Pedal Commander Vs Tuner– The Major Differences?

Pedal Commander Vs Tuner

Do you like to have better power on your truck with increased throttle response and get stuck to single out one among the PC or Tuner? These 2 choices are best to add slight support in fuel economy and acceleration.

And, both of them rock when it comes to adding throttle speed-up and control. Due to that reason, most truck owners are confused by reading people’s experiences over these two.

After seeing a lot of people debate over “Pedal Commander vs Tuner”, we want to give a detailed explanation of their comparison. FYI, they have a few differences that make them unique and worthy to try out.

In this guide, we’ll be talking about the differences between these 2 options along with their good and bad sides based on the functionality. Let’s Get Straight To It.

Clarifying Reason Behind Pedal Commander Vs Tuner Debate

If comparing the PC and Tuner side by side, their added fuel economy, modes, acceleration, response time, and horsepower poles them apart. While the Pedal Commander is best at speeding up the engine, most love the engine torque and HP by using the Pedal Tuner.


Anyone who wants to desire fast throttle response and efficiency of the engine will know the “Pedal Commander vs Pedal Tuner”. To make it clear, both of them are being used by truck owners to raise engine acceleration and reduce the low speed-up issue.

But, these 2 options are fully different if comparing the ability, design, and other aspects. We will start the conversation by introducing both PC and Tuner to let you inform everything.

According to Driver Moola,

In short, A Pedal Commander works by changing the voltage to the accelerator system. It has 4 modes, Eco, City, Sport, and Sport +. Each of these options has 4 different levels. Performing a tune unlocks your car’s computer and makes adjustments that give your vehicle different capabilities based on the option you select.

The Pedal Commander is a high-tech throttle response controller that lets you control the truck’s speed by pressing the accelerator pedal. It not only lets you get instant speed while riding but also saves 20% fuel from spending (if changing mode to Eco).

Along with its whole bunch of pros, the Pedal Commander problems are also there. In contrast, the Pedal Tuner is a device attached to the gas pedal that allows the engine to rapidly remap and run fast.

Also, throttle response tuning will offer fast acceleration, HP, control, and so on. Just like other tuners, it also has a few drawbacks. Increased horsepower and torque is the main difference between them.

You’ll see good acceleration while using the PC on your truck but the Pedal Tunner does better in this work. And, the Pedal Commander doesn’t increase horsepower or torque. So, if you look at them in functions, they are not similar visibly.

Increases Response Time & Control of Acceleration but Not Horsepower

The Pedal Commander is a supportive throttle response controller that never fails to impress with its excellent performance. Now, take a close look at its good and bad sides:


  • It performs by transferring the volts to the accelerator gas pedal system.
  • The PC offers 4 modes and each option has four different levels.
  • A lot of people love its strong ability to increase throttle response by lessening lag.
  • Compared to Pedal Tuner, it is quite easy to adjust or change settings.
  • It never gives a lick of trouble during usage.
  • The instant throttle and sensitivity help a lot on empty paths to drive comfortably.


  • Although you’ll see drastic acceleration, still it will never add horsepower.
  • While using the Sport and Sport+ modes, a lot of users find a huge amount of fuel spending and fails to save MPG.

Lifts HP & Torque of Engine but Don’t Solve Lag Issue

Increasing control and power of the engine is the specialty that makes the Pedal Tuner best for most truck drivers. Here are some advantages and shortcomings of it:


  • It works on the truck computer to adjust the throttle response time and speed control.
  • The settings and modes are simple to make changes.
  • The Pedal Tuner boosts the engine working by adding torque and 65 – 90 extra horsepower.
  • A lot of people find faster acceleration using the Stage – 3 modes compared to Pedal Commander Sport+.


  • Most truck drivers don’t like its disability when it comes to lag.
  • Due to its powerful speed-up skill, it has poor fuel economy, unlike PC. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Pedal Commander bad for your car?

A lot of people tend to believe that the Pedal Commander will harm their truck deeply. But, it’s a silly false tale. The PC is designed to run in your trucks that brands built after testing all the stock safety parameters.
Not only that the manufacturers assure all the safety concerns but also ensure no damage during the user time. Plus, most users of PC tuners never state that their trucks are being harmed complain of them.

Can you use a Pedal Commander with a Diablo tuner?

No, you can’t! Most experts suggest not to use the PC along with other tuners like Diablo. It would harm your truck system as both of them will work at the same time.
But, the good news is you can use other tuners as long as they don’t block the electrical signals of ECU from the gas pedal. And also, you can use Tazar with the Diablo tuner if needed.

What does a throttle response controller do?

The big role of TRC aka Throttle Response Controller is to improve the response time of acceleration and other speed-up functions. It not only helps your engine to act fast but also ensures no throttle lag or spongy pedal.
Besides, this device boosts the gas pedal to input fast so that trucks don’t face any rough idle from 0 – 60 acceleration points. In short, this part does a great job to add the speed and drift of your truck based on the sensitivity that you can control by pressing the throttle pedal.

How much does a Pedal Commander cost?

It is priced depending on the quality and other factors by the brands. But, the Pedal Commander price in most stores is not more than $350 to $550 in general. Yet, if you hit for a high-quality one, then the cost of it will be more than average.

Is a Tuner good for your truck?

Yes. For sure! Most people love the Tuner in order to add better fuel economy and efficiency to your engine so that truck performs well without skipping a day. Unlike others, it also ensures better riding speed, response, and control on the truck while using a small amount of diesel

Wrap Up

It’s a tough competition between the Pedal Commander vs Tuner. Are you finding it hard to make a choice even after reading this guide? We hope it’s not the case. Both of them have a stunning impression with their function in order to boost throttle response.

You just need to ask yourself a simple question which is “what you want to accomplish in the end” to easily get one ideal pick. If you prefer your truck to have basic throttle response, control, and instant speed with no lag, then go for the Pedal Commander.

But, know that you have to sacrifice the HP and torque as the PC has no ability to do so. Then again, if you like to have a better response, control, efficiency, horsepower, and fuel economy, then choose the Pedal Tuner. Then again, be ready for facing the lag while deciding to use it.

In the end, the variations of PC and Pedal Tuner are described for your understanding so that you find it easy to pick one without a doubt. Now, The Choice Is Yours. Good Luck!

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