DR44 Vs DR44G – Which Alternator to Pick?

What is the difference between Dr44 and Dr44G? The Dr44g alternator is slightly more powerful than the Dr44. And that makes it suitable for vehicles that have higher amperage output demand. But there’s more to explore yet.

The need for a top-notch alternator is inevitable. Anything wrong with it can turn your dream of a joyful, relaxing road trip upside down. And when it comes down to good alternators, you will find the Dr44G and Dr44 alternators competing against each other, and that’s because both of them are good. 

That being said, there are a few differences between these two alternators. We have come up with an in-depth Dr44 vs Dr44g comparison, which will help you choose the suitable one for you. 

Basic Comparison On Dr44 Vs Dr44g

Amperage OutputProvides 100 amps of powerProvides 150 amps of power
WiringSingle wiringDual wiring
SizeCompact.Slight bigger than Dr44
VoltageAvailable in 12V and 24V versions. Available in only 12V version. 
Voltage RegulatorGood-quality voltage regulator.Slightly more advanced than the Dr44.
Suitability Normal cruising or touring vehicles. Off-roading vehicles.   
Installation Requires good effort to install. Effortless to install. 
PriceComes at a reasonable priceSlightly more expensive than the Dr44.

There aren’t many differences between these two alternators, a handful of them. In this Dr44 alternator vs Dr44g comparison guide, we have listed all the differences in plain words to make choosing one easy for you. 

Here you go! 

Wiring Difference 

The DR44 alternator wiring has a single output, which means the option of using a couple of attachments is limited with it.

But that is possible with the DR44g alternator wiring as it comes with a dual output. And that is what makes it a perfect pick for off-roading vehicles, as usually, they require a bunch of accessories.

Build Design

Alternators are installed in the engine bay, and since not all engine bay offers good space, you need to be careful about alternator size and design. You need to pick a size that will fit your vehicle’s engine bay.

The Dr44 alternator is small in size and should fit in properly in most engine bays. Where the Dr44g engine bay is slightly bigger; hence they require more space for installation.

Voltage Difference 

You will find a DR44g alternator in two different voltages, 12 volts, and 24 volts. Usually, vehicles with a lot of electric attachments require high voltage. In that case, DR44g is suitable. And for low voltage requirements, dr44 should be fine as it comes in 12 volts only. 


Installing the Dr44 alternator is sweaty compared to Dr44g. To install the dr44 alternator, you will have to do a lot of drilling and screwing, which is irritating.

But fortunately, that’s not the case with the dr44g alternator. It comes with a pre-designed mount and needed hardware that is effortless to attach.

It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to install a Dr44g alternator, while a dr44 alternator takes a good amount of time for installation.

Best Application 

As we have mentioned a couple of times before, the Dr44G alternator has dual wiring output, and it produces higher amperage than the Dr44, which is why it is a perfect pick for vehicles that comes with a lot of attachments that require electric power. 

And Dr44 alternator is suitable for vehicles that don’t have much electricity requirement, such as your daily commuter vehicle. That being said, if your off-roading vehicle doesn’t require much amperage output, you can use the Dr44 alternator there as well. 

Price Difference 

You will find Dr44g comes with an expensive price tag but don’t let that intimidate you. It delivers more amp output, has double wiring output, and is very easy to install, which will make the investment worthwhile.

On the other side, the dr44 alternator comes at a low price compared to the Dr44g, and that’s because of the low amp output.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Many Amps Is A Dr44g Alternator?

Dr44G alternators can produce up to 150 amperages. 

Who Makes The DR44G Alternator?

Several manufacturers do make Dr44G alternators. Here are some of the popular brands, Acdelco, Bosch, and Denso.

How Many Amps Is A Stock Alternator?

Though it usually depends on a few factors, stock amps produce around 60 amps of power. Some manufacturers make alternators that produce even higher amperage.


Did this dr44 vs dr44g comparison guide add any value? We hope it did! Let us sum up the whole guide so that you can understand it better. 

Dr44g alternator is high output gear-driven alternator that is designed for off-roading vehicles, whereas the dr44 alternator is a traditional compact size alternator best suited to daily commuter vehicles. 

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