The Ford Radius Arm Bushing Diagram

Ford Radius Arm Bushing Diagram

Feeling super confused to understand the Ford Radius arm bushing diagram given on the user manual? Or, perhaps you don’t have the time to read that so just search through this topic?

As the detail of each part written in the manual is quite hard to understand, so people start to ask others for help. And that’s how most drivers get confused as everybody expresses the part differently. 

Whatever your case is, we have good news for you. In this guide, we’ll talk about this topic along with explaining those.

Clarification of The Ford Radius Arm Bushing Diagram

The location of the Ford radius arm brushing is on the front side and rear side of the radius arm near the axle housing. It’s basically on the front suspension system (under the truck).

To connect the radius arm to the rod, radius arm brushing is necessary. Most of the time it is made out of solid materials like metal, rubber, and others.  

FYI, this part is one of the reasons why trucks don’t get stressed due to bumps as it holds the radius arm tightly to defend the lateral effect (when braking or speeding up).

image 22

As you can see in the diagram, there are tons of components written in numerical figures. Starting with the (1) figure, it refers to the Inner Brushing of the radius arm.

And, you will see the (2) number which is basically the Radius Arm. This part will be fitted to the axle housing that is on the front suspension system.  

Next, there’s the (3) figure that indicates the Shock Absorber, which is basically a component (mechanical or hydraulic) that takes in shock created from bumps by shifting the kinetic energy to another form.

Right beside the Shock Absorber component, you will find the (4) in the diagram which is Shock Bracket (Lower Side). It requires connecting the rod using a bolt.

Then, the Radius Arm Bushing Set is referred to as the (5) figure which contains five pieces. This part does a great job to lessen the movement in joints of the Radius Arm and reduce vibration.

Note: The visual content shown above is of the Ford selective series which are Ranger, F150, and so on.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you install Ford radius arm bushings?

The installation of radius arm brushings on a Ford truck is a straightforward deal. You only have to locate the spot of it and detach all the bolts. And then, take out the old ones. Afterward, insert the new radius arm brushing that is suitable for Ford and mount using the bolts.
In this step, be sure to use a little lubricant on the bolts to avoid rust. It would only take 30 minutes to 1 hour in total.

What does a radius arm bushing do?

The radius arm brushing is a component that is fitted on the truck’s suspension system. And its job is to stop the arm from wear or rust issues for a long time. Plus, it ensures the radius arm control wheel motion (in the fore-aft direction).

What are the bad radius arm bushing symptoms?

Before the radius arm brushing starts to turn bad, it will give some signs indicating the problem. And, the indications are:
* Makes clunking or cracking (kind of ‘metal-to-metal knock) sound when you use the accelerator or brake pedal.
* The tires start to wear extremely.
* Truck steering feels loose when you turn to corners.

How much does radius arm bushing replacement cost?

With the help of an expert, the radius arm bushing replacement will cost around $200 to $670 on average. However, the price will be different if including the labor and other costs which would be $100 to $250. And, the part itself will cost $110 to $415.

Wrapping Up

And, that’s basically all that you should know about the Ford radius arm bushing diagram. Hope you have no questions after reading this article.

It is not necessary to meet an expert just for learning the radius arm brushing location or to replace the part. We have tried to give you detailed visual content that hopefully helps you find the part easily.

However, it’s understandable if you feel confused as the illustration only shows the part and its related parts. Still, such an illustration will be helpful to figure out the part if you just go under your truck and locate the suspension system.   

Hopefully, this guide explains all the things with deeper insights. If possible, be sure to read the manual Ford matching your manual so that you can understand better. Keep on doing good work and see you soon!

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