Learn How To Install WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors With Clips

How To Install WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors With Clips

So, you want to try out the Weather Tech side window deflectors in your truck but don’t have any idea how to get it installed? If that’s your main concern, then calm down and we are here to help you with that. 

Due to better performance, safety, and better field of view on side windows, there are many reasons why most truck owners love to fit them. 

And so, a lot of drivers search for how to install WeatherTech side window deflectors with clips only to end up not finding proper directions and instructions that work well. 

For that reason, we have got our hands on this topic to give you a detailed method that lets you fully understand the installation process. So, Let Get into That Right Away!

Exactly How To Install WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors With Clips

Did your old WeatherTech side window deflectors are reacting weirdly? If that’s the case, installing a new one won’t be a big deal using easy tricks and tool works. Here is what you need to do.

Flap tool (included on package)4 channel clips
A clean cloth1 front left deflector
1 front right deflector

The WeatherTech side window deflectors installation process won’t take more than 30 minutes or 1 hour to fit into Ford, Honda, Toyota, and other trucks. Yet, you should know that the given instructions of them might not install on all types of trucks. 

According to WeatherTech Blog,

Side Window Deflectors from WeatherTech are custom fit for your vehicle’s specific make and model, conveniently and easily installing right into the window channel. This ensures that there is no exterior tape needed to successfully install these products, and it gives them a true “factory installed” OEM appearance. Optically transparent, WeatherTech’s Side Window Deflectors will not negatively impact your field of vision.

Before you head to the steps, be sure to park your truck in a clean and quiet place. Now, take a look into the given steps:

Pull Out The Window Rubber Stripping

Wipe out the windows with a clean cloth. Next, take away the weatherstripping using the flap tool. The gap of the place where you want to insert the clip from the rear of the deflector would be a 3” gap.

Attach The Clip On One Window Rubber Stripping

Then, use the same flap tool to attach the window deflector clips. Gently insert one clip and push to fit it well. Make sure to maintain the 3” space. Be sure to attach the rubber stripping after inserting the clip.


Diagram Of Inserting The Clip and Deflector 

Insert The Clip In Another Position

Next, pull down the rubber stripping on the opposite direction and be sure the gaps are 4 inches from the front side. Then, attach the clip on the place just like you have done before. And, cover the window rubber stripping after inserting it.

Place The Deflector On One Window

Now, attach the machine flange of deflector into the window channel over the clips that you’ve attached a while ago. Make sure to press down the flange of the deflector against the channel clips. If the deflector is placed wrongly, then try to center the clips as close to letting it fit well.

Repeat The Same Process On Passenger Sides

You want to do the above steps to the passenger sides of windows to attach the deflectors rightly. After doing that, be sure to close the windows and let them sit for 12 hours.

Note: After installing them inside your truck cause a weird reaction, then be sure to check the WeatherTech window deflectors problems solutions.

Tips To Try After WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors Installation

1. Make sure the temperature of the truck is below 60° F or 16° C to ensure it working rightly.

2. A few trucks are fitted with 2 rubber window channels. If your truck also has this setup, then be sure to place the clip inside the rubber. 

3. Be sure to reset the side window deflectors after installation. If you don’t know, then follow the instructions:

  • Roll down the window and press the down button for 5 seconds.
  • Next, roll up the window naturally. Don’t activate the auto-up feature. And then, press the up button for up to 3 seconds.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is better in channel or tape on window deflectors?

The tape-on deflectors are way better to stick to the outside of the window compared to the in-channel ones. Thanks to the less low-profile appearance, the tape-on ones are easy to insert too. Yet, the in-channel deflectors are tighter and stick well.

Are side window deflectors worth it?

Yes, they are worth it. To get rid of sound, wind, and bad field of view due to raindrops, the side window deflectors are a nice tool for comfort driving. You’ll also be able to drive your truck fine with no disturbance. And, they give better support and protection.

What is the point of window deflectors?

The window deflectors are a special tool that gives vast protection to the truck interior against rain, snow, and sun. They are as well mounted on top of the window channel of most trucks. You will also find good airflow using the deflectors.

Are side window deflectors legal?

Using the side window deflectors with clips is not illegal until they are not blocking the view through windows. In most cities, drivers are able to use them on their trucks which helps improve driving to avoid accidents or mishaps.

Wrapping Up

Still, questioning how to install WeatherTech side window deflectors with clips? We doubt you are anymore. Fitting them in a truck is a big task that might take time, effort, and of course patience, but it’s still very much achievable with a little try. 

Be sure to get help from an expert mechanic if you however find this method difficult to try or have struggled with it in some way. Also, you should know that the price would be expensive if you do it on a workshop. And, if money is a problem, then try your best to follow our given instructions and tips.

Hope you find this guide helpful to easily set up WeatherTech side window deflectors with clips. Catch You Later on Our Next Article. Good Bye!

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