Why SYNC Does Not Have Access to Text Messaging From iPhone? How to Fix It?

SYNC does not have access to text messaging from iPhone? You may receive this note when SYNC can not access your text messages from your iPhone. When this occurs, you can not check or receive any texts from your phone through your car’s computer system while on the road. This is quite a disturbing situation, and you want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

One common reason for this issue is the disconnected Bluetooth system. Here, we have found the reasons for your car SYNC not to notify your iPhone messages and tried to give solutions for this problem.

Why SYNC Does Not Have Access to Text Messaging From iPhone?

Connecting the iPhone with the car’s computer SYNC system makes accessing your phone a lot easier. You can make and receive calls, listen to your favorite podcast, send or receive texts and voicemails, access your playlists, and many more. But if the system is broken, you can not have this easy access on the go.

Text messaging is not working on SYNC.1. The cell phone model might not be compatible with the SYNC feature.
2. SYNC does have access to your phone
3. Your cell phone is not connected to the vehicle.
4. Functional problem in the phone.

So, you can see that a few reasons can cause the inaccessibility of your text messages from the car’s computing system. Let’s discuss them below.

Reason 1: The cell phone model might not be compatible with the SYNC feature

Maybe you have a different cell phone brand that you cannot pair with the SYNC. Not all phone brands and models are supported by the current SYNC version of your car.

If the car’s system or your phone’s software is not compatible with one another, you may not receive any text and can not use other services as well. Your phone’s software has to be upgraded to a version that is compatible with the SYNC version.

Reason 2: SYNC does have access to your phone

If you mistakenly or intentionally denied SYNC to give access to your cell phone and forgot, later on, you will not receive any text messages.

The car’s computer system needs access to your phone to provide you with this facility. But how to allow SYNC access to text messages on iPhone? Keep on reading, we will have the answer with other resolving as well.

Reason 3: Your cell phone is not connected to the vehicle

Your phone needs to be connected to the car through Bluetooth. If your iPhone is not connected to the vehicle’s computer system, you will not receive any call or text message. And you can not use other features as well.

Reason 4: Functional problem in the phone

Lastly, it could be a functional problem. We can face this issue often when the phone has some sort of complications related to functionality. Due to the heating problem or low storage capacity, it may happen.

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These are the most common reasons your iPhone text could not be seen from the SYNC. However, these technical reasons are causing a hectic problem, the solutions to them are pretty easy.

How Do I Grant SYNC Access to My iPhone Text Messaging?

How do you allow SYNC access to text messages? If your Ford Car SYNC does not have access to text messages in your iPhone, follow the given steps to gain access-

Step 1: Acknowledge the Software version for both systems

In the first step, you have to check both the SYNC version installed in your car and the iOS version installed in your iPhone.

Finding SYNC software version: Check the SYNC version that your car has. You can check your Ford’s installed SYNC Version here.

Finding iPhone software version: In addition to that, check the iOS or current software version of your iPhone.To find the current version, you can follow this simple flowchart. Following this:

‘Settings’»—› ‘General’»—› About.

Now you can see the current version of your Apple software. Note that iOS 6.1.3 and above only support your car’s SYNC feature.

Step 2: Connect your device to the vehicle’s SYNC system

Now, if your device is already connected to the car’s software system, follow the third step. If not, then connect it in the first place.

Step 3: Give SYNC access to your device

Now, as your iPhone is connected to the SYNC, give it access to get through your text messages. Also, turn on the notification to not miss any of the messages.

Some Pre-requirements to Pair Your Cell Phone with SYNC:

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get my text messages to show in my car?

Connect your phone with the car through Bluetooth connectivity. Then give the system access to your device. If you are looking for how to SYNC text messages to car’s system, the same answer goes for that.

Why won’t my text messages show in my car?

The text may not show in your car’s display because your phone is not connected to it. You have to pair your iPhone to the car to get text messages. Or the phone software is not compatible with the SYNC system.

How do I get text messages on Apple CarPlay?

On any supported car system, you can get text messages from your iPhone. Follow this flowchart: Settings —› Siri and Search —› Announce Notification —› Turn on Announce Notification. Then go to CarPlay and tap on ‘Announce New Messages.’ Now you will receive text messages on Apple CarPlay and can hear them loudly when you tap on “Listen to the message.”


Ford SYNC does not have access to text messaging from iPhone, but now you can get all your messages in the SYNC. And you must know that you won’t receive texts from Whatsapp or Messenger on your car’s display.

Keep in mind that your phone has to be supported by the SYNC software. Also, any functional issue in your iPhone can cause the text messages not to appear on your car.

Moreover, both the device and the car should be connected through Bluetooth for sharing information.

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