What is F150 XTR?

What is F150 XTR

Do you want to know- what is F150 XTR? Well, knowing your vehicle before you purchase is obviously a great idea and also a good recommendation to you especially when it comes to buying a Ford regional vehicle.

All right, can you guess what we just said? Well, surprisingly we’ve just answered your question! The F150 XTR car model you have asked for is a Ford-manufactured Canadian regional car that usually comes with chrome appearance packages. Simply, in other words, this F150 XTR is a Canadian’s chrome package version of the USA’s F150 XLT vehicle model.

Okay, to know in detail, go through the article and read it consciously. Here, in this article, we’ve tried to discuss and explain the topic providing so much related information. Hopefully, after reading this, you will get a clear idea about it, so, let’s start!

What is the F150 XLT on a Ford vehicle?

Do you know about the F150 XLT on your Ford vehicle? Well, as you have seen above we mentioned that the chrome package of your XTR vehicle is nothing but a similar model to the F150 XLT vehicle.

Therefore, before we know about the Ford XTR, you should have a clear knowledge of the F150 XLT model first. So, here we go on its historical explanation.

As you may know, Ford manufactures its eleventh generation F-series light-duty trucks from the early 2004-2008 vehicle model years.  These F-series trucks with the eleventh generation are assembled by the Ford manufacturer at multiple facilities in different states of the USA, Canada, as well as Mexico.

The Ford redesigns their different generation F150 trucks with several trim options including F150 XL-base trim, F150 XLS-base trim, F150 XLT-base trim, and F150 XLT Lariat-base trim. This streamlined XLT-base trim was introduced in the FX4 model with Rancho shock absorbers, skid plates, carbon steel plated frame, and 17-inch specific aluminum wheels with excellent standard features although these were basically optional on the XLT base trim.

However, in the 2004 model year, the Ford manufacturer again redesigned their F150 vehicle using a new platform known as P2-platform. Moreover, surprisingly, all F-series trucks come with two large-sized closed loops as a front tow hook design that is opposed to typical conventional open tow hooks.

This XLT basically stands for the abbreviation-Extra luxurious truck although some users have a wrong concept on its meaning like an extra-long truck. Therefore, no matter if your pickup truck has a short or long bed; you can easily get this XLT package on it.

It replaces the past XL trim package features and along with the standard appearance package, it also comes with two more appearance packages and those are XLT chrome and XLT Sport appearance packages. In the 2004-2008 model years, Ford added these given XLT trim packages on F150 vehicle such as-

  • Chrome front as well as rear step bumpers
  • Black accents honeycomb grille
  • Keyless entry
  • Power mirrors
  • Power accessory delay
  • Color-coordinated carpet for the vehicle with floor mats
  • Tachometer
  • Speed control
  • Power windows and auto locks with the driver’s side window
  • Compass display
  • Outside temperature display
  • 17-inches steel wheels
  • Overhead console
  • Tinted rear windows having privacy glasses
  • Steering wheel with color coordination
  • And, automatic headlamps.

Along with these, Ford also updated the packages with standard features and introduced them in the 2006-2008 model years Ford F150 vehicles which clearly distinguished the models from the F150 vehicle’s model year of 2004-2005.

They included a 5.4 Liter Triton V8 with 3-valve as a flex-fuel engine version for the F150 SuperCrew 2006 model year and also included the updated front step bumpers coming with circular fog lamps as well as a small-sized bumper vent.

Ford also included some other updates such as advanced front seats with propped side bolstering, 20-inches steel wheel on the FX4 models, King Ranch models, Lariat models, etc.

However, the thing is, while including this updated package feature, they didn’t unthought-of the XLT trim level as well. Rather, the Ford manufacturer then offered a chrome package for the XLT model that is known as the F150 XTR which is available in Canada.

Well, along with the XTR chrome package, Ford also offered a Lariat Chrome package at the same time. Here, a satellite radio-SIRIUS became available as well on all trim levels except the XL trim, unfortunately.

What is the F150 XTR on a Ford Vehicle?

We have discussed F150 XLT so far; now let’s focus on F150 XTR on a Ford vehicle. Usually, the XTR is very similar to the XLT chrome package of the US on a Ford vehicle, however; it is basically a Canadian F150 chrome appearance package.

According to the Canadian Ford users, they have claimed that the US XLT chrome package is really pretty stripped down in Canada. Here, the XTR has usually considered a premium chrome package on the XLT where you can easily add the 20-inches Chrome wheels on the w/ XLT Luxury XTR package. Yet, the thing is you won’t get this F150 XTR with the HD package due to the 20-inches wheels.

Here, have a look at the table below to better understand several packages.

