Why Dodge Ram Power Sliding Rear Window Not Working?

Is your dodge ram power sliding rear window not working? What to do if the dodge rear window stops working?

The rear window has many reasons not to work, as it can be broken, it can be jammed, the wired connection may be loose, and the switch can be faulty.

These are not the only ones that can cause the sliding rear window not to work. Sometimes different objects also hamper the process of opening and closing the rear window. Things can get into it the tight space and stop it from processing.

No need to worry as we are here with all the possible problems and solutions for rear power sliding window dodge ram. Keep reading to find out all the fixes.

Dodge Ram Power Sliding Rear Window Not Working

Dodge Ram is a heavy-duty truck, and it has the compatibility that very few trucks have. However, everything has weaknesses, and Dodge Ram also has one. It is dodge ram power sliding rear window not working properly.

Sometimes, the rear power sliding window dodge ram does not respond. Well, no worries, here we are going to see some possible problems and probable solutions.

Possible ReasonsProbable Solutions
Jammed windowProper Maintenance
Broken LeverChange the part
Cable Connection ProblemReconnect cable
Broken SwitchChange the switch

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Mechanism Is Jammed

Most of the time, long-time used dodge ram goes through a lot of tough places. So, dust and different specks of dirt get into the door mechanism and get stuck. Normally, it does not get off, and eventually, the dirt becomes too thick and jams the door. It is one of the most common issues of the rear window not working.

These trucks are used for different purposes, and very few use them for family purposes or personal use. Low maintenance is also another cause that creates dust particles and jams the internals inside the door. It leads to jamming the entire window process.

Probable Solution

First of all, clear everything inside your vehicle and then proceed forward. Now wear safety googles and arrange all the necessary toolkits.

Use a screwdriver to unlock and unscrew the bolts near the window panel, which is stuck at the moment. Do not unlock the entire compartment or panel.

Now use a vacuum cleaner to clear all the dust, including dirt trapped inside the door. Be careful while vacuuming. Don’t pull too hard or push too hard, as it can damage the internals.

Now safely vacuum the entire area by not leaving a single particle. Use some gasoline on the lever, as it will free up the jamming of steel. Reconnect the bolts, and you are good to use the window again.

Broken Lever

Rear window lever often breaks if it gets hit or pressurized by anything. Moreover, there are times when the lever breaks itself without any reason. Due to breaking, the entire window will not move and make a sound if you press for the window opening.

Sometimes, the window remains half-open when the lever brakes, which makes it more difficult to operate after a while.

Probable Solution

This is a task for professional mechanics, but if you have enough knowledge and basic skill, you can also fix it by attaching a new lever. However, we recommend you seek a professional mechanic in order to complete the task.

First, you have to unlock all the bolts and unscrew all the items as necessary. Carefully keep all the screws and bolts orderly to keep track. Now, take off the broken lever in order to attach the new one.

Cable Connection Problem

Loose Cable can also cause the rear window not to open. It is because the switch you are using is not working; thus, the window does not respond. Ram rear sliding window fuse may also cause this issue.

Probable Solution

You have to open the switch panel in order to get into the panel. First, gently take off the side panel and see if there are any screws. Taking help from a professional mechanic is the best solution in this case.

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Now, unattached the switch box and see if the cables are loose. Connect the wire or cable properly with the switch box and see if it works.

Broken Switch

Broken switch is one of the most common reasons for the rear window not working. It is sometimes the sole reason to claim a warranty as you can not find the original switch panel on the regular market. It often happens due to heavy usage.

Probable solution: follow the unattachment procedure from up above and unscrew every bolt. Now take the switch panel off and attach a new one. Carefully connect all the wires and cables according to their order.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How do you reset a ram power window?

Get into the driver’s position and press and hold the LF and RF for 3 seconds. The window will automatically rest its function and position. It will adjust itself without any issues.

How do you open the back window in a 2020 Ram?

Dodge Ram 2020 comes with a switch that opens the rear window just by pressing it. Older models had a latch system that you have to unlatch and open the window.

What is a power sliding rear window?

A power sliding rear window is a type of car window that you can open or close by pressing a single button. Moreover, the placement of the rear window is on the tailgate of the car.

Final Thoughts

If you are a user of Dodge Ram then you probably know how powerful and strong this truck is. There are very few problems that come while you own a dodge ram. However, one of those problems is dodge ram power sliding rear window not working.

It is a pretty common scenario with the old models of Dodge Ram. Some of them have issues such as broken mechanisms, and some are just jammed. We have provided all the necessary information, but we still recommend you hire a professional technician to complete the work.

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