K&N Vs Mann Oil Filter- Which One Should You Buy?

When it is about oil filters, K&N and Mann oil filters frequently come on the list. Because they are quite popular and people use them every now and then. And again, they are very reasonable.

If you want to know the comparison of K&N Vs Mann Oil Filter, this is where you would get all of it. Plus, this article will also act as a buying guide if you are willing to make a purchase for oil filters.

So consider reading this piece till the end and thank us later.

K&N Vs Mann Oil Filter

FactsK&N oil filtersMann
Inlet holes8 inlet holes4 inlet holes
Filter media5892
Leaf springClumsySturdy
Weight14.1 ounces/400 grams15.45 oz/438 grams.

Weight & Inlet Holes

K&N has quite a large bottle but the weight is surprisingly lighter. It weighs 14.1 ounces/400 grams. The base plate weighs 6.3 ounces. It weighs 15.45 oz/438 grams. The base plate weighs 212 grams.

Then, K&N has 8 inlet holes and a plastic inner cage. The inlet holes come in a unique design. They are partially open with a piece of metal inside. On the other hand, Mann has 4 big-size inlet holes with a lot of grooves and a bypass valve down below.


The O-ring of K&N is a nitro rubber material that comes out easily. So it lacks rigid sticking to all the edges. Moreover, the thin gasket isn’t that helpful either. There are mixed statements considering the gasket of the K&N performance gold oil filter review.

Some users reviewed that its oil pressure usage is quite satisfactory despite being thin. But the nitro rubber gasket of Mann is firm and thick.

Filter Media

The filter media of K&N contains 58 pleats of synthetic blend media with some generous space between them. And there are metal end caps on both sides of the pleats. The seam is glued inside. The pleats are quite thick, which is actually good.

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As for the Mann, there are 92 pleats with a metal crimp seam and metal end caps. That is too much to get at this price! Definitely, this is one of the oil filters with the maximum number of pleats. Plus the filters are comparatively very deep, almost around .77 inches.

Leaf Spring

We found the leaf spring of K&N clumsy as it barely manages to hold the center. The stamp leaf spring comes in a unique design. We found it cool as it looks more like a drone or a ninja throwing star. As for the can, it is thick and sturdy.


K&N has a silicon drain back valve to cover up the holes. The bypass valve is quite large. The cage works better for smooth oil flow. However, you’d get better filters at this price in the market.

On the contrary,  Mann includes a moderate bypass down valve. There is also a metal core inside with holes. A lot of threads keep binding inside. There is also a j-back silicon spring drain back valve. A number of Mann oil filter reviews say that it has oil in it to look all shining and glazing. Maybe that is kept like that to avoid rust.

Date Code

The date code of K&N is naturally visible, just like any other oil filter. You either get it in the packaging or at the top of the bottle.

However, a fun fact about Mann is that you cannot see the date code with naked eyes. You need a UV light to view the day code on the top of this oil filter.

Filtration Number

K&N claims to provide protection of 20000 miles and has a dirt removal efficiency of up to 90%. Moreover, its filtration number is down to 30 microns.

However, we couldn’t trace the micron rating as well as the filtration number of Mann. It was mentioned neither in the packaging nor on the bottle. That was a bit disappointing though. But its excellent performance surpassed this minor inconvenience.


K&N costs around $9-$10. In comparison, Mann costs around $10-$11. And this oil filter is especially for Volvo gasoline engines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Mann a good oil filter?

Absolutely! Mann is probably one of the best oil filters out there. This German oil filter works exceptionally to remove dirt and bacteria from your car engine. Thereby leading to the sound longevity of your car.

Is K&N a good oil filter?

Well, these aren’t that bad, though. They also have a pretty great dirt removal efficiency of up to 99%. However, if you compare the price with its overall performance, it turns out to be expensive. At that price, you’d get better options available in the market. Moreover, its users complain a lot about K&N oil filter problems.

Are Mann oil filters OEM?

Yes, they Have globally recognized as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products. And they meet the requirements and test standards of OEM.

How many miles do K&N oil filters last?

K&N oil filters are quite popular for covering long interval distances. However, they claim to last for 20,000 miles which is praiseworthy!


To conclude, we must say that these two oil filters work great to remove any sort of dirt from your car engine.

However, K&N is facing a hard time these days while dealing with its reputation. In that sense, Mann has been providing excellent service for more than 70 years. So the rest is up to you to decide! Good luck with your decision!

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