NP435 Vs T18: Know Which One Is Suitable For You

What is the difference between Np435 and T18? The main difference between them is in the first gear ratios. Is it the only difference? Not at all.

Well, both NP435 Vs T18 is the leading transmission brands, and both have gained the trust of many customers over the years. Anyway, there are several differences between them. And in this article, we are going to discuss the major differences between NP435 and T18 briefly.

So, let’s start without any further ado:

NP435 Vs T18 | Table Comparison

Before starting the differences, we want to tell you one thing that is both NP435 and T18 are known as the best transmission products in the automobile industry. It just depends on the use and preference of the individuals. T18 transmission may be the best option for some, whereas others prefer NP435.

Anyway, here we will draw the major differences between the NP435 and T18:

MakeNew Process GearBorg Warner
IdentificationPTO Pot Locates On Passenger’s SidePTO Pot Locates On Driver’s Side
Gear Ratio6.68:14.02:1
Weight135 Lbs145 Lbs
Price RangeExpensive ($1,500-$2,200)Relatively Cheaper ($300-$350)

Continue your reading. The details discussion about T18 vs NP435 is started from below:

Transmission Type

Transmission is one of the key players in your engine panel. Transmissions transfer power from an engine to the wheels so that the vehicle can proceed. As a result, the running engine can be safely connected or disconnected from the driving wheel without causing any shock.

Though the transmission is a simple mechanism, it actually consists of hundreds of components. Luckily both Np435 and T18 come with the best type of manual transmission.

The NP435 transmission is generally suitable for ⅕ tons, ¾ tons trucks. But you can also use them in more than 1-ton trucks. There is a good reason for its popularity: this transmission is readily available, simple to place, and relatively cheap to buy and maintain. It is suitable for many different applications because of its strength, relatively short size, and gearing.

In 1962-1997, New Process Gear produced the NP435 transmission. Between 1966 and 1992, Ford trucks had NP435 transmission, and Dodge trucks had them between 1962 and 1993. GM and Chevrolet trucks also used this transmission from 1968 to 1972. In addition, they are suitable for industrial applications and International harvesters.

Similar to the NP435, the T18 is also a heavy-duty truck transmission. They are capable of being used in ½, ¾, and even more than 1-ton trucks. This is a top-shifted and top-loaded transmission that makes it perfect for heavy vehicles.

Borg Warner Gear made T18 from 1965 to 1991. This transmission is fitted to  Jeep, Ford, and IH trucks. However, second through fourth gears are synchronized on the T18. Here only the first and reverse gears are spur gears while the rest are helically cut.

Some Jeeps and Fords T18 comes with the compound gear of 6.32:1, which is relatively low and most popular among the people who are looking for extremely low crawling gear.

Build & Design

An aluminum top cover secures the NP435 transmission, which is 10.8 inches long. Eight bolts secure the top cover, made of cast iron. Each 435s transmission has a standard “H” pattern shifting pattern with the reverse gear situated on the right side and down.

The NP435 is an excellent conversion transmission for most types of vehicles because of its adaptability. The NP435 is equally capable of performing in either 2wd or 4wd mode.

On the other hand, T18 transmissions measure 11.9 inches long, and the top cover is made of cast iron, retained by six bolts. For a heavy-duty gearbox, the casing is unusually narrow. There is also mild ribbing for added strength.

A T18’s case and top cover were the same as those of the T98 for its first several years of production. So, it may be necessary to open the cover and check the internal components. Since they used the same castings, the T98 top cover castings might well be a T18.

NP435 Vs T18 Identification

Sometimes it creates confusion to identify between NP435 and T18. They almost look alike. But if you know the signs accurately, then you can quickly identify them.

Anyway, the big sign of identifying NP435 is the cover plate of the PTO. It is located on the passenger side. On the NP435’s top cover, the shifter protrudes directly from the aluminum bolt-on cover. Also on the driver’s side is the backup light switch.

You can easily identify a T18 transmission by seeing the dimensions we already mentioned in the build and design parts. Also, on the driver’s side of the case, casting numbers can be found that identify the T18 transmission.

