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[Solved] Ford F150 Throttle Body Problems- We Explained All The Problems!

Ford F150 Throttle Body Problems

Do your ford f150 run in rough idle on most terrains while making terrible noises that ruins the mood of long driving? Or, have your truck check the engine light turned on out of nowhere when driving?

If you are having these types of challenges, then it might be a signal of your ford f150 throttle body is not working or need fixes. A lot of f150 drivers also express their anger and frustration to get rid of these problems.

Basically, the main role of the throttle body is to control the air intake system so that the engine gets a good amount of air. We want you to try out the possible solutions rather than replace the throttle body or hire an expert to solve the problems.

No need to worry about it as we’ll be with you to solve the challenges together. So, let’s find out ford f150 throttle body problems and solutions. Are You Ready!

Reasons & Solutions For Ford F150 Throttle Body Problems

Reasons for Throttle Body ProblemsSimple Fixes to Try Out
Trouble codes of the throttle bodyClear out the codes using a scanner tool or reset it
Dirt or rust builds upClean it using a good liquid solution
Broken throttle bodyReplace with a new one

Problematic Ford F150 Throttle Body Symptoms – Explaining The Root Causes!

There are a lot of signs that show the f150 ford throttle body needs maintenance or replacement if you see any weird reactions. As the throttle body is a very busy part that works on transferring air inside the engine while operating, it may react due to one or many reasons.

According to liveabout,

In a traditional spark ignition gasoline engine, the throttle body is the part of the air intake system that controls the amount of air that flows into an engine’s combustion chamber. It consists of a housing unit that contains a throttle plate (butterfly valve) that rotates on a shaft.

So, how would you know what are the causes of the throttle body not working rightly? Well, take a close look into your ford f150 riding and notice the given symptoms to figure out whether the throttle body is bad or needs fixes.

  1. Check engine light turning on
  2. Engine failing to start
  3. Fast or bad acceleration
  4. High or rough idle
  5. Difficult to change gears

These are the most common symptoms of a problematic throttle body that needs to be repaired using different ways. It could happen if you don’t clean the throttle body on a daily basis. Sometimes these issues can be solved if you simply reset the throttle body unit.

Or, either replace it if nothings work out. Also, your f150 TPS can be the real problem why it is not working. For that, check out how to reset throttle position sensor ford f150.

In case, you are having the same issues with your ford f150, don’t wait and start solving the problem using the right solutions.

Try Out Ford F150 Throttle Body Reset – The Most Effective Solution

It is the very first thing you can do to treat rightly when having problems with your f150 throttle body. And, you can simply reset it by using a scanner tool or maybe do it manually. To reset using a scanner tool, be sure to clear out the trouble code of the throttle body monitor.

image 2

If you are still getting throttle body problems, then it might need a strong reset. It won’t take a lot of time and in fact, you can solve the issue easily. Here is what you need to do:

  • Park your ford f150 in flat terrain and turn on the parking mode. To do that, set the parking brake and change the gear to P (park).
  • Turn off all the accessories including light, AC, and so on.
  • Idle your truck for 1 minute nonstop.
  • Next, turn the air conditioner on and again idle for 1 minute.
  • Slowly release the parking brake and put one foot on the brake pedal. Be sure the AC is still on.
  • Wait for 1 minute. Then, take your foot from the brake and change the gear to D (drive). You need to let it function for 10 miles to complete the reset.

Grim Build Up Can Be The Reason Why F150 Throttle Body Not Working

This is a situation where a lot of people find their throttle body problems due to lack of maintenance and cleaning. Perhaps you haven’t cleaned it for a very long while which causes it to react roughly.

As it provides air to the engine while operating, the throttle body may grow up rust or dirt inside. Calm down as you are able to fix the issue by following the given steps.

  • Use a flat screwdriver to take out the boot that attaches to the throttle body.
  • Next, disconnect the electric connection and grab an Allen wrench to remove 4 nuts that attach the throttle body.
  • After that, wear your safety glasses and gloves to spray on the carbonated solution on the throttle body.
  • Now, use a scrubber or toothbrush to run inside the throttle body after spraying the solution.
  • Then, grab a clean cloth to remove the particles of dirt gently.
  • Afterward, attach the throttle body just like you’ve removed it.

Fix Throttle Body Problems By Replacing It

So, you have tried everything still the problem occurs. This is when you need to think about f150 throttle body replacement. Sometimes your throttle body may turn bad and needs replacing to solve the troubles.

A simple replacement of the throttle body might bring back the performance and work without making noises, rough idle, or accelerating problems. Before replacing it, be sure to gather all the tools and park your car in the garage.

Start by, removing the hose and air cleaner. Then, take out the nuts using a screwdriver and then plug off the electric connection. After that, detach the 4 nuts using a ratchet or Allen wrench.

Next, remove the old throttle body and insert the new one. screw-in all the nuts, hose, and air cleaner reversing the steps. And, that’s all you need to do.  

A Helpful Tutorial Help You Understand More!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does throttle body damage engine?

Well, if the throttle body turns bad, it might cause damage to the engine. To put it simply, the engine needs air to work well. The throttle body does the job to make sure the air enters the engine. So, when the throttle body turns bad or dirty, it causes less or more air to enter the engine.

How much is a throttle body for a Ford F-150?

In case of replacement, the throttle body will cost around $400-500 based on labor. Also, it may also cost an extra $50 to $80 to replace the throttle body well.

Why does a throttle body fail?

Well, the throttle body fails due to a lack of air supply. If for any reason it starts to get rusted or broken, this problem occurs which causes serious damage to the working system of the engine. It may need replacement or cleaning to control the air supply.

How often should I clean my throttle body?

You should try to clean the throttle body once every 75,000 miles. By doing that, the throttle body will perform well for a good while.

Final Thoughts

And, that’s how you can get rid of ford f150 throttle body problems. We have given you possible fixes which you can try to solve your situations.

The throttle body will act weirdly such as poor acceleration or difficulty when changing gears if it turns bad or damaged. And also, diagnosing throttle body problems is not always simple as it looks. As you need to identify the symptoms first, then fix them.   

But then again, if you don’t probably want to take risks with your f150 throttle body, then get help from professionals. We hope this guide helped you solve throttle body problems. Keep Up the Hard Work!  

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