[2002-2022] Ford Explorer Transmission Replacement Cost- Let’s Get The Clear Concept!

How much does it cost to replace the transmission on Ford Explorer? Well, there is no particular amount of it. Sometimes you may have to spend a penny or have to break your bank.

So it is quite clear that the Ford Explorer transmission replacement cost is not always the same. It may depend on your car’s model as well. The average range of a replacement cost is $1800 to $3400. While the newer models like the 2020 Ford Explorer transmission costs more than $3500.

Replacement of transmissions is not important every time. You can also apply the process of repairing or keeping the minimal parts safe. However, the need for replacement can arise anytime. Stay tuned to know how the costs are going to vary.

All About Ford Explorer Transmission Replacement Cost

Transmissions are a power distributing source and are prone to several damages. Now the question is, how much does it cost to replace a Ford Explorer transmission. As said before, your model is going to decide.

Transmission replacement cost according to years and models-

Starting off with a 2002 Ford Explorer transmission replacement cost, can be about $3000 or even more. In some cases, this price goes the same for the 2002 to 2005 Ford Explorers models. Whereas the 2003 Ford Explorer transmission replacement cost is low somewhere, starting from $1900 to $3300. It does not include the cost of additional parts and fluids for the transmission.

However, you can get an overall idea of the costs for different years of Ford transmission replacement.

Cost Variance Of Transmission Replacement According To Year

Ford Explorer Engine YearsApproximate Replacement Cost
2002 Ford Explorer$3000 or more
2003 Ford Explorer$1900 to $3300
2004 Ford Explorer$2000 to $3100
2005 Ford Explorer$2600 in average
2006 Ford Explorer$3300 in average
2007 Ford Explorer$2161.99 to $3000
2008 Ford Explorer$2000 to $3400
2009 Ford Explorer$2161.99 or more
2010 Ford Explorer$2161.99 to $3500
2011 Ford Explorer$2603.99 or more
2012 Ford Explorer$3,500 in average
2013 Ford Explorer$3,500 in average
2014 Ford Explorer$3500 in average
2015 Ford Explorer$3500 or more
2016 Ford Explorer$3500 in average
2017 Ford ExplorerOver $3500
2018 Ford ExplorerOver $3500
2019 Ford ExplorerAround $3500
2020 Ford ExplorerOver $3500
2021 Ford Explorer$3500 or above
2022 Ford Explorer$3000 or above

Well, the 2004 Ford transmission replacement Cost starts from $2000 and ends at $3100. It’s the price of assembly alone. On the other hand, the average 2005 Ford Explorer transmission replacement cost is $2600. So it’s almost the same as the 2004’s replacement cost.

Since the models are upgrading, their cost of replacement is also upgrading. If you see, the 2006 Ford Explorer transmission cost is $3300, on average, which is higher than the model of 2006. 2007 Ford Explorer transmission replacement cost also ranges somewhere between this amount. Its least cost would be $2161.99, and the highest cost would be more than $3000.

You can also learn about the Ford Explorer transmission solenoid problems and how to get rid of them.

In the same way, the 2008 Ford Explorer transmission cost goes a bit higher. Its least amount would obviously be more than $2000. But the highest price you can expect is $3400 or even more. And including parts and labor costs can make you spend about $5012 to $6780.

Jumping to the 2010 Ford Explorer transmission replacement cost, it’s no different than the other. Just like the 2007 model, its replacement price starts from $2161.99, and the highest price is around $3500.

Last but not least, we are going to interpret the 2014 Ford Explorer transmission replacement cost and the 2016 Ford Explorer transmission replacement cost.These prices are high, though. Note that the cost is going to be $3500, or a bit less than it or even a bit higher than it.

Even the newest models like the 2021 Ford Explorer transmission replacement and the 2022 Ford Explorer transmission replacement cost over $3500.

Hopefully, you have got an overall idea of the Ford Explorer transmission replacement cost. Besides, the labor cost can vary depending on the locations and dealers you go to. So, make sure to judge them a bit before going for the replacement.

Replacement of a Ford Explorer Transmission

Replacement of Ford Explorer Transmissions fully depends on the models or vehicles. Sometimes it is recommended to replace it every 300 miles or even in 1000 miles. So it is better to check the manual given by the vehicle owner in order to know the exact mileage. You can find it under the warranty given in the schedule. Thus, the replacement of your transmission will be worth it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to replace a Ford transmission?

Replacing a Ford transmission is relatively more expensive than repairing it. You can expect to spend about $1800 to $3400 in order to replace your Ford transmission. Besides, the labor charges, technicians, and repair shops can make you spend $500 to $1200 more.

Is it worth changing a transmission?

Changing a transmission is, of course, a wise decision as it saves a lot of our time and money. Except for the EMI, your car’s payment gets reduced eventually. Well, it will cost around $2500 or even more make a significant change in transmissions.

Does Ford Explorer have transmission problems?

Transmission problems are one of the worst things that a car owner can face. For instance, fluid leaks, rough shifting, automatic gear slipping, etc., are mostly seen in the Explorer transmissions. In fact, the car complaint authority ranked these problems first in such machines. Nothing but a regular service in your transmission can solve the transmission problems.

Is it better to repair or replace a transmission?

Repairing your transmission will be a good option if you want to spend less. Suppose your automatic or manual parts of your transmission are not working fine, and you want to bring them back to their perfect condition. In that case, you will need some required parts and repair it simply with less cost. But if you want to turn your Ford Explorer into brand new, replacing the transmission would be a good idea.


Perhaps, there is no exact amount we can ensure you for your Ford Explorer transmission replacement cost. Turn on your vehicle, and its model is mainly going to elect.

Most of the time, we go for these pricey replacements without contemplating our vehicles properly. You just need to see if there are any problems like rough shifting, fluid leaks, difficulties in gear shifting, etc., or not. Again, the end of mileage is also a reason to do an immediate replacement.

This is all. Hope you are sufficiently certain of the costs of transmission replacements. Thank you.

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