XLT PackageXTR packageXTR with the XLT mid packageXTR with the XLT luxury package
Starting price
Included features
Includes as well as replaces the past XL package featuresIncludes all the f150 XLT –SuperCrew package featuresIncludes some of the select XTR package featuresIncludes some of the select XTR-XLT-mid package features

XTR Chrome Packages

The XTR chrome packages of the Ford F150 F-series trucks have been popular for the last few years in Canada. If you are looking for what’s included in the XTR package, you will find a lot of more components along with the decals of the box.

This package is only available for starters on the trim levels of XLT with the 302 packages including heated seats, sliding rear windows, etc. Yet, it will be an option in this case if you want to opt for the XLT base trim or 301 packages.

However, here, a decal is included in the package that is said as XTR where the F150 variant is either 4X2-variant or 4X4-variant of the Ford F150. This is actually the main distinguishing part and the remaining package features additions to the F150 F-series truck that are mainly involved with the chrome accents to make the parts shiny.

Well, here, in this table, we have provided the included XTR chrome package-

image 8

Here, from the above table, you can see that the XTR package is paired with mainly two tires- All-season- 265/60R18- BSW and All-terrain- 275/65R18- OWL –tires. However, if you want to opt for the tires of your XTR package, you can opt for the optional packages such as all-terrain tires, you can opt for the LT265/70R18C- OWL (4×2) A/T – tires.

Well, for the 2021 new model year, if you want to upgrade the chrome running boards, surprisingly, you can do so with the 6-inches Chrome-extended Running Board. Yet, the saddest part is you will not find this available on the 300A XLT package. However, while doing so, they are needed to be paired with the 20-inches wheel.

And, as we have mentioned above is that this chrome package is only available on the Ford F150 XLT. Besides, in the case of the F-150 Lariat and on the Super Duty, you will also find a very similar package and an alternative of this XTR chrome package that is named as Lariat Chrome Appearance Package and XLT Premium package accordingly.

In the case of the Lariat chrome package, the components come as the same as the XTR chrome package except for the decals. Yet, on the SuperCrew model, Ford offers not only chrome mirror caps but also bright belt moldings as an additional package for the Lariat.

Moreover, for the package-SuperDuty, it doesn’t also come with the decals; rather it offers some additional package features including fog lamps, a heated driver seat (8-way), as well as a reverse sensing system.

Availability of XTR Chrome Package

Usually, you will find the XTR chrome package is available on the SuperCrew as well as the SuperCab model of Ford vehicles. Therefore, this F150 XTR is included in 302A SuperCrew and SuperCab where it is totally optional in the 301A package.

Not only that but also the bumpers of the XTR package remain chrome when it is ordered for two-tone paint.

However, this XTR package also comes with some restrictions, and therefore it is not available with a heavy-duty payload package and with an XLT sport appearance package as well.

F-150 XLT-XTR Chrome Package Review

Okay, we have talked much about this Canadian edition chrome package, now; it’s time to review some of the package model features. So, you will get a clear idea about it without having any confusion about what feature item the Ford manufacturers included in the F150 XTR chrome package.

Here, we have provided an XLT XTR chrome package review of several year models. Based on this XLT XTR package, you can differentiate whether you have the complete XTR chrome package in your Canadian F150 XTR package edition. Well, let’s check them out-

2019 Ford F-150 XLT-XTR SuperCrew

The 2019 Ford F-150 XLT-XTR SuperCrew comes with a blue jeans metallic rocker panel with magnetic gray color. It features seating for six with four doors and is also covered with a great cloth interior. The engine of this F-150 XLT-XTR SuperCrew is a 3.5 L V6 Ecoboost engine. And, it has a four-by-four, 6 and a half foot box.

This F150 XLT features an XTR chrome package that offers you a chrome bumper grill and handles as well as an FX four package including skid plates and a trailer tow package. Besides, it has speakers in the door and that power locks windows and mirrors.

The driver’s seat of this XLT XTR SuperCrew is powered with lumbers and has the electronic parking brake power pedals lighting that controls LED’s side-view mirror spotlights. You will get a leather wrapped steering wheel, telescope, and Sync voice-activated system as well in this XTR chrome package.

Along with these, it also provides a navigation system while touching on the screen and Sirius satellite radio as well as Bluetooth. You can also have power sliding windows, heated seats through the drivers and passengers wells, front and rear defrost off to the side 4×4 locking differential Pro trailer backup and integrated trailer backup controller.

You will also get keypad entry and the chrome handle extends to the tailgate that is lockable and removable. Not only that but also it includes halogen, fog lights, toe hooks, etc. indicating a complete XTR package.

