.


Finally, throughout the article, we have tried to provide some possible ideas about how much the Dodge Charger lifter replacement cost should be.

Replacing lifters for the engine is somewhat costly if the problem is major, and it’s also a matter of how long it takes for replacement. Taking how much time depends on various engine lifters, which we have discussed above.

If you are new to the road and don’t have good experience with the car engine mechanism, you should go to a professional when you face a problem. Moreover, if you are not sure whether your engine lifters need to replace or not, we have mentioned some probable symptoms of bad lifters above. If you resemble the same symptoms generated by your engine, then your lifters need to be replaced soon.

Do not drive your car if there are bad lifters found in the engine. If you drive, it will cause the damage more badly. As a result, you might have to spend a lot of money for repair later.

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