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How to Turn Off Mykey Ford Without Admin Key- See Why It’s Working?

How to Turn Off Mykey Ford Without Admin Key

You don’t have that admin key. But the MyKey ford needs to be turned off, there’s no need for it now as those restrictions are not necessary at this point.

You definitely loved the features that allowed safe driving with responsibility. It’s one of the pro reasons why beginner drivers especially find it so easy with this feature as they are able to set certain restrictions and avoid mishaps due to their novice phase of driving.

But no matter how useful it is, the need to deactivate the feature can pop up. Perhaps you are selling the car or simply want to drive without it.

In any case, if you don’t have access to the admin key, there’s another way to make it work. Let’s find out how to deactivate MyKey ford without admin key.

How To Turn Off MyKey Ford Without Admin Key- Step-By-Step Guide

The Ford MyKey disable process will be different without admin key support. Based on your Ford truck models and series, it will be hard or easy to turn off MyKey. Ford brand has given instructions on MyKey usage and disabled the process. Turning off MyKey Ford without an admin key need good patience and time.

If you don’t have the feature, it is better to use a third-party app for turning off MyKey. To disable MyKey without admin key FORScan app would be perfect. Just check the process on the Ford instructions to avoid mistakes.

Avoid pressing the Ford MyKey remote start button two times.

Plus, turning off MyKey on the Ford truck will be a long process. So. let’s look into the steps of how to turn off MyKey Ford without admin key below.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Ford Computer
  • FORScan Software
  • USB OBD II Adapter

Step-1: Reprogram The MyKey Ford

First off, you need to reset the Ford MyKey. This way you can safely head to the disable process. It will also fix the issue of restriction. Let’s see how to do so:

  • Start by, attaching the MyKey to program into the ignition rightly. If you have a start button on the Ford truck, then place the key into the backup slot.
  • Next, wait for the truck to turn on all the lights and computers. Head to the main menu on your Ford onboard computer. Press on the Settings option.
  • Then, locate the MyKey option inside the Settings option. Once you have located it, click on the bar. Now, select the Create MyKey option.
  • After that, press the OK option. This way you can label the key placed on the ignition as MyKey easily.
  • Wait for the process to be reset. And, this is how you can reprogram the MyKey on a Ford truck.

Step-2: Connect AdapterTo Ford Computer

Next, you need to attach the OBD 2 adapter to your Ford computer. It will help the USB device to connect to the app better.


  • Easy To Plug-In
  • Long & Flexible
  • Portable

Step-3: Access The FORScan App

Then, you need a reliable OBD 2 device to turn off the MyKey system. You can also use your mobile phone to access the FORScan app.

After the loading option is complete, press on the wrench icon. There it will say Service Functions. To activate that, you need to click on the BdyCM PATS programming.

Makes sure your Ford truck key is ON without the engine running. Then, press the OK button and wait for a while. At this moment, don’t turn off the Ford truck.

Step-4: Remove Key From Ford

If you see the PATS module is fully accessed, press on the Ignition Key Programming option. This way the no MyKey option in settings will access. Then, turn your ignition off and remove the key from the Ford truck.

Take out the keyfob from the truck if you want a keyless system. If not, then attach the new key on the ignition to turn it on. Keep the truck in an idle position just like you have done before. To disable MyKey, we need to turn on the electric system of Ford.

Step-5: Turn Off MyKey Settings

Then, it would take 10 minutes to complete the security check. After that, the system will command to turn your Ford truck off and on to program the new key. It will also command to turn on the Ford engine to run. You will notify the new key is successfully programmed.

Once the programming new key is done, go to the main menu and scroll to the MyKey option. Then, complete the Clear MyKey option to turn it off.

Pro Tips: The given process is only tested on Ford trucks that have a gasoline engine. If you have diesel engines, it may need other methods.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Final Words

Now, you have learned how to turn off MyKey Ford without admin key. Turning off MyKey on a Ford truck is a hard job without admin key.

Only, the station manager has the ability to disable MyKey without the admin key. For that, you will need a third-party app or software to get the process right.

The main job of MyKey is to keep Ford safe and allow using restricted modes. Despite being helpful, it does limit Ford’s speed, seatbelt usage, and other options.

And so, many people want to turn off MyKey without an admin key on Ford trucks. Besides, you can try watching some videos for further research to avoid mistakes. Have A Nice Day!

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