Service Battery Charging System GMC- A Detailed Insights for You!

Are you tired of searching again and again “Service Battery Charging System GMC” but still haven’t got any perfect solution? Well, this message means you might have a damaged battery, faulty alternator or fuse, cable connection issues or a defective ECU (Electronic Control Unit).

It requires urgent treatment if you get the message. You can still drive with the message. However, it won’t be wise as it can make you stand right in the middle of the road at any time.

Here you’ll get to know more about the service battery charging system of your GMC. Stick around to the end to figure out all of it.

Service Battery Charging System GMC

Let’s take a look at the possible problems of the service battery charging system in your GMC.

Power Loss Of The BatteryReplace The Battery
Faulty AlternatorFix Or Change The Alternator
Blown Out FuseFix Or Replace Defective Fuse
Loose Connecting CablesTighten Connecting Cables Or Replace If Needed
Setting Problem Of The ECUResetting ECU

Before you get into the details, you must understand what actually does the service battery charging system mean in a GMC Acadia/Terrain/Yukon. These are the most common models of GMC that are prone to get the issue within.

Electrical components of your vehicle need electrical energy to operate through. Those components get the energy from your vehicle’s service battery charging system.

When there are issues in your vehicle’s battery charging system, it shows the error message on the dash, or a Red/Amber/Yellow light may appear on your screen.

Let’s explore why these happen and how to resolve the problem.

Power Loss Of The Battery

Power loss or low voltage of the battery is the most common reason. When your battery is old, and there isn’t enough juice left, it loses its capability to work, and the components that run through battery power don’t get the energy to run.

Solution: When you’re facing service battery charging system problems, test the battery first. For that, you’ll require a Multimeter. You can get a Multimeter at a meager price in any auto store or online.

Generally, battery power below 12.6V means your battery is the issue. Most of the time, the battery is checked while turning on the vehicle. The best way to check the battery is by checking it both in on and off condition.

When you see the voltage is slightly below 12 Volts while your vehicle’s engine is on, it doesn’t necessarily mean the battery requires attention. Recheck the battery when the engine is off. At this point, if the battery is running lower than 12.6Volts, it’s time to replace the big boy.

Faulty Alternator

A faulty alternator is the second most important thing to check when you see the message.

Solution: Examine the cables of the alternator if they’re firmly attached or not. If they are, then check the pulley belt that spins the pulley. Wear or tear in that belt resists the pulley from spinning.

In another case, the belt may be fine but still not spinning the pulley. So, you’ve to check this component deeply.

Blown Out Fuse

If your Battery and Alternator components are all fine, then a blown-out fuse could be the problem.

Your vehicle contains a lot of electrical components. When you’re operating your car, there are supplies running currently. There are fuses located for different electrical components to ensure their safety of them in an accident. If there’s something going wrong, fuses prevent the electronic components from being damaged.

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When the fuse is blown out surely, it loses its working ability, and that could be the reason for the message. You’ll find the fuse box at the front of your vehicle or on the driver’s side in some models.

Solution: Check the fuses with an electric machine if you’ve it or you can simply check them with the help of a tester. If there’s a damaged fuse, replace it with a new one.

Loose Connecting Cables

After the major diagnosis, if everything is alright, check the connecting cables. Sometimes the problem is just loose, stiff, or broken cable connections. Or, sometimes the cable connection looks fine, but it lacks continuity.

Solution: Use a Multimeter to inspect the cables. When you do it, if you hear a buzzer sound, that means the cables are fine. And if you don’t, that means the wires are defective.

Setting Problem Of The ECU

In some cases, it’s just the ECU showing the message for its own problem. When you diagnose all the components thoroughly and find no problem, the ECU fault may be the reason.

Solution: To fix this, reset the ECU. Firstly, turn off your vehicle and disconnect the battery. Wait for half an hour after disconnecting and reconnect afterward. This process will reset the ECU itself, and you’re good to go.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does it mean when it says service battery charging system?

When it says service battery charging system, it means your vehicle’s electronic components are facing problems running through your battery’s power. You must understand the depth of the problem and solve it immediately.

Can I drive with service battery charging?

You can, but you shouldn’t drive with service battery charging. If you drive with the message and don’t resolve the problem, your vehicle can stall while driving and eventually stop in the middle of the road.

How do you fix service battery charging?

If the problem isn’t so big and you’re quite good at handling your vehicle’s electrical components, you can DIY fix service battery charging. For that, you’ve to check all the electrical components in your vehicle that are related to the service battery charging system.

What causes charging system failure?

A bad battery, defective cable connection, blown out fuses, or ECU error, can cause a charging system failure. You’ve to check each component to find out the problem.

How do I know if my alternator is bad?

A thorough alternator test will help you to know if your alternator is bad. It’s better to take it to an automobile professional or a mechanic to check through.


If you’ve checked your service battery charging system GMC but still didn’t get to fix it, seek professional help as soon as possible. Driving in this condition isn’t suggested at all.

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