TBC Fault (What & Why): A Complete Experts Guide+ How To Fix!

What is the TBC fault code? The TBC problem can affect both diesel and gasoline vehicles, and trailer Back Controller gives the complete form of TBC. This code is frequently found on Ford pickup vehicles equipped to haul trailers.

The TBC fault code indicates no connection between the trailer wiring, and the stoplights or turn lights may seem to malfunction continuously.

Ford introduces different models of cars every year, and this triggering alarm provides different meanings according to the model number. Now, our job is to make your life easier!

Hence, this article is presented to show different TBC faults for Ford Diesel cars, and if there is any variation, then a piece of detailed information is provided for simplicity. Stay tuned!

TBC Fault: What is It?

If you notice a TBC trouble code on the screen, driving that particular vehicle is unsafe. Poor connections to the tow hitch or a defective grounding at the vehicle’s frame might create this problem.

TBC repair in a Ford is a simple procedure. Begin by inspecting the connections at the back of your car, which may have become rusted or moist. If you detect something wrong with these, address them straight to prevent further damage to the wiring.

Second, inspect the bolts and screws that secure the wire under your car. After using it for a long time, the quality might deteriorate due to corrosion.

The problem mainly lies within the Body Control Module (BCM). If it requires servicing, I’d suggest calling a local mechanic to do your task for you.

Additionally, you can always order a new BCM online or choose a suitable model from your local store. After the replacement of BCM, if there is still no connection with the trailer, check the wirings for further problems.

However, TBC fault meaning may vary based on different models of Ford. And below, there is a table that mainly focuses on two models of Ford- f250 and f350. Note down the problems and seek possible solutions for TBC fault code reset.

TBC Fault Ford ModelsReasons
f250Bad fuse
f350Grounding of the trailer

TBC Fault Ford f250

The TBC fault f250 won’t start the engine because of the lost connection due to a bad fuse in the infrastructure.

If you want to locate this lousy fuse, you must look for the fuse box that is located on the left side under the steering wheel.


It’d help if you opened the fuse box with a screwdriver or prybar. You’ll discover a handful of fuses on the inside, and you’ll find a schematic on the back of the panel that you pulled open that shows what each of the fuses is for.

If it isn’t on the rear of the panel, you may look it up in the vehicle’s owner’s manual. Simply pull the fuse out once you’ve found out which one you need. A thin strip of metal should link the two parts.

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If you notice that the fuse has been broken, it’ll require immediate replacement. Fortunately, if the strip is still noticeable, the fuse is fine, and just connecting the two loose ends will do the trick.

TBC Fault Ford f350

When driving a Ford F-350 truck, you will ultimately notice a number of lights and alarms on the dashboard. These are usually signed that it’s time for periodic maintenance.

They frequently include problems like filter and fluid inspections and cables and components. However, they might sometimes suggest that anything is wrong with your automobile and one of them is TBC correction.


This signal indicates that an issue with grounding to the trailer has occurred. To do so, proceed to the connections and inspect each one for looseness, damage, wear and tear, or corrosion. You’ll have to replace them if they’re broken.

Fortunately, it won’t cost all your salary for the month. The replacement will vary from 3 dollars to 30 dollars depending on the type of parts and the store from where you are buying.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does a TBC fault mean on a ford f350?

The TBC fault ford f350 warns you about the problems relating to the grounding with the trailer. All you must do is check the connectors at the bottom of the car. If there’re any loose ends, fix them. Sometimes, the grounding requires complete replacement, which will cost significant charges.

What does TBC fault mean on Powerstroke?

Powerstroke is the name given to the engine that is manufactured by Ford Motor Company. The fault of the trailer brake controller can occur due to numerous reasons: the grounding of the trailer, bad fuses, low moisture, and many more.

What is TBC on a Ford truck?

An electronic trailer brake controller, often known as TBC, is standard on many Ford trucks, including the F150, f250, and f350. As the name indicates, it aims to aid cars in pulling trailers with brakes for a more comfortable, secure ride. As for different models, the TBC solution is different. Make sure to find the right solution according to your Ford model.


In this article, we’ve shown you two TBC faults for the Ford Diesel cars. Now that you know about trailer brake controller issues, you’ll have no problem fixing these problems according to the different versions of the model explained above.

Connecting the loose ends of a bad fuse or grounding the trailer takes up a lot of muscle work and patience. Make sure to behave gently with your pickup truck and always be cautious about safety.

Now coming in my opinion, fixing a blown fuse seems much more straightforward than grounding the trailer. So, if you own a Ford f250 pickup truck, resetting the TBC alarm will be a piece of cake.

Have fun driving!

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