Why Does Subaru Outback Beeping While Driving And Their Possible Solutions

Why is my Subaru outback beeping while driving? A defective EyeSight function can be the reason for such an issue.

These warning beeps can be too frequent and irritating to Subaru vehicle owners. Unless you turn off the eyesight functions every time you drive, you need to maintain warning signs to stop the beeping sound.

Read along to find out more common reasons and possible solutions to fix the beeping issue on Subaru Outback.

The Reason Behind Subaru Outback Beeping While Driving

Car beepings are a security feature for drivers’ safety. There are multiple reasons why your Subaru car may make beeping sounds while driving, such as open doors, unbuckled seat belts, open hood, electric problems, and so on.

These are pretty common reasons, but Subaru cars can beep for some additional reasons too. You may hear different beeping noises each time that indicates different reasons.

Some of the other reasons why your Outback beeping while driving or other generations are as follows:

Types Of BeepingReasonsPossible Solution
Continuous single beepThe pre-collision braking system is activatedTurn off secondary brakes
1 short and 1 long beepActivated conventional cruise controlTurn off the cruise control
Repeated short beepsObstacle distance warningTurn off the adaptive cruise control
3 short beepsLane departure warningMaintain lane mark
Frequent irregular beepsEyesight feature has malfunctionReplace the eyesight/turn the alert notification off

Now, we’ll elaborately discuss the causes of beeps and their possible solutions.

Pre-Collision Braking System Is Activated

This feature is used in the Subaru Outback to reduce the possibility of a frontal impact with vehicles, pedestrians, or objects.

So when your vehicle senses a car, object, or any passerby in front of your car, it’ll set a continuous beeping to alert you and automatically reduce the engine power to avoid damage.

Solutions: When the pre-collision braking system is activated, the secondary power brake gets activated too. To stop the beeping noise, consider turning off the secondary break.

Activated Conventional Cruise Control

The conventional cruise control function is to maintain your vehicle’s running speed you have set.

When you go beyond the speed, you have set or the recommended speed by the manufacturer, you can hear a long and a short back-to-back beep warning sound.

Solutions: If you don’t drive your Subaru Outback at a moderate speed, you’ll keep hearing beeping every time you exceed the speed limit. That’s why consider driving your car at an average speed or turning off the conventional cruise control to stop your vehicle from beeping.

Obstacle Distance Warning

Adaptive cruise control is another similar feature to the pre-collision braking system.

When your vehicle is near any object or vehicle or bi-cycle, cross your Subaru car at high speed closely. The adaptive cruise control will be activated and start beeping to warn you about the object’s distance.

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Solutions: You can’t get rid of this obstacle distance warning beep unless you turn the adaptive cruise control function off. To turn off this function, press and hold the disable button of cruise control. Then change the setting from the driver information system.

Lane Departure Warning

This feature works by monitoring the lane mark using a camera. Generally, the lane departure warning function tells you that you’re drifting out of the marked lane and through three short beeping sounds.

It’ll also beep even when you cross the lane intentionally if the turn signal light isn’t on.

Solutions: To avoid activating the lane departure warning function, maintain the lane accurately. And if the turning signal needs to be on, it’ll stop beeping as soon as you turn the signal on.

EyeSight Feature Has Malfunction

The EyeSight feature is designed for driver’s security and comfort. This feature can operate the engine power and slow down the car whenever it is needed. EyeSight actually operates all the warning functions and presents a beeping noise accordingly to warn the driver.

So if this component has malfunctioned, you may experience frequent irregular beeps on your Subaru car.

Solutions: It can be pretty irritating to have frequent beeping noises and restart the car every time. That’s why you should consider replacing the defective EyeSight function to get rid of the irregular beep.

However, you can also turn off the EyeSight from the setting if you think you don’t need warning beeps.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my Subaru Outback chime?

When someone is seated on the front seat, but the door isn’t locked properly or locked in the first click only, you can hear a chime noise. Plus, your Subaru Outback may chime when the fluid needs to be filled, the seat belt isn’t hooked, irregular tire pressure, and so on.

Why does my car keep beeping when I drive?

The cars usually make a beeping sound to warn the driver about something that needs to be done before and while driving your car. For example, if the car door hasn’t shut off properly, inadequate coolant temperatures, low brake fluid level, etc.

Why does my Subaru beep 3 times?

When your Subaru Outback car indicates that you’re going out of the lane, it will beep 3 times. There are some other reasons why Subaru cars beep 3 times, such as when the lane centering warning and lane sway warning function is activated.


So you now know why you experience Subaru Outback beeping while driving and how to stop the beep noise immediately. Most of the time, you hear beeps due to some mistake like a half-locked door, unfastened seat belts, driving at a higher speed than usual, not driving in the lane, and many more.

If the beeps are unnecessary, you can also turn them off so that you don’t hear the beep. In that case, you need to turn all the EyeSight-related functions off.

However, the EyeSight will remain off until you ride the car. Once turned off and turned on again, the EyeSight feature will turn on again.

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