Toyota Spark Plug Socket Size Chart- We’ve Included Tread Sizes+ Spark Plug Gap Too!

What size spark plug socket on Toyota engines? Well, the size can be varied according to the model and purposes. However, the most common size found in most Toyota engines is a 14mm socket, and there are more also.

Generally, when working on a Toyota engine, the size of the spark plug socket plays a crucial role when it’s time to remove or check the spark plugs. If you use the wrong size, you can damage the spark plug or the engine.

But how do you determine which size is accurate? Don’t panic! Here we are revealing the Toyota spark plug socket size chart. Let’s dive into the main section!

What Is The Right Toyota Spark Plug Socket Size?

A Toyota spark plug socket size chart is a valuable reference for anyone working on a car. However, the most common size is 5/8inches/15.86mm and 9/16inches/14mm. Moreover, Toyota spark plug sockets are also available in the standard drive size, which is 3/8inches.

So far, the right spark plugs are not only necessary to run the car’s engine properly, but it is also essential when removing them. However, some engines require a 7/16” or 11.1 mm socket for removal.

Again, the Toyota models change every year, so the size of the spark plug socket may change too.

At the same time, when it comes to replacing your Toyota’s spark plug, you need to make sure that you buy the right size thread too.

In that case, here we are going to depict a chart for a spark plug socket, thread size, and gap according to the models. Have a look-

Toyota Spark Plug Socket Size Chart: A Quick Roundup

ModelSpark Plug Socket SizeTread SizeSpark Plug Gap
2021 to onwards – Toyota Corolla9/16″/14mmM12x1. 50.044inch/1.1mm
2013 Toyota Corolla9/16″/14mmM12 x 1.250.044inch/1.1mm
2010 Toyota Corolla9/16″/14mmM12 x 1.50.044inch/1.1mm
2009 Toyota Corolla9/16″/14mmM12 x 1.250.044inch/1.1mm
2017 to 2020 – Toyota Sienna9/16″/14mm  25 or M12x1. 50.044inch/1.1mm
2013 to 2016 – Toyota Vios13/16″/20mmM14x1.250.035inch/0.9mm
2016 to now – Toyota Tacoma5/8″/16mm8mm x 1.250.044inch/1.1mm
2009 to 2015 – Toyota Tacoma5/8″/16mm8mm x 1.250.044inch/1.1mm
2021 to now – Toyota Tundra1/4inch and 3/8inchM14x1.50.031inch/.78mm
2015 to 2019 – Toyota Tundra⅝”/16mmM14x1.50.043inch/1mm
2013 Toyota Tundra⅝ “/16mmM14x1.50.043inch/1mm
2009 Toyota Tundra⅝”/16mmM14 x 1.50.032inch/0.8128mm
2002-2014 Toyota matrix9/16″/14mmM12-1.500.044inch/1.1mm
2013 to 2022 Toyota Auris5/8inch and 13/16 inch M12x1.50.044inch/1.1mm
2000-2005 Toyota Echo9/16″/14mmM12x1.50.032″/0.81mm
2013- 2021 Toyota Avalon5/8 inch/15.87mmM12x1.50.044″/1.1mm.

Note: The spark plug socket size, thread gap, and length are all arranged by the generation of several models. So far, there is a tiny difference from one generation model to another.

If our Toyota car has a misfire or loss of power, it may be time to replace the spark plugs. Here’s how to identify the right socket size for your Toyota.

First, measure the circumference of each plug ground electrode.

Second, compare this measurement to the corresponding spark plug socket size chart.

Finally, purchase the correct spark plug socket and replace the plugs.

Again, you should know the number of cylinders in your Toyota car to find out the engine’s thread size.

Finally, measure the distance from one end of the spark plug socket to the other and use that figure to find the thread gap.

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By following these tips, you can make sure the selected spark plug socket won’t be too large or too small, may not fit properly, and could damage the spark plug.

Hopefully, using a spark plug socket size chart will make sure that your work is done quickly and efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Size Sockets Do I Need For Spark Plugs?

When it comes to spark plugs, there are a variety of socket sizes you might need. If you have a 13/16-inch plug, then you’ll need a socket size of 3/4-inch. If you have a 5/8-inch plug, then you’ll need a socket size of 9/16 inches.

What Size Is Toyota Corolla Spark Plug?

The Toyota Corolla is a popular car, and the spark plugs come in a few different sizes. The size of the plug is measured in millimeters, so a 14mm spark plug is the size you would need for your Toyota Corolla.

What Tool Do I Need To Change Spark Plugs On Toyota?

The most important tool you need to change spark plugs on a Toyota is a socket ratchet set. You will also need needle-nose pliers, a torque wrench, a swivel socket, and a gap gauge. Finally, you will need some rags to clean up the area around the spark plugs.

Are All Spark Plug Sockets The Same Size?

No. There is a wide range of spark plug socket sizes, but the most common size is 5/8 inch. Another common size is 13/16 inches.

How Often Should Spark Plugs Be Changed Toyota?

Spark plugs should be changed every 20,000 to 40,000 miles. For Toyota cars, it is best to change them every 30,000 miles. This will help your car run smoothly and prevent any costly repairs in the future.


The Toyota spark plug socket size chart is helpful for replacing your spark plugs. Here, our given chart includes the Toyota spark plugs socket sizes, the thread size, and the correct thread gap. With the help of the chart above, you can be sure to have the right size and make the job easier.

Also, this will save you time and hassle when replacing your spark plugs.

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