Reasons for All Lights On Dashboard Subaru Explained!

Have you noticed an odd or unexpected signal on the Subaru’s control panel? It might be a typical indicator sign, or it might indicate a problem with your car. Then what do those all lights on dashboard Subaru mean?

There is no reason to be frightened about the electronic sky collapsing in most cases. Each of these Subaru safety lights listed below is intended to activate before a severe problem occurs.

We’re certain that after reviewing this article, you can find out the reasons and fix them. So, join us as we dig deeper into the post to learn more regarding all lights on dashboard Subaru.

Why Can Be All Lights On Dashboard Subaru

Possible reasons for all lights coming upPossible solutions
Low battery voltageWhen your battery voltage is significantly low and not providing enough power to all the elements, then it might happen. Check the battery voltage.
Loose or dirty connection to the batterySometimes grease builds upon the connections, or the connections might get loosed. Check all the connections properly and clean if required
Low alternator outputIt might be a problem with the alternator output. Check the alternator and if the problem is with this, change it immediately.
Bad gas cap sealCheck your gas cap seal properly. If the seal is worn, replace it. If not needed, just clean it properly and place it.

Some Warning Lights on Dashboard Subaru Different Models

Subaru automobiles today are quite sophisticated. Therefore, how do these machines “know” what to do?

Specifically, data from numerous sensors across the vehicle is used. So, without further explanation, let’s start with the reasons for having all the lights on dashboard for different models.

Subaru Crosstrek

It’s possible that some wiring problems might happen, and some software updates may be needed. It is the most common reason for all lights on dashboard Subaru Crosstrek.

Solution: Please check all the wiring properly with the battery and other ports. Check your car with a dealer if multiple warning lights on dash Subaru Crosstrek are not solved after checking.

Subaru Forester

In most cases, all dashboard lights will light up in Forester due to the O2 sensor. This is the most common reason for all warning lights on dashboard Subaru Forester.

Solution: Remove the battery connections, check whether the gas cap is properly engaged or not, and seal it properly. Then replug the battery connections.

Subaru STI

Loose gas cap creates the issue in most cases. Also, a loose battery connection can create a problem too.

Solution: First, switches off the ignition and check the gas cap. If the seal is broken, please replace it. Then try to turn the ignition on several times if the problem is not solved at the first start.

Check engine light in Subaru Outback

The most common cause for multiple warning lights on dash Subaru Outback might be the ABS sensor problem.

Solution: Check whether the ABS sensor is broken or damaged or not. If needed, replace a new ABS sensor and check again.

Also, check how to turn off ABS light Subaru outback, if the issue is something deeper.

Subaru Impreza

The signals are on because of a problem with the voltage supply or charging energy.

Solution: Please get your battery and alternator load checked for free at your local Autozone to ensure they are in good working order. It might be a possible solution of multiple warning lights on dash Subaru Impreza.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Do All The Lights On Your Dashboard Mean?

In short, the Subaru car has some battery issues, and that might be the main reason for all dashboard lights being on. It’s not a serious issue to get panicked. All you need is to reset the battery, and you are good to go.

What Does The I Light On My Subaru Dashboard Mean?

It will illuminate whenever something demands your concern, such as a Test Engine Indicator and so on.

How do you reset the dash lights on a Subaru?

If your Subaru all dashboard lights came on, just open the hood, disconnect the negative terminal from the battery, leave it for 10 minutes, and then reconnect.

What Are The Warning Lights On A Subaru?

There are multiple warning lights on dash Subaru Forester. These lights could be normal indicators or signals for an issue. Please check your user manual to know more about the specific warning lights for your model.


No difference where you reside or how much you like your Subaru version; there will be a certified service center nearby that can assist you with every problem.

All lights on dashboard subaru are meant to assist you in eliminating the guessing part of what’s wrong with your car.

Allow experts doing the maintenance to optimize your satisfaction so that you can head back out again and perform what you want. Admittedly, this is all regarding love, whether you like doing that. That’s what distinguishes Subaru.

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