How To Remove Torsion Keys Without Tool? – Easy Steps Using Simple Wrench!

How To Remove Torsion Keys Without Tool? One simple trick to remove torsion keys without a tool is lifting your car and using any household wrench. However, people are removing torsion keys using plenty of methods without facing any problems.

Nonetheless, the challenge comes when it is without any tool. Today we are going to enlighten you about gadget-less methods. Here are some other responses to how to remove torsion keys without tool.

Let’s Learn How To Remove Torsion Keys Without Tool

We shall disclose the methods closely and in detail. So, stay tuned with us.

Safety Factors

No matter what we do, we must maintain a set of precautions. And, before you start meriting how to remove torsion bar keys without tool, you must know the safety factors.

  1. Wear a safety glass.
  2. Wear hand gloves.
  3. Check the electrical line if there is a distance between the bar and the vehicle.

Before You Proceed!

Before you start uninstalling or knowing how to remove torsion bar keys, some information and facts should be in your mind.

A torsion bar is a spring that helps by inducing smoothness as a suspension system of front wheels. The vehicle’s frame holds the torsion bar with a key called a torsion key.

It is barely impossible to uninstall a torsion bar. But you can do it without any unique tool.

There will undoubtedly be dust since the whole torsion bar set lies beneath the vehicle’s outer part. Before you start to unplug the torsion bar, wash that portion thoroughly. After that, apply a dry fabric to wipe out and grease to increase the ease.

However, if you want can check the easiest steps for “how to make torsion bar removal tool” all by yourself.

The method includes several steps, and you must follow these by maintaining an array.

1. Park The Vehicle Securely

Before you know or learn how to remove a torsion key, you must choose a place where the vehicle can stand for a while without facing any rush.

The best place to park your car is in the garage. You can also park on solid soil. What you ought to avoid are uneven surfaces, mud, and pebbles.

2. Place The Lifter or Jack

The second task you need to place the floor jack properly and double-check it. After that, check the grip of the floor jack if it is stable or not. Changing torsion keys without tool requirements is a must.

Correctly placing means the jack placement under the lower arm of your vehicle.

3. Apply The Jack

Now, start pumping the jack gently. Consequently, you will put pressure on the suspension or torsion bar.

4. Loosen The Bolt

At the joining part of the torsion bar, you may notice a bolt that holds and tightens the torsion bar. Now, loosen the bolt with a simple household wrench.

Remember, you have to count the revolutions that it will take while unbolting the bolts. While installing the bolt again, you need to apply the same number of circles on that bolt.

5. Removing The Key

Since we do not have a torsion removing tool, this step will require substantial effort. Now, start lifting the torsion bar holder frequently with your jack. And, after several pushes from the jack, your torsion key will start moving.

You have to increase the force while lifting the holder of the bar. After a few moments, your torsion bar’s key holder will be completely loose and ready to remove. Now, remove the torsion key.

After that, release the forces of the jack, and at the same time, you will observe that the torsion will become loose. The torsion bar is fully unloaded.

6. Hammering The End Of Torsion

You will find a narrow hole at the exact spot behind the joining point. You have to hammer the torsion bar end by putting an unyielding bolt in the hole and beating it with a hammer. The best bolt for this purpose is a robust square head bolt.

After that, hammer the bolt gently, and your torsion bar will start detaching itself from the torsion key. As a result, both will pop out from the vehicle frame.

If you are thinking about how to remove torsion bar from lower control arm, the procedure is the same.

7. Detach The Torsion From the Vehicle

The only way to detach the torsion bar from the vehicle is to pull or slide the torsion bar in the backward direction.

While removing it, you will notice that the crossbar maintains a safety issue and does not let the torsion bar out of the frame.

Bolts also attach the crossbar. In some vehicles, the number of bolts is three, and in others, there are five bolts. However, the unbolting mechanism of these bolts is effortless. So, you can unbolt it easily.

Unbolt and remove the crossbar. And flip the entire bar that will release the way to move it. Without the flipping, you won’t be able to remove the crossbar. However, you can easily pull your torsion bar after removing the crossbar.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you get the torsion keys out without tools?

You need a jack to unload the torsion keys without a torsion unloading tool. Firstly, unbolt the bolt of the torsion key and place the jack on it. Press the jack to increase the height.
Now, you will notice the key holder will become loose, so remove it. You will find a narrow hole at the exact spot behind the joining point.
Put a strong bolt in the hole and hammer it for a while. It will detach the torsion bar and the torsion key simultaneously.

How do you release the tension on a torsion bar?

If you desire to release the tension on your torsion bar, you will need a c-clamp. At the tension point, you will see a bolt. Unload the bolt and attach the c-clamp.
Tighten the clamp after attaching the c-clamp with your vehicle’s torsion bar key. It will release the tension on the key holder. Now, remove the tension.

Can you crank stock torsion keys?

Yes, you can remove the stock torsion key and the torsion bar. There is no extra hassle for that. But, it will be more challenging than usual since it is a stock item.
And, stock items are attached by machine so that it will take effort. Moreover, you must use a c-clamp to crank the stock; otherwise, it may harm your torsion key.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you have found how to remove torsion keys without tool. But, we strongly recommend the specific device to unload the torsion, especially the torsion bar unloader C-Clamp.

It will help to do it effortlessly and be safer than average tools. In addition, a professional hand is required to deal with this accordingly.

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