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[+Video] Ford F150 ABS Module Problems- Let’s See The Quick Fixing Guide!

Ford F150 ABS Module Problems

Visualize the picture where you are going for a very long ride with your friends but suddenly the check engine light on the dashboard turns on or starts giving trouble when you press the brake pedal. Scarry isn’t it?

In fact, these types of situations are very common for a driver who has ford f150 ABS module problems. You might also face brake lock-up struggles or hear irksome noise while pressing the pedal. Just like you, a lot of drivers of ford f150 are having similar types of challenges.

Don’t panic as we are always here to guide you with a logical solution but you must figure out what’s the real cause. For that, we have given some reasons why the ABS module can possibly act badly. So, Let’s Find Out The Problems & Fixes Them Real Quickly!

Ford F150 ABS Module Problems – Root Causes & Fixes!

Reasons for ABS Module ProblemsSimple Solutions to Try Out
ABS module fault codeReset the ABS module using a scanner tool
Broken wires of ABS moduleRepair the wire of the ABS sensor
Damaged ABS ModuleReplace the old one with a new ABS module

Know The Symptoms That Indicates A Problematic ABS Module!

Due to various reasons, the Anti-lock Brake System module can react weirdly when driving. You know a little bit about the ABS system to understand what’s wrong with the module.

Diagram Of ABS System

image 4

Basically, the ABS system is made to secure wheels from locking when heavy braking thanks to the module, sensor, and of course pump. You need to identify the real issue by checking the whole ABS system.

And, if the problem is ABS system fails, then you need to replace the whole unit. Apart from that, the most common ABS module problems are:

  • The ABS warning light illuminates out of nowhere.
  • The brake locks up during heavy braking.
  • The brake pedal doesn’t respond well.
  • Needs effort when accelerating or braking.
  • Speedometer issues.

The ABS light turning on is the most effective sign that means nothing but the ABS module is not working well rightly. To fix this issue, you should know how to clear ABS light on ford f150 as it’ll require before you go to the solutions.

Sometimes the ABS module problem can occur because of trouble code, lack of maintenance, damages, or broken wires of the sensor. No matter what’s the real reason is, we got your back to help you fix it with no hassle.

Ford ABS Module Programming with Easy Reset – What If the Fault Code Is the Real Problem?

The trouble or fault code of the ABS module can be the reason why it is acting differently. Sometimes when you make changes to your ford f150 inner system, the ABS module might diagnose with a DTC fault code.

Luckily, you can pretty easily solve it with a scanner tool or using your laptop. Be sure you have the vehicle owner’s manual to know the ABS module code. Now, connect the FORScan to your ford f150 using the laptop and OBD II adapter connection.

After that, wait until the FORScan recognizes your ford f150 to show data. Next, click on the fault code bar (that is the 2nd option with a warning mark in yellow). Then, find out the ABS module among the given options.

Once you have located that, click on it. Afterward, hit the reset button to reset the whole ABS module. You’ll see a bar pop out telling you to cycle off the ignition. Follow the instruction and then turn your f150 on to check whether the error solves it or not.

Note: Be sure to get an OBD II adapter to connect the laptop to the ford f150 for accessing FORScan.

Worn Out or Damaged Wire Causing the Ford F150 ABS Module to Work Bad

This is a situation where your ford f150 ABS module will not work due to the burned or worn-out wire of the sensor. If the sensor is unable to transfer the signal, then the ABS module won’t act rightly.

In that case, most experts suggest soldering the broken wire just like a normal one. But, make sure not to insert an external connector that can burn or cause damage in the future. Start by, cleaning the wires if they are too old and rusted.

According to Ricks Free Auto Repair Advice,

However, if you decide to repair the broken wire, you MUST solder it. Do NOT use a crimp connector. The electrical signals running through the ABS wiring harness is low voltage and ANY signal loss or voltage drop induced by a crimp connector is enough to create a complete signal loss.

After that, cut wires a bit more so that you can connect the joints better. Next, cover the splice with a good quality solder. Then, use a sealant or shrink tubing to cover the splice. Makes sure no moist contact after covering the wires of the ABS sensor.

This way the sensor wire will keep up transferring the signals to the module so that your get rid of problems at ease. And, start the ford f150 to check the ABS module.

Ford F150 ABS Module Repair Might Fix the Problems!

If nothings work out even after doing all the above tricks, then perhaps the ABS module needs repair. For that, follow the given procedure:

  • Check the fuse 23, 102, and Battery Junction Box (BJB) to ensure no burnt issue.
  • After that, take out the cover of the throttle that’ll help you to remove the air filter housing. Use a ratchet wrench to detach 2 screws.
  • Next, you need to pull out the tab of the ABS module. You can pretty simply take that out using a plain screwdriver.
  • Now, check the battery voltage of numbers 9 and 25 pins on the vehicle owner’s manual to find it easily.
  • Then, use a pin or pinching tool to pinch number 9 and 25 pins of fuse 102. Don’t pull out the pins until both are fully pinched.
  • After checking the voltage with a voltmeter, take out the old ABS module. You need to remove the 2 T20 Torx bolts for that.
  • Attach the brand new one to the old ABS module place.
  • Insert the fuse 102 in its place. And, plug-in everything that you have detached.

Note: The ford f150 ABS module location is inside the air filter housing on the driver side.

Yes, This Video is Helpful for You!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the ABS module?

It is the brain of the ABS system that gets the signal to handle the brake pressure with the help of a pump. To explain it in a big view, it’s the mastermind of the ABS system that tells to give pressure or not.  

Can I drive with a bad ABS module?

No, you can’t drive your car with a bad module. If you do so, the truck will make irksome noise whenever you try to hold the brake or even has to face bad car performance. As a driver, you need to be cautious on the road without taking risks.

How much does it cost to reprogram the ABS module?

If you get help from a car shop mechanic, replacing the ABS control module will cost you around $900 to $950. It might cost you a little bit more based on the labor cost which you need to count too.
And also, the tax and fees need to be counted to know the actual amount. Besides, the price of replacing ABS modules can raise based on location or car model.

Final Thoughts

Now do the ford f150 ABS module problems look solvable to you? Hopefully, it does. We have given different solutions depending on the common problems of a lot of ford f150 users which you can try to treat the damages as soon as possible.

And, if you are a soft-hearted person and don’t want to make changes to your ford f150, then hurry up to appoint a professional mechanic who’ll do that for you. No matter what solution you are following, be sure you know the problem first before taking any steps.

Hope reading this guide helped in any way to figure out the causes for treatment. Just don’t wait a long while after locating the ABS module problem and solve the problem by hiring an expert or doing it yourself. Good Luck!

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