All About Subaru Forester Software Update+ How To Update

Taking full advantage of Subaru’s framework, you’ll need to obtain and execute software updates on a regular basis.

It’s critical to have the Subaru Forester Satellite maps and firmware updated. So you can get the finest and most precise instructions of driving data once you’re on a drive. No, the concern remains on how to perform a Subaru Forester software update?

Begin by starting your vehicle and parking your automobile in a suitable location because you need to remain the vehicle in idle mode for as long as it takes to be updated. Then apply the steps inside the Setting Preferences to upgrade the software on the Subaru Forester.

Well, that is only the summarized answer of a detailed process. To know every ins and outs of the update, stick to the end.

Subaru Forester Software Update Details with Procedure

Well, move the car to an outdoor place where your engine may be left motionless for the upgrade procedure before starting it. Be certain the car is in Park mood if it has auto transmission or in Neutral mood if it has a manual transmission. Unplug any electronics connected to the engine’s USB ports.

Before proceeding, let’s check some important updates of Subaru software updates:

YearUpdate Details
2016In this Subaru Forester 2016 software update, they added CarPlay enhancements and Apple play connectivity.
2017The 2017 Subaru Forester software update was a benchmark for Subaru. Mirrorlink 1.1 has been updated. Mute functionality for navigation assistance has been enabled. The problem with the insufficient display of crossroads names in the combination counter has been resolved. The presented XM Traffic data is now more accurate. The intermittent delay (about 1 minute) in the presentation of map information following the first start-up of the Navigation functionality has been resolved.
2018In the 2018 Subaru Forester software update, they configured Harman Kardon reconfiguring of the head unit.
2019STARLINK® Multimedia Software and Navigation Maps are the significant features in the Subaru Forester software update 2019.
2020Other significant updates in 2020 are radio station information showing fixing, phonebook download of over 1000 contacts, improvement of the voice readout SMS, and changes in CarPlay playing.
2021Subaru Forester software update 2021 provides a subscription to STARLINK2. This will guarantee that you remain to have access to critical STARLINK Privacy and Protection services.

How To Update Subaru Forester Software?

If you were searching about how do I update my Subaru firmware on the internet, your search does not end here.

In the above section, we have shown the details of Forester software updates. Now, let’s read about how to update the software.

Preparing Your Field

  • Preparing the audio component: Turn on the engine. Make the audio component fully boot up by choosing when the I Agree option appears, and click it.
  • Find settings: On your car’s multimedia screen, navigate to Settings.
  • Choose General.
  • Scroll down to System Information.

Whether the system displays your edition as REL UA.20.38.70 or Rel UA.20.41.70, you have already been running the most recent software.

  • When it does not display these versions, proceed to the next instructions to upgrade your system.

From the Wi-fi settings menu, you need to connect with any wi-fi networks. And then you can click “Check for Updates”. If any updates are available, they will show there. Then click the Download button to download the version.

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Ascertain that your watch is adjusted to the right time. Or else, the update procedure may be prevented from starting. Please refer to your seller’s handbook for further information about how to adjust your clock.

Follow the Below Steps to Update the Software

  • Time checking: Return here to the General page once you’ve checked the time is accurate.
  • Check for updates: Scroll to the bottom and click Check for Upgrades.
  • Install: Select Install Now and after you have successfully received the pop-up.
  • Several reboots: The system may reboot several times.
  • FInishing install: The upgrade is finished when the system comes to the I Accept screen! You can change your mind.
  • Check the status: Turn off your car or choose “i” in the top right corner, a download progress indicator will show.
  • Finalizing: When the transfer is finished, click Apply Now. Keep your automobile running. Agree to start using your STARLINK multimedia system.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I update my Subaru Forester software?

The two possibilities for installing your Subaru forester radio software update are as follows:
1. Connecting to the internet through a WI-FI network and updating the entertainment firmware, but just not the driving layouts on the console, is the very first alternative.
2. A USB device may be used to update both your entertainment framework software and TomTom navigational maps from a Subaru Forester diesel software update at the same time.

How much does it cost to update Subaru maps?

You must obtain upgrades through the carmaker, store, or internet, and they range in price from $129 to $299. Furthermore, the setup might cost an extra $30. This type of GPS device will be an excellent feature for your residence because it includes lifelong mapping and traffic feed.

How do I get maps on my Subaru Forester?

The microSD card in your automobile must no longer remain attached to the GPS device. Attach the microSD card to your computer to download the updated map from the internet. Choose the dialect you wish to receive from Subaru Releases, and then download the most recent information from the webpage.


Upgrading your Subaru Navigator with the latest Subaru Forester software update provides a number of advantages. You’ll conserve time by traveling on recent and updated highways, gasoline by taking the best fuel-efficient ways, and damage & maintenance and CO2 pollution by driving fewer!

With an upgraded map, you may spare up to 18% fewer hours on the street every year – this is four complete days of traveling!

The charts in Subaru Navigator are utilized to offer you driving directions. They can include tips on bypassing work areas and other short roadblocks that you’re not aware of if your software is using outdated maps.

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