Facing WeatherTech Window Deflectors Problems? (Solve It!)

WeatherTech Window Deflectors Problems

Are your truck windows won’t close rightly even after pressing the down button? Or maybe they make noises and bounces back when closing the windows? This thing might happen because of WeatherTech window deflectors problems.

Having these types of issues is known as the worst thing for a driver as you need to deal with challenges in harsher weather. As they not only help your truck look stylish but also fulfill the purpose of protection from rain and sudden climate changes.

Thus, it would be a great pain to run your truck with problematic window deflectors. So, if you are also having some type of error and desperately want to get rid of it, then hold up as we are about to give a few solutions that might end all the hitches. 

WeatherTech Window Deflectors Problems – Causes & Solutions!

Did your truck’s window deflectors react weirdly even if they’re attached fine? The signs are crystal-clear to figure out that they are problematic and you can solve them by simple reset, sanding, or wiping based on issues. Here’s what you need to do to solve the error.

Reasons for Window Deflectors IssuesEasy Fixes That Work 
Interior system fault Reset the WeatherTech window deflectors
Bounce back problem Sand down the top section of them a little bit
Debris build-upClean it using a clean brush
Bad window deflectorsReplace them

You must’ve badly wanted to get rid of window defectors issues, right? Learning about the possible causes and solutions might shorten the work. A bunch of drivers also expresses their struggle of wind deflector window won’t close or stuck issues.  

Maybe your truck’s wind deflectors are blocked with dirt which causing the windows to stuck. Or, the interior system of the window on or off is having trouble.

Sometimes uneven or improper fitment of WeatherTech deflectors can cause the problem of open windows. Whatever the reason is, we have given a few fixes that’ll surely solve the error. So, what are we waiting for?

Resetting The Window System To Fix WeatherTech Wind Deflectors Faults

If you are having issues with wind deflectors errors even after the top section of the window not touching them, then it might be an interior problem. A few people can’t able to close the windows after deflectors are installed which sometimes needs a simple reset to solve the hassle.

To fix that, we ask for only 1 minute that the problem will vanish by following the given instruction rightly. 

1. Start by, slowly enhancing the window up and be sure not to activate the auto-up feature.

2. Next, decrease the window so that it stays downward. After that, press the down button for up to 5-6 seconds. 

3. Then, raise the window just like you normally do. Make sure not to activate the auto-up function. Now, press the up button for 3-4 seconds. 

4. You want to do the same thing to other windows if they are faulty too. Let them sit there like for 12 hours long.

Pro Tip: The WeatherTech window deflectors take a longer time to adapt if the temperature of the truck is below 60° F (16° C).

Sanding Down Might Solve WheatherTech Window Deflectors Errors

The best trick that works to solve their problem is by sanding the top section of window deflectors. Especially if you are having trouble of bounce back while closing the windows, the sand down technique will do the work.


When placed in these positions, the clips help to push the deflectors out from the window. Then by leaving the deflectors, this will help to mould the deflectors to the shape of the window.

A lot of drivers have similar issues of bounce back for over 8-9 months after attaching the WeatherTech window deflectors and they find this solution very effective compared to others. So, what do you need to do?

Before you sand down the surface, it’s always better to adjust the clips of them to shape them in the right way. Also, try to raise up and down the window for a few seconds. 

The window deflectors usually have a 1/16” or 1/15” thickness on the top-side window that sometimes causes bounce back. To fix that, take a sanding machine or sander with a block and gently smoothen out the extra surface.

If you are able to minimize the 1/16”-1/15” depth, then the wind deflectors will work fine. Be sure not to hard the motor while doing so.

Wipe Down Grime To Fix Problematic WeatherTech Window Deflectors

Trapped debris is also a common thing that might result in the wind deflectors issue. Cleaning the messes around them might solve the error if you keep on doing that weekly.  

And also, be sure to wipe out the visible dirt using a cloth or tissue and clean the hidden grime with a brush that goes all over the window deflectors. Don’t use any liquid or water-soap solutions as this causes peelings.

Replace The Old WeatherTech Window Deflectors

Does your WeatherTech window deflectors not working fine after doing everything? If not, then you need to check how to install WeatherTech side window deflectors with clips. Follow the given instructions to replace the old one:

  • Clean the windows and lower the glasses in halfway.
  • Remove all the window deflectors from the truck.
  • Now, attach the WeatherTech strip clip on the window gasket material. Make sure it is at a good distance.
  • Lower the deflector against the strip clip so it won’t trap the glass.
  • Next, slide the deflector upward to the channel and bow it on outward.
  • Then, attach the rear edge using your fingertips from front to backside.
  • Do the same thing to the other windows to attach the deflectors.
  • Finally, roll up all the windows to see whether they fit fine or not.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are WeatherTech window deflectors worth it?

Anyone who prefers rain guards in their truck will love the WeatherTech window deflectors. They are more likely to fit easily and give great protection against critical weather. But, we suggest going with the best window deflectors that would go a good while.

Do WeatherTech window deflectors reduce wind noise?

Technically, the WeatherTech window deflector helps reduce wind noise when you are driving really fast. As most of them are made out of 3mm acrylic material, they tend to help air to circulate through truck open space. The window deflectors also work fine in harsh climates.

Do window deflectors affect mpg?

Yes, they can affect mpg but positively. The WeatherTech window deflectors help to lessen fuel spending and cause lower rolling resistance of tires that cause 3% millage. They as well help air to flow well without causing bad truck performance.

Wrapping Up

How do you feel about fixing the WeatherTech window deflectors problems now? Hopefully, you are feeling well guided. Basically, solving the error of these has never been painful or stressful unless you can’t able to figure out the real reason behind it.

As a busy truck owner, you may need to face rain, sun, snow, and uninviting weather that might ruin your field of view if the window deflectors are problematic. However, we have given the possible fixes you can try.

If you are still having the same error even after doing everything, then don’t waste your time and call for a pro mechanic who will fix whatever is wrong with the WeatherTech window deflectors. Keep Up the Good Work.

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