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[Solved] Ford F150 Rear Differential Problems- 4 Reasons With Possible Solution!

Ford F150 Rear Differential Problems

One of the vital parts of the ford f150 is the rear differential that may not work well due to some sort of damage or mistreatment. Perhaps the inside parts of it are broken or burn out and due to this reason, you are having a hard time.

As it needs to operate to keep the engine starting smooth, you can’t skip rear differential repairs or fixes. But before you take any action, learn and find out the symptoms along with root causes. To give some idea, we are here to help you detect and fix the errors with easy solutions.

In case of fixes, you can’t replace the rear differential just because of some random reasons, right? You must observe your ford f150 to identify whether it acts weird or not and mirrors the common signs.

So, give us your attention for the next 10 minutes. And you’ll know what are the reasons for ford f150 rear differential problems and fix them at ease. Are You Ready!

Ford F150 Rear Differential Problems- Figure Out the Signs & Take Actions!

Reasons for Rear Differential ProblemsFast Fixes to Try Out
Rusted or dirty rear differential partsLubricate the rear differential or replace the fluid
Bad rear differential unitReplace it with a new one
Leaky differential pinionSeal out the pinion
Broken differential gears, bearings, and gasketReplace them

Have you dealt with rear differential noise that is worse when need to drive for hours? Or, feeling shaky or vibrated even if driving on flat terrain with your ford f150? These are the common situation a driver face when the rear differential fails.

In case of causes of rear differential failure, you should know the basic problems. Apart from noise and vibration, you have to deal with the bad performance of the engine that won’t accelerate well.

According to CashCarsBuyer,

Two main symptoms occur in the case of a bad differential sound: rear differential noise and rear or front differential leaks.

A lot of time you’ll see leakage of rear differential from the axle seals. You’ll probably notice the light brown color fluid on the ground which indicates the leakage.

Also, you need to identify the signs rightly to figure out what part is having problems. Sometimes a lot of people get confused over the rear differential sound to cam phaser knocking noise. And for that, be sure to check how to quiet cam phaser noise to solve it at ease.

Cleaning Gunk to Solve Ford F150 Rear Differential Problems

This is the first thing you can do if you are having rear differential troubles. And, the rear differential quick fix is easy if you lubricate. It won’t cause you a lot of time and effort to lubricate the rear differential.

Just grab a good-quality oil to use on the rear differential and its surroundings. In fact, lubricating the gears, bearings, and pistons will help you solve the rusts. Another trick that you can try is replacing the fluid while dealing with a bad rear differential.

Note: Be sure to wear safety gloves and sunglasses to avoid accidents.

Fixing The Broken Rear Differential with A Simple Replacement

This is a situation where the rear differential needs to be replaced due to its damages. Instead of calling others, why not do it yourself? As the ford f150 rear differential repair cost is very expensive, it would be smart if you try it first.

A lot of professional mechanics suggest getting a repair kit for taking out the parts without harming any surroundings and doing the replacement faster. After getting a repair kit that includes the bearings and seals, follow the given instruction:

  • Use jack stands to lift your ford f150. Then, take out the driveshaft from the back.
  • Next, go to the emergency brake cable underneath the truck and push them to remove successfully. Use pliers to get the job done well.
  • Then, come back under the truck and pull out the emergency brake cables. Also, disconnect the ABS sensor cable. Take out the main brake line.
  • Now, get through the big bolts of the rear differential using your hand. Makes sure you have jack it up so that the rear differential won’t fall out.
  • Take out torsion bars, shocks absorbers, trailing arms, and bolts too. Then, slowly lift down the jack stands.
  • Afterward, place the new one on the old rear differential place. Attach the bolts, trailing arms, shock absorbers, and torsion bars just like you have removed them. Also, insert big bolts that hold the rear differential in the middle and fit it tight.
  • Connect the brake line and brake calipers on their place. Be sure to fill up the fluid after connecting the brake line. Then, attach the emergency brake cables. Be sure to insert the ABS sensor cable too.
  • And, remove the jack to finish the process.

Sealing The Rear Differential Pinion To Solve The Troubles!

A lot of users also face the struggle of the faulty pinion that sometimes needs sealing if leakage happens. To take action, you first need to locate the pinion that fits with the driveshaft under your ford f150.

Once you have located the place, check whether the cover of the pinion is okay or not. If you see holes or breakouts, then it needs a nice sealing to fix the problem. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Jack up the truck and go underneath the truck.
  2. Locate the piston and take out the nuts of the driveshaft. Next, remove the driveshaft with a rubber mallet.
  3. Next, apply a high-quality sealant that won’t leak easily. Be sure to cover fully so that no leakage occurs. And then, attach everything back to their place.

One Weird Trick That Might Solve The Rear Differential Problems!

It is sometimes can be the case that maybe the surrounded parts are the problem that’s causing your rear differential not to work rightly. If you have the oldest model of ford f150 truck, then try replacing the gears, bearings, or gaskets to fix the error.

Diagram of Rear Differential Components

Yes, they do sometimes make a big hassle in the rear differential if not taking care of. So, go under your ford f150 and look for the gears and bearings whether any of them are broken or needs replacement. After you find one, then hurry up to replace it.

If it still doesn’t fix your rear differential problem, then you might need to check the gaskets that sometimes people overlook. Replace the gasket if you find issues.  

This Video Will Help You:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a rear differential?

All the models of the ford f150 has a rear differential that plays the role of transmission of power. To explain it more clearly, it helps the engine to shift power to the truck’s rear wheels. Basically, it is the reason why your ford f150 changes the flow of engine power, especially when turning your truck.

Can you drive with a bad differential?

A lot of experts suggest not to drive your truck with a bad rear differential as it can change the performance. In some cases, it can also cause accidents due to lack of power when changing the direction. In fact, the bad rear differential can damage its surroundings too.

What happens if the rear differential goes out while driving?

Well, it will cause complications. Now, based on the issue and your truck model, it may cause vibration, noise, or slow acceleration. Due to the broken gears and teeth of the rear differential, the problem can be much more serious.

Overall Thoughts

Sounds like the secret of solving ford f150 rear differential problems is now familiar. Well, the struggle of a bad rear differential is very pathetic that won’t let your truck work smoothly until you fix it. 

In case you are still dealing with the same old challenges after trying our possible fixes, then call an expert who is able to cure the problem professionally. Before doing any steps, be sure to diagnose the issue and then treat it.

Or else, we advise trying these solutions as the process won’t cost much energy and bucks. Hope this guide helped you to educate rear differential problems and how to treat them. Keep Up With Good Works!

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