How To Turn Off ABS Light Subaru Outback- Easy Ways!

How to turn off ABS light Subaru outback? To turn off the ABS light, you should find out the reason why the warning light comes on because only any fault in the system triggers the light to turn on.

However, if there is no issue in the system, you can also reset the Subaru ABS light.

So, today, you will learn all the reasons behind the ABS light on and different ways to solve the problem. Let’s go for a thorough reading of this article.

How To Turn Off ABS Light Subaru Outback

As we said, there can be several reasons for the ABS light comes up on the dashboard. And to turn it off, find out the exact reasons for the light giving warning.And only fixing the issue can turn the light off.

Let’s know the reasons before you go for repair.

1. Low Brake Fluid

Low brake fluid can cause the ABS to light on. The brake system is hydraulic. If the fluid level is down, you will not be able to make enough resistance through the brake.

The ABS module measures the fluid level and warns you if it is low. A worn brake pad also can cause a lower fluid level.

2. Blown fuse

As the ABS module and sensors work on electricity, this can also happen due to a blown-out fuse. A blown-out fuse can cause your ABS light to turn on.

3. Damaged ABS Sensor

The wheel sensor or ABS wheel sensor gives the ABS control module constant information on how fast each wheel turns independently. It helps the module to detect any difference in these speeds and makes adjustments to the speed and power of the wheels.

But if the sensor gets faulty, then the ABS module won’t be able to do that. This can cause your activation of the ABS light.

4. Faulty ABS Module

If there is any issue with the ABS module, that can also happen. Rust or dirt may corrode the wiring and cause light to activate for no reason. This rust on the module affects the communication within the module and the speed sensor.

5. Worn ABS Pump

The hydraulic pump of the ABS is another part that can cause you trouble with the light. If there is any fault with the pump, the ABS light will turn on. Go check for a worn pump. A rigid or overly soft brake pedal and decreased responsiveness are signs of a bad ABS pump.

Turn Off ABS Light By Fixing The Fault Reasons

After finding out what causes your ABS light to go on, now it’s time to look for a solution. A few solutions for turning off the ABS light of your Subaru outback are given below.

Solution1: Refill the Brake Fluid

If the problem with the ABS is because of the low level of the brake fluid, you will need to fill the tank.

Use only the recommended brands of brake fluid from a reputable company. Also, pour the braking oil and avoid air contamination; do not let it happen. After refilling the brake fluid, you will not see the ABS light on your dashboard.

If this does not change anything and ABS light stays on, go for the next solution.

Solution 2: For blown fuse

Another reason that your ABS light is on can be a blown fuse. To fix 2000 Subaru outback ABS lights or different years of Subaru outback, you must replace the ABS fuse.

Step 1: Locate the fuse panel

You have to locate your car’s fuse panel to replace the fuse. To do that, check your Subaru owner’s manual. Usually, the fuse panel is under the hood or the steering wheel.

Step 2: Detect the fuse

Take off the fuse box cover, and you will see several numbers of fuses and a diagram on the reverse of the cover. Look there for the blown fuse.

Blown fuse will look like dark color and burnt smell can be coming out of that.

Step 4: Replace the damaged fuse

You can use any tool or take it out with your hands. Insert a new fuse on that place according to the correct amperage. If the new fuse is not of correct amperage, it can cause severe damage to the panel. After finishing the work, reinstall the panel cover. Check the ABS light if it is off.

Solution 3: Reset the ABS light on a Subaru

How do you reset the ABS light on a Subaru? Try following this method.

Step1: Remove the Battery Cable

Turn off the ignition of your Subaru Outback. Then go for the battery under the hood. Disconnect the negative cable of the battery first. Then disconnect the positive cable.

Step 2: Using a battery jumper lead

Take a battery jumper and connect the two terminals of the battery. Now go and open the driver’s door. Turn on the ignition for at least 20-25 min. The power that remains in the electrical system will drain out.

Step3: Reconnect the battery

Now reinstall the cables on the battery. Do it in the reverse way you disconnected the wires. Connect the positive terminal first and then connect the negative cable.

This will reset the light.

Solution 4:  ABS brake sensor repair

Check for the ABS brake sensor repair if your car’s ABS light does not turn off with the reset solution. To repair the brake sensor, follow the steps below:

You can do it yourself without any specialized equipment.

Step 1: Remove the car Wheel

First, you have to remove the wheel. For this job, you will need a lug wrench. Place it on the nuts of the wheel to loosen them. Then Jack up the car’s front wheel.. Carefully remove all the nuts from the wheel. Turn the steering to the opposite side where you are working.

Step 2: Locate the Sensor

Now you have to locate the sensor. The sensor must be attached with a pair of bolts to the suspension.

Take a ratchet and select the correct socket to fit the bolts. You’ll need to use an extension on the ratchet to reach the bolts properly.

Step 3: Remove the Sensor

Take a ratchet and remove the bolts from the sensor. After bolting out, pull out the sensor.

Step 4: Clean the Sensor

Holding the ABS sensor in your hand, now clean it with a rag. Take a clean rag and swap off all the dirt with soapy water. Then rinse off with cold, clear water. Let the sensor dry. Don’t use any chemical cleaner on the ABS sensor to clean it. There is a silver strip that is the actual sensor carefully cleaned.

Step 5: Reinstall the sensor

Install the new ABS sensor. Screw all the bolts tightly. Check if the sensor is correctly placed and screw the bolts on the suspension.

Do this same process for all the wheels. After finishing cleaning and reinstalling the sensor, remove the jack stands. Start your vehicle engine. The ABS light will no longer go on. This is how to turn off ABS Subaru lights.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Turn Off My ABS System?

Yes, it’s straightforward to turn off your ABS. You only have to unplug the ABS module or remove the wheel speed sensor.

What Does ABS Light Mean in A Subaru Outback?

In a Subaru Outback, The ABS maintains wheel speed and traction during braking, accelerating, or cornering your car on a smooth surface. If the ABS light is turned on, there is a fault with the ABS.

Why Is My Subaru ABS Light On?

Several reasons can cause your Subaru outback to light on. They include a blown ABS fuse, low level of brake fluid, faulty ABS module, faulty ABS sensor, and worn ABS pump.

Can I Drive With ABS Light On?

If your ABS light comes on, you can drive safely to your destination. But remember ignoring ABS light can cause more enormous damage to your car later. So do not ignore it.

Can A Blown Fuse Cause ABS Light To Come On?

Yes, A blown-out fuse can be a cause of your ABS light coming on. When the fuse gets blown, ABS gauge doesn’t get any trigger from the wheels, so the light on the dashboard turns on.

Final Thought

ABS is an essential advanced feature in modern cars that are crucial for the safety of the drivers and passengers. A glowing ABS light on the dashboard warns you of issues with the system.

There is no safety issue to drive with an ABS light on. But it is safer to check why the light is on and solve the problem. If you read this content and didn’t skip anything now, you will know how to turn off the ABS light Subaru outback and do it on your own.

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