2020 Ford F-150 XLT-XTR SuperCrew

The 2020 Ford F150 SuperCrew is the XLT XTR chrome package in the full SuperCrew model that has been updated with the 5L v8 Ecoboost engine offering tons of power wicked towing lots of low-end grunt that makes it to a 10-speed transmission that assists in getting much better fuel economy.

This 2020 Ford F150 SuperCrew comes with fog lights and tow hooks on the out front. It is also loaded with a pre-collision system. Besides, it features the upgraded 18-inches chrome wheels that are also wrapped in nice wranglers and great tires. Yet, you will also get the chrome running boards on the side.

So, there is nothing to worry about getting in and out of the truck. Well, the nice XTR badge on the front does have the trailer tow mirrors with the LED signal lights. Moreover, along with these, you will get a keypad entry on the driver’s side, an upgraded 136L fuel tank, power mirrors, power windows, and power lock settings having automatic headlights.

And like the 2019 Ford F-150 XLT-XTR SuperCrew, the 2020 Ford F-150 XLT-XTR does also have a telematics system, Sync voice-activated system, Sirius satellite radio, Bluetooth, etc., and two-wheel drive-four high and four low, a rear locking differential as well as a trailer back up system with trailer brake pedals and trailers tow mirrors.

Besides, it comes with six-seat configuration systems offering a little bit of storage. Overall, all of these amazing XLT XTR package features make this 2020 Ford F150 SuperCrew one of the best-selling trucks.

2021 Ford F-150 XLT 302A Chrome XTR package

The 2021 Ford F-150 XLT 302A Chrome XTR package is a bunch of high chrome packages with the high XLT trim that is equipped with a 2.7L Ecoboost engine which is really great to increase fuel efficiency.

And while updating, Ford also upgraded its towing capacity however, they didn’t upgrade the power which still produces 325 hp that making it a 10-speed automatic transmission.

This 2021 Ford F-150 comes with full LED running lamps for daytime and also some LED fog lights. Besides, because of the XTR package, it features chrome bumper carrying throughout the grill, a Ford badge with Chrome 2. The recovery hooks although look like chrome but they aren’t rather they are made from metals.

While looking over the wheels, you will see 20-inches chrome rims though they are totally optional as it comes with the standard 18-inches chrome rims. However, users find that the 20-inches chrome rims make the wheels stand out a little bit more.

Besides, with the XTR package, you will get some chrome door handles and chrome running board yet you won’t actually get any chrome mirror caps that may surprise you a little bit. Well, fortunately, you will get some chrome on its chrome fender vent.

Moreover, you will also have a chrome tailpipe, a chrome back bumper, and parking sensors down below your Ford F150 truck, and here, you also get a Ford badge in chrome 2. Well, with a 302A package, you will find a keyless entry thus you need to use a key fob hit it twice, or hit the button below the Chrome trim to open a tailgate.

Furthermore, with this XLT XTR package, you will get a column shifter instead of a center console shifter, a leathered steering wheel, a trailer brake, a digital display, heated seats, and many more with a gray color interior.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the meaning of XTR?

Like XLT, XTR doesn’t stand for any abbreviation; basically, it’s a decal as well as a combination of some bundled package options used for the Canadian XTR chrome package edition.

Is the Canadian XTR equivalent to the US XLT?

Well, the Canadian XTR chrome package is actually the same as the US XLT with the chrome package. In other words, the XTR is basically the XLT version for Canadians. This is because the XTR package includes all the XLT package features.

What is the difference between F-150 FX4 and F-150 XTR?

The F-150 Fx4 comes with XLT’s additional features such as skid plates, off-road shocks, slip rear, 18-inches wheels, fog lamps, tow hooks, nice floor mats, leathered steering wheel, center stack, as well as the compacted gauge panel. However, it won’t feature 6 seat belts.

Whereas XTR is an XLT’s chrome appearance package and therefore it has a chrome grille, chrome running boards, chrome doors, and handles, chrome rims, chrome trim, chrome heads or chrome tails, etc., and also offer sitting for 6 seat configuration.

Final Verdict

So, finally, after reading the whole article, what do you think have we been able to clear you about- what is F150 XTR? Usually, it is difficult to find the perfect package for your Ford F-series F150 vehicle if you don’t know about the packages in detail.

Therefore in this article, we help you to understand specifically the XTR package of your Canadian F150 vehicle as you have come here to know about it to satisfy your curiosity.

Hopefully, you have found your answers. The F150 XTR is simply a Canadian trim edition of the US F150 XLT with chrome accessory parts.

So, if you are in a dilemma between these two, know that there is nothing different between the F150 XTR and F150 XLT trim levels in some of the terms of things that you may worry about.

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