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How to Reset Throttle Position Sensor Ford- A Proper Guide!

How to Reset Throttle Position Sensor Ford

If you are facing issues such as weak acceleration, unsmooth idling of engine, or low speed, then learning how to reset throttle position sensor ford, the one part possibly in trouble should be your main focus. This component basically is a very crucial part of the whole file management system of your vehicle.

A correct blend of fuel and air that’s been coming into the engine, is its target focus mainly. The throttle position sensor, shortly known as TPS plays the main role of fulfilling the engine’s power demands at all times by providing direct signals. And so, you can already imagine how important it is to fix this particular sensor and make things work as it is for the whole fuel system to function without obstacles.

Typically, you start with a reset, which we will discuss today along with some handy tips. In case the reset alone isn’t enough, you should go for a replacement, and we will be including that as well.

How To Reset Throttle Position Sensor Ford – Useful Tricks

Does your Ford truck react weirdly by lacking speed or MPH? This means your Ford truck TPS can’t able to function properly. Yet, it can be fixed if you reset the TPS. The throttle position sensor reset process doesn’t take time if you do it in the right way.

The TPS reset process can be tough or easy based on your effort.

Keep in mind Ford has many models and series that may need different tricks to reset. If the method doesn’t solve TPS issues, you may need to replace it. Before learning about how to reset throttle position sensor, let’s take a close look at all the tricks that will help.

Work On A Less-Messy Space

To replace or reset throttle position sensor Ford, a clean workplace will need. If you work in a messy room filled with unnecessary items, it may cause a big issue when replacing TPS. Instead of that, keep items that will need for your purpose. It will also protect from accidents.

Do you want to learn how you can keep your stuff organized? If so, just grab the tools that you’ll need and remove other stuff elsewhere. And, clean the whole room.

Try High-Quality Gears

Another thing you’ll need when resetting or replacing the throttle position sensor is tools. Also, be sure your grabbed tool is suitable for use in Ford TPS. You will need a screwdriver and clean cloth to do the process better.

A tough to stand tool will be perfect for TPS replacing job.

Wear Safety Equipment

Makes sure to keep your bare hand and mouth cover when doing the TPS replace or reset process. Ford truck parts will be dusty which may irritate when working.

So, take protective gloves and masks when doing the processes. It will also help your hands to work on the electric part confidently with no hassle.

Resetting Throttle Position Sensor On Ford Trucks

Does your Ford engine lack power or react weirdly when gear shifting? This indicates the throttle position sensor loses its ability to monitor engine air intake. It can be fixed if you readjust the TPS system.

The TPS reset will fix out the reading ability so that the Ford engine can maintain the right airflow.

In short, the TPS is an essential sensor that may affect your truck engine performance. Be sure to keep your car in an idle position when trying the following steps. Let’s find out how to reset throttle position sensor Ford in the easiest way.

Step-1: Turn Your Key ON

First off, use your remote to unlock the Ford truck. After that, we have placed the key on the ignition and turn it on.

It may need a few seconds to access and start the truck in the right manner. Also, there will be a click sound after you put the key on. The sound indicates the truck is started.

Step-2: Slowly Push The Throttle In & Out

After you see the click sound is stopped, it’s time for you to push the throttle in and out. To do that rightly, place your one foot on the accelerator to press gently.

Makes sure you are not rushing when pressing the accelerator. It may cause the reset to fail if you don’t do it in the right way. And then, let it out as quickly as possible.

Step-3: Turn The Key Off & On

Next, you need to turn off the key. Again, place the key into the ignition and turn it on. Don’t do anything until the click sound is stopped. 

Then, press the accelerator slowly. After that, we have let the accelerator out as fast as possible.

Step-4: Repeat The Process

We again turn off the key from the ignition quickly. After that, put the key on just like before. And, wait for 2 seconds. 

Again, we have placed pressure on the accelerator. Then, let the pressure out from the accelerator. Once you have done the same steps, start your Ford to finish the reset process.

Pro Tips: If the following trick doesn’t work for you, then it indicates your throttle position sensor needs replacement.

How To Replace Throttle Position Sensor On Ford?

Replacing the TPS will not take big energy or time if you do it in the proper manner. Just grab all the given items and hop into the steps.

The throttle position sensor replacement will solve the errors of monitoring engine air intake.

Tools You Will Need:

  • New Throttle Position Sensor
  • Safety Gloves
  • Safety Masks
  • Screwdriver
  • Clean Cloth
  • An Impact Driller

Take Out Negative Battery Cable

Starting by locating the sensor on the Ford. Keep your key out of the ignition. Also, wear your safety gloves and mask before doing anything. We tried taking out the negative battery cable using an impact driller.

Then, place the cable and insert a clean cloth that will work as padding. After that, take a jumper cable to insert on the battery terminal and wait for a while. Take out the jumper and clean cloth.

Detach The Sensor Electrical Connector

After doing that, we have taken out the sensor electrical connector. It only needs pushing to take out the sensor electrical connector safely.

Then, take out the sensor mounting screws using a screwdriver. Be sure to secure them in a safe place. After that, we have taken out the sensor from the engine gently.

Install The New Sensor

Now, attach the new throttle position sensor to the engine. Fit the sensor screws on just like it has been. And, be sure to use a screwdriver to tighten them well.

Attach The Electrical Connector & Battery Cable

Reattach the electrical connector on the sensor by pushing it on. Then, attach the negative battery cable. Also, be sure to connect the negative terminal just like before. You can also use the voltmeter to adjust the sensor.

Final Words

Once you have done reading, we hope it helped you learn about how to reset throttle position sensor Ford. Being a smart sensor, it tracks the air that flows into the engine intake manifold if in the right condition.

Catching with a bad throttle position sensor on your truck may give a painful riding experience. Besides, it harms engine and gear shifting performance.

Luckily, there is an easy way that works on most Ford trucks to reset TPS in the right way. Our given method is super safe and harmless to try on. And, the process is effective to restore the throttle position sensor working ability just like a new one.

Another very important sensor is the ambient temperature one. Don’t forget to check how to reset ambient temperature sensor ford as that way you’ll be prepared if ever there comes a need.

Have A Nice Day!

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