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How to Remove Ford Fuel Line Clips Through More Than One Ways

How to Remove Ford Fuel Line Clips

The fuel line clips of the ford truck have to be one of the well-known parts that require removing in a particular manner. And, a lot of people are struggling to detach the ford fuel line clips as they require a nice method based on their style.

And that’s why we have decided to explain the fuel line clip removal process in detailed instructions depending on each style.

Plus, there’s nothing to be feared about even though it’s your first time to take out the fuel line clips. So, let’s see how to remove ford fuel line clips in the right way. Are You Ready!

How To Remove Ford Fuel Line Clips- Explaining the Methods

Ford designed truck models with plastic U-shaped clips that hold the fuel line connectors to its surface. As they hold ford fuel line connectors, they are attached pretty much tightly which needs a nice technique to remove them. 

Based on TRS,

A special tool is available from Ford and other manufacturers for removing the retaining clips. Use Ford Tool T90T-9550-B or C or equivalent. If the tool is not on hand, go on to step 2. Align the slot on the push connector disconnect tool with either tab on the retaining clip. Pull the line from the connector.

Using the fuel line clip removal tool will save a lot of time, as you’ll eventually need to remove the clips that are attached too tightly. One thing you need to be very careful about while following this method, don’t use tools too hard. Now, why not see the procedure.

Detach Ford Fuel Line Clips Double-Push Style

Materials That You’ll Need

  • A Clip Removal Tool
  • A Pocket Screwdriver
  • Safety Glasses
  • Safety Gloves
  • A Fuel Line Removal Tool

Step-1: Park your truck in a safe place or garage. You don’t want people or animals to bother you while doing this serious work.

Step-2: Open your ford truck’s hood and secure it by placing the strut. This will help you see through the parts of the fuel line without causing a mess.

Step-3: Locate the fuel line that should be on the top left side. Afterward, take out the battery negative cable from the battery terminator. And then, remove the battery positive cable from the battery terminator.

Step-4: Now, you want to attach the removal tool of the fuel line. For that, insert the removal tool inside the gap of the fuel line and then push it to the edge. Next, push both fuel line and tool toward each other. Then, you’ll be able to take out the fuel line easily.

Step-5: Once you have taken out the fuel line from the truck, you’ll notice some plastic clamp is attached to the connector. To remove that, use the clip removal tool over the fuel line connector.

Step-6: After that, gently remove the fuel line clip by lifting it from its seat.

Step-7: If it doesn’t work out, then use a plier to hold the push-side frame of the fuel line connector with gentle force. Then, wiggle it so that the clip falls out.

Step-8: Next, repeat the steps from 5-7 to take out another fuel line clip. And, you are done.

Warning: If you don’t have removal tools, then use a pocket screwdriver as an alternative. But, be careful while using a screwdriver and avoid putting a lot of pressure. 

Taking Out Push Fuel Line Clip-On Ford

Step-1: Remove the fuel line connector from the fuel line. For that, press on the push clip.

Step-2: After that, hold the push clip for a while using a plier or screwdriver. Then, you’ll see the fitting of clips is loosening inside the fuel line connector.

Step-3: Slightly push the clip that’ll force it to come out of the fuel line connector. And also, follow the same method while removing another clip.

Striping Off Hose & Clamp Style Fuel Line Clips On Ford

Step-1: Take a plier to hold the hook & clamp style clip that is on the fuel line.

Step-2: Now, pull the clip on the upper side while you are using pressure.

Step-3: Next, take out the fuel line connector so that you can pull out the clip easily.

Step-4: Hold the clip using the plier and move it to the bottom. Then, take the fuel line clip out.

Step-5: Do the same process to remove another clip too.

Warning: When using the plier on the fuel line clips, don’t use too much pressure as it’ll break them easily.

Unclipping Pinch Type Fuel Line Clips on Ford

Step-1: First off, take out the fuel line connector from the fuel line. Then, you will noticeably see the clip attached to the connector.

Step-2: Then, locate a little pinch bar that lets you remove this clip easily.

Step-3: Next, hold the pinch bar while taking out the plastic clip from the connector with a pocket screwdriver.   

Step-4: Next, if you have another clip attached to the fuel line connector, then follow the same method to remove it too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where does the fuel line clip go?

Most ford brands install the fuel line clip inside or on the connector. And that’s why, when you unfold the fuel line, you’ll see the clips are near to the connector.

How tight should fuel line clips be?

The fuel line clips have a good tightness inside as they are made out of flexible plastic. Due to that, they require a removal tool, screwdriver, pliers, and other tools to loosen up the tight fit. While installing them, they should fit tightly on the connector.

Can you use hose clamps on fuel lines?

The answer is no. To make it clear, the hose clamps are made to be fitted on fuel injection hoses. It is not healthy for truck fuel lines to be secured with a hose clamp. Instead of that, use regular gear clamps or clips. 

Overall Thoughts

Now, after all, you know how to remove ford fuel line clips using a special method depending on their type. In actual fact, you can easily take them out if you are familiar with the functions included inside them to detach.  

In short, you won’t need to ask an expert who works in a repair shop to take out this tiny object as long as you have this guide. Besides, it’ll only go to get your money and energy to waste after knowing how small the work is. 

Just copy the given steps above with a few commonly used tools and safety equipment to take the fuel line clips out of the ford truck. It’s Time to Say Goodbye. See You Soon On Some Other Fun Topic! 

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