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[3 Problems+Solution] Ford F150 Shift Linkage Problems- Solve Now Yourself!

Ford F150 Shift Linkage Problems

The ford f150 shift linkage problems may occur due to one or a lot of reasons. Basically, the shift linkage is an important part that plays a great role to transfer the change signal in the gears.

In case of shifting the gears into the desired position, the shift or gear linkage needs to be operated with no hassle. What the real issue is and how you need to take care of it using a specific solution based on the situation, we’ll talk about this matter right away.

And, you don’t need to worry about it even if it’s your very first time doing changes with your truck. We are here to help you with the issues but it would be better if you figure out what the problem is before doing any solution.

Now, please give your attention to this guide for some minutes. Let’s Solve the Problems Together!

Ford F150 Shift Linkage Problems – Causes & Solutions!

Reasons for Shift Linkage ProblemsQuick Fixes to Try Out
Loosen up Torx head screwsRetighten the screws using a ratchet wrench
Bad shift cableRepair the shift cable
Broken shift linkage brushingReplace the shift linkage brushing with a new one

Symptoms Of a Problematic Ford F150 Shift Linkage – Explaining The Root Causes!

Have your f150 truck reacting weirdly when you change the gears? Or, maybe causing oil leakage when planning to drive for a long time? These types of behaviors indicate a problematic shift linkage that needs a good diagnosing.

For your sake, we have given a few symptoms that show the f150 shift leakage is dealing with problems. Here they are:

1. Truck making a loud and irritating noise when operating.

2. Transmission tunnel oil leaks.

3. Difficulty when changing gears.

4. Poor performance.

The reason why your shift linkage is not working like it has done before can be due to loosen-up screws which can be fixed by tightening them to their place. Or, maybe your shift linkage brushing is the real culprit for why it is not working.

According to Bridwell Automotive Center,

If the cause turns out to be a loose shifter linkage, you can tighten it yourself at no cost, or have the repair shop do it for $50-75. If the condition is being caused by a damaged shifter cable, the repair shop will charge you $125-$250 for replacement, or you can purchase and replace it yourself for around $35-$80

It could also be because the shift cable needs repair. Sometimes the shift cable turns bad which causes the linkage to act weirdly. Whatever the reasons you find out that are causing shift linkage problems, fix them using the right solutions.

The Ford F150 Shift Linkage Adjustment of Screws Might Solve the Problems!

Perhaps it’s the real reason why your f150 shift linkage causing the troubles. Basically, the ford f150 can make noise or vibrate continuously if the screws of gear or shift linkage are not tightly fitted.

Sometimes a simple adjustment of screws might solve the whole problem which is causing trouble when you are driving. Don’t worry if you can’t find the screws. Just follow these steps:

  • Locate dash and then look under it. The location would be above the steering column.
  • Next, hold a flashlight to see the screws well.
  • Now, you’ll see 2 T45 Torx head screws that are 10 mm attach up there. Just gently tighten them up using a ratchet wrench. Basically, these 2 screws are responsible to hold the cable to the shift linkage.
  • Next, start your truck to see whether the problem solves or not. 

Bad Shift Cable Causing The F150 Shift Linkage Problems

If your f150 shift linkage is not working, another possible reason might be the bad shift wire. To put it simply, the shift wire lets the linkage have the signals when you are shifting gears.

A bad wire of shift linkage can throw you into the deep end. But, no need to worry as we have given a perfect solution to fix the bad wire using simple steps.

Step 1: Take out the cover of the bottom dash. There you’ll see a silver plate that is attached with 4 screws.

Step 2: Next, remove the 4 screws using a ratchet wrench. And then, remove the silver plate from the place.

Step 3: Go underneath the truck and locate the shift linkage along with its cable. Once you find the location, grab a thick screwdriver to remove the shift linkage and the cable.

Step-4: If you have a new cable with shift linkage, then attach it to the place. If not, cut the damaged wires a little bit more. Then, plug them in after you have worked the safely gloves. Wrap the open connection of fixed wires using tapes.

Step 5: Reverse the process from steps 3-4 as you have removed.

Step 6: Attach the silver plate and the 4 screws using the ratchet wrench. And then, pull back the bottom dash cover to its place. And, you are done.

Note: Be sure to put the gear on the N (neutral) before replacing it. And, block the wheels of your f150 truck using a piece of wood.

Fixing Damaged Shift Linkage Brushing To Solve The Problem

This is a common situation that a lot of f150 drivers express having shift linkage problems due to the broken brushing. To fix it rightly, you may need to purchase a ford shift linkage bushing repair kit that matches your model.

Start by locating the shift linkage under the truck and then remove the brushing using a thick screwdriver. Next, take out the new brushing flat top inside the shift linkage using your hand. Use some force while inserting the brushing of linkage to its place.

Tip: Use a rustproof solution or oil if removing the rusted shift linkage.

This Video Might Help You!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is the shift linkage located?

In most cars, the shift linkage is located under the truck. You can pretty easily find it if you look into the location of the transmission tunnel that should be in the middle. The shift linkage in fact looks more like a ratchet wrench that sits near to it that holds very little space.

What does a shift linkage do?

In the ford f150 and other trucks, the shift linkage does a big job to control the changing of gears. No matter if you are shifting your f150 gears to P (park), D (drive), R (reverse), or N (neutral), the shift linkage is basically responsible to handle the process.
As it connects the gearshift and transmission tunnel, the shift linkage gives the signals when you change the gears.

How long does it take to fix gear linkage?

Usually, the gear or shift linkage takes not more than 20-30 minutes to fix by yourself. Yet, if you are not a DIYer and fixing it with the help of an expert, then it may take 10 minutes to solve the error.

Overall Thoughts

Now, you know how to solve ford f150 shift linkage problems using different tricks. But, if you find yourself with the same problem even after trying all possible things, then the shift linkage may need a serious fix.

And, if you are able to fix shift linkage issues, then don’t waste your money on small reapri works done by others. Besides, the shift linkage repair cost is expensive too.

Sometimes the shift linkage can be broken due to worn out, running hot, or maybe internal problems. It’s totally okay to reach out to a hand of experts to fix the broken linkage if money isn’t the problem.

Even if you know what is the real problem of your f150 shift linkage, a professional mechanic will able to give you the perfect solution. So, you better fix the issue and bring back the old performance with a simple replacement. Good Luck!   

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