What is Stud #2 Fuse? – Know the Meaning+ Fuse Location!

What is stud #2 Fuse? It is the power supplying channel to the trailer brake controller.

Imagine you are towing a trailer with your vehicle, and the brake is not under control. Then what happens? It will be a disaster. The trailer brake controller must be active and get a proper power supply while towing the vehicle.

The Stud #2 fuse plays a vital role in supplying the power to the trailer brake controller and keeping it active at the right moment.

If you want to know about the role and function of stud #2 fuse in detail, you are on the right page. Continue learning through this article.

What is Stud #2 Fuse?

Before knowing the stud #2 fuse, we need to learn what is stud fuse. The stud fuse is one of the components in the fuse block. So what is fuse block?

The fuse block is a part of the vehicle that supplies power to the electrical system. This is also known as ‘automotive fuse block’ or ‘fuse panel.’ In a fuse block, you will find a minimum of two fuse circuits and a maximum of 12 fuse circuit spaces. These circuits can be independent or grouped. An Independent course has two wires, including input and output wires. The grouped circuit shares power across all other circuits.

Basically, the stud fuse is connected to the battery charge line of the trailer brake controller. Now, what is the trailer brake controller? The brake controller is the electronic device mounted in the vehicle cab, and it regulates the electrical trailer brakes to tow. The trailer brake controller activates the trailer brake and monitors its activity.

This trailer brake controller uses electricity from the vehicle’s electrical system to supply a particular amount of power to the trailer brake. This needs an electrical system including the necessary electrical circuits, trailer gain settings, etc.

Stud #2 Fuse Location

The stud fuse is located in the under-hood fuse block near the battery. Finding the stud fuse block is pretty hard. You have to reach the kick panel on the top row under the dash.

What does this Stud 2 do? Stud #2 provides the necessary power to the trailer brake controller harness by which this controller works. In stud #2 fuse, there is a 30 amps fuse. Actually, stud #2 is the 30 amps fuse to provide the power for the trailer brake controller to run.

There is another fuse block, and that is stud #1. It is an auxiliary power circuit for the trailer brake controller. It is 40 amps to feed the trailer brake 12V. This fuse is for the additional power needed. But the Stud #2 is a must to run the trailer brake controller.

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Stud #2 is a 30 amps fuse, but it is not a matter to think. The primary concern is the power supply connections through Stud #2. Actually, fuses are for the protection of electrical circuits. If there is any short in any wiring harnesses, this stud fuses provide excessive amps to the trailer brake controller by drawing the power from the wiring and battery.

That’s why this fuse is connected to the battery. As the trailer brake is for towing, you have to be sure that the stud fuses are connected to the vehicle properly while pulling.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does stud mean on a fuse?

The stud means the trailer battery charge line. It supplies the power to the trailer brake controller. It has two ends. One end is connected to the battery to get the power supply, and the other is connected to the trailer brake controller. There are two main studs, fuse-stud #1 and stud #2.

What is stud #2 fuse chevy?

The stud #2 fuse chevy is attached to the fuse block. It supplies the primary power to the trailer brake controller. Without the trailer brake controller, a vehicle cannot provide proper power to the trailer brake. This brake works at the trailer towing time. If the controller does not get a sufficient power supply, it cannot provide enough power at the right moment.

Final Verdict

To run the vehicle in the trailer track, towing control is essential. So, you need to learn what is stud #2 fuse and how it works. From this article, you must know the detailing features and necessity of stud #2 fuse.

It is a 30 amps fuse and the primary power supply for the trailer brake controller. While there are other stud fuses, this stud #2 is the central part. An irregular or low power supply can cause a problem with it. It is wise to repair or replace it immediately, especially when you are planning to run your vehicle over the trailer track.

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