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Best Options For Ford F100 Seat Swap And How To Swap Them

What are the best options for the f100 seat swap? It can be the most famous bucket-style seat that will offer you a center fold-down console. Also, there can be some other types of seats like a modern or aftermarket seat. To know what are the best options for your Ford seats swap and how to swap them, you need to check this full article.

Here, we have discussed all the options available for the F-100 seat upgrade. We are hopeful that this can surely help you to do with ease.

F100 Seat Swap

Some people want to get the best bucket-style seats on their Ford F-100 seats, but finding them can be tough. As far as a bolt-in goes, you will not probably find anything that will bolt on without a few changes, particularly if you are taking out the seat from another truck to put into your truck. So, look for what seat you want and make it fit.

1966 Ford F-100 Seat Swap

If you want to do a 1966 f100 seat swap, then you can swap it with the Ford 1966 Mustang truck. There are four brackets needed to swap the seats between them. These brackets then bolt to the floor pan. After that, they bolt to the seat tracks that increase and level the seats.

Other seats from the F-350 series which were made between 1969-1984, and up to 1996 Ford truck models seats, will also work on the 1966 F-100 truck. However, some of these truck models’ seats are pretty wide. Therefore, if your truck has armrests, you might need to remove them. Otherwise, the doors won’t close.

1968 Ford F-100 Seat Swap

A woman reported that she wanted a split-bench seat on his Ford 68 F-100 truck, as she will have a baby, and she is very short of reaching the pedals without moving the seat far ahead. It’ll cause the baby carrier to move very close for comfort to the dash.

If you find this issue for yourself as well, you can remove the behind-seat tank to have more space.

You can also build speaker boxes against the gas tank and between the seats. Generally, you need to find a seat where the width is accurate for your Ford 68 F-100 truck and swap the rails of your seat onto the new one.

Also, make sure that you use tempered bolts. Some of the late 80’s Ford truck seats were quite wide. You can use a bench seat from a 1980 Ford truck to do your Ford 68 f100 seat replacement. The bracket is different and you need to just swap the old one onto the new seat. The only issue you may face is a close-fitting seat belt. In this circumstance, you are required to retrofit a good shoulder harness.

You can also put in bucket seats out of a Dodge Charger to do your ford f100 seat swap. You just have to drill a few new holes. You can lay a new carpet to cover the old holes and hide the gas tank.

1974 Ford F-100 Seat Swap

Some people reported that their 1974 F-100 seat had been torn apart and they used the 1985 F250 seat on their old seats. The seats will sit a little higher on the driver’s side because the 1985 F250 has more foam in the seat than the f100 seat foam.

The 1985 F250 truck has 3 inches to 4 inches of extra foam than the 1974 Ford F-100 truck. When you want to swap your 1974 F100 truck’s seat, the best option will be other Ford trucks up to 1996 models. These model trucks will bolt into your 1974 F100 seat’s existing holes easily. But for some models, you may have to drill out the holes slightly.

You just need to remove the slider rails from your 1974 F100 seat and place them on the bottom of your new seat and the seats will be completely ready.

In addition, the Ford Mustang series 1965-1970 truck seats will be a good fit for the 1974 F100 truck.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you replace a bench seat with bucket seats?

Yes, you can replace a bench seat with bucket seats. The replacement process is very easy. Firstly, remove the bench seat. Then, test-fit the bucket seat to find out which mounts will need to be cut off, removed, or altered. After the mounts are cut, you are required to bolt them to the floor and line up the bucket seat where you like it to be put.

Can you replace bench seat with captain’s chairs?

The simple answer is no. You can’t replace a bench seat with a captain’s chair. The seat tracks of a bench seat and a captain’s chair are completely different. This seat swapping process will not work. The seat tracks of a bench seat and a captain’s chair are situated in different locations on the floor.

Final Verdict

Some people want to swap their Ford F-100 truck seat and want suggestions on which seat will be better, it can be 1996 Silverado seats, 1988 Chevy pickup seats, or any other Ford truck models seat.

In this context, we have discussed all the best options for your f100 seat swap and the process of swapping them.

The seats of different vehicles discussed in this article will fit in your Ford F-100 truck well and give you a more comfortable ride. In addition, if you are planning to have a baby and want a good seat for your infant or toddler on your Ford F-100 pickup, then the truck seats discussed in this article will help you a lot.

We are hopeful that now after reading this, you can easily swap your Ford F-100 truck seats.

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