How Do You Reset Hatch On Subaru Outback and Solve The Liftgate Issue?

How do you reset the hatch on a Subaru outback? Well, there are 3 methods to reset and you can try the one suitable for you.

A faulty liftgate can be a severe issue when you are full of groceries or on tour. This can happen due to many reasons.

We will help you know how to do it independently without going for a mechanic. To see the way to reset the liftgate read through the following content.

Simple Way: How To Reset The hatch On A Subaru Outback

For the Subaru Outback power liftgate problem, reset will work only. To reset the Subaru Outback power liftgate is not that daunting or challenging. You can do it yourself.

Among 3 different processes, and here’s the first one-

Method1: Resetting The Hatch On The Subaru Outback

Follow the instructions below, and you will be able to perform it on your own.

Step 1: Unlock The Vehicle

So, how to reset the rear hatch on Subaru outback? To reset the rear hatch, first, unlock your Subaru. If the gate is locked, the rear gate will not open. Look for the back gate opener button on the driver-side dashboard of your vehicle.

Step 2:  Press The Opener Button

Now press the gate opener button until you hear 4 beeps. After hearing the beeps, the door will open. Now pull the hatch up.

Step 3: Press The Close Button

Then press the close button. Once you see the gate closing, you pull it down and close the gate yourself. In this way, the system will reset the closing process.

Step 4: Check If The Door Is Working Correctly.

Then check the gate is opening correctly now and being reset.

Step 5: Repeat The Whole Process

If this does not work, you can try repeating the whle process again.

However, if the entire process is not working, check for other methods for a solution.

Method 2: Reset The hatch On A Subaru Outback With the Close Button On The Gate

If you have a problem, the hatch is open but not moving automatically. Then this reset technique will work for you.

Step 1: Locate The Liftgate “Close” Button

So, how do you reset the rear hatch on a Subaru outback? First, you have to Locate the rear liftgate close button on the door jamb of the gate. This is only accessible when the liftgate is open.

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Step 2:  Press The Button

Press the liftgate close button and hold until you can hear four-time beeps.  

Step 3: Continue To Hold The Button

Continue holding the button till you hear it beeps again.

Step 4: Let It Go

After you hear the beeps, let the hatch go. The hatch will now open and close automatically.

Method 3: Reset Subaru Hatch By Removing Battery Cables

If the above 2 methods do not work, then you can go for the third method. The process is the following.

Step 1: Remove the Battery Cable

First, turn off the ignition of your Subaru Outback. Then go for the battery under the hood. Disconnect the negative cable of the battery and then the positive cable.

Step 2: Use a Battery Jumper Lead

Take a battery jumper and connect it to the battery’s two terminals.. It will help to clear the hatch memory. The power that remains in the electrical system will drain out.

Step 3: Reconnect The Battery

Now reinstall the cables on the battery. Do it reversely that you disconnected the wires from the battery. You have to connect the positive terminal first and then the negative one.

Step 4: Reset All The Radio Presets

Once you reconnect the battery, all the radio will need to reset and confirm regular PRG operation.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you reset the hatch on a Subaru outback?

Yes, one can reset the hatch on a Subaru outback on his own. The process is quite straightforward. So, anyone can do it.

How to open the hatch on a Subaru Outback manually?

Hold your arm in front of your Subaru outback emblem until you hear double beeps from your vehicle. Once you hear the beeps, remove your hand from the front of the emblem and step back. This is to allow the hatch to open.

How do I reset my Subaru liftgate?

To reset your Subaru liftgate, go to the battery under your vehicle’s hood. Then disconnect the negative terminal first and then the positive side. Connect the two ends of the battery simultaneously and wait for a few minutes. This will help the system trigger reset. After that, reconnect the positive cable and negative cable to the battery.

Final Thought

If the hatch on your Subaru outback is not working, then you can simply go to reset it. And hopefully, now you know how do you reset the hatch on a Subaru outback. This is a simple process for anyone; even an inexperienced person would be able to do this.

Resetting the hatch will solve the problem, but several reasons can cause you the hatch opening and closing issue. Ignoring them can cause a more significant problem for you.

Try to find the main culprit behind it and resolve it.

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