The casting number on the T18s is “13-01,” and the case length is 11.875. Besides, as opposed to the NP435, the PTO port is located on the driver’s side.

Gear Ratio

Gear ratio is the number of turns the output shaft makes per rotation of the input shaft. The Gear ratio measures the number of teeth on two gears that are meshed together or the circumference of two pulleys connected by a drive belt.

By counting the teeth of the main shaft third gear, one can identify the ratio of NP435 third gear. As it stands according to this calculation, 23 teeth are for 3.66:1, 24 teeth are for 3.74:1, and 25 teeth are for 1.31:1.

However, there may not be any tagging nor an interpretation of the tag to determine which version of the 435s you are using with your vehicles.

At 6.68:1, the NP435 boasts one of the lowest compound gear ratios around. A 4.56-to-1 first gear was available on some Dodge versions of this transmission.

There is no interchangeability or mesh between the helically steeper cut second gear and the corresponding cluster shaft gear of the NP435. But the gear and teeth ratio remains the same.

On the contrary, the T18 has a total of 4 gears, and it is a manual type transmission. The identification turns the input shaft of T18A and shifts into 1st gear from the close-ratio transmission. Wide-ratio gearboxes require over six turns to rotate the output shaft once, while the close-ratio gearboxes rotate about 4 times the output shaft. You also can click on the graphic to get the required information about the identification of your T18.

However, the below table will show you all gear ratios of both NP435 and T18:

TransmissionFirst GearSecond GearThird GearFourth Gear
Gear Ratios of NP435 & T18

Size & Weight

You should also consider size and weight when deciding whether to get NP435 or T18. We will give you a brief explanation of both items’ sizes and weights in this section.

Ford NP435 transmissions have ten-spline input shafts with a diameter of 1-1/16” that stick out from the front face of the transmission by 6-1/2”. Transmission pilot tips measure 17mm in diameter.

A 4.85” bearing retainer flange and a 1.43” tube measure the diameter of the front bearing retainer.

There were two types of retainer for Dodge NP435 models. The input shaft had 10 splines and 1” outside diameter. After 1968, the input shaft came with 23 splines with a stick out of 8-3/8” for the Dodge NP435 front input shaft.

Conversely, the Dana transfer case gear typically mounts directly onto the 6-spline and threaded output shaft for Jeep T18 and IH T18 equipment. Anyway, the following table will show you the full specifications of both NP435 and T18:

TransmissionWeight (Ibs)Height (Inches)Length (Inches)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are T18 Transmissions Good?

The T18 transmission is generally built for quite a few Ford trucks, IH vehicles, and Jeeps. It is well known for its durability and strength in the truck and off-road world. There is nothing better than the T18 transmissions if you want to provide something special and powerful to your engine.

How Do I Identify A NP435 Transmission?

The NP435’s top cover is a single piece, aluminum bolt-on, with the shifter sticking directly out of the top. The back up light switch is also fitted to the driver’s side. You will see “NP” cast in a circle on most covers.
However, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the NP435 from the T18 or T19, which look very similar. You can check by using a magnet, which will not stick to the aluminum top cover of the NP435. Additionally, the NP435 features a cover plate for the PTO on the passenger’s side. By seeing these signs, you can easily identify an NP435 transmission.

How Do I Identify A NP435 Transmission?

The NP435’s top cover is a single piece, aluminum bolt-on, with the shifter sticking directly out of the top. The backup light switch is also fitted to the driver’s side. You will see “NP” cast in a circle on most covers.

How Much Does A T18 Transmission Cost?

A T18 factory-style build generally costs around $1520-$1550. If you want to buy it as a package that includes an adapter, new straight shifter stick, special retainers, knob, and urethane mount, then it may cost over $2000.

Final Verdict

NP435 vs T18, which one seems better to you? Anyway, if you ask our opinion, honestly speaking, both transmissions are extremely durable and strong. We can confidently assure you that any of them will work perfectly with your engine for many years.

Ultimately, you are the one who determines which one to choose from, the NP435 and the T18. We just want to say choose wisely. Hopefully, our article will help you a lot and make it easier to decide.

However, you can write to us anytime if you have more queries regarding this topic or any automobile-related matter. We are always in the office to answer your questions.

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