Understanding The Speed Compensated Volume Adjustment Process

So, you aren’t able to listen to the radio even after turning on the speed compensated volume system as it sometimes goes off by itself for unknown reasons. If your case is similar, then maybe you need to adjust this feature using the display of your truck.

No matter what type of truck you’ve been using, Escape, Edge, or F150, we have got your back to present the easiest and effective way out of this problem.

You only need to give your valuable time and energy for a couple of minutes to learn about simple adjustments that can solve the error.

Explaining The Process of Adjusting the Speed Compensated Volume!

Listening to the radio playlist loudly or desired noise can be done properly if you set the SCV aka speed compensated volume.

According to Mvorganizing.org,

The speed compensated volume automatically adjusts your sound system’s volume as your speed changes, to adjust for road and wind noise.

As you know, it is a feature that senses road and wind sound to adjust the level of the audio system based on the speed changes. Now, follow the given directions to adjust the sensitivity of sound level or turn off the system:

Step-1: Turn on your truck display. For that, access the vehicle drawer on the touchscreen and wait for a while so that it turns on safely.

Step-2: Go to the Menu bar from the Settings. This bar would be near to the second one from the left in the 2nd row.  

Step-3: Next, head to the Audio / Sound. If you have a Ford truck, then the Soundbar will be on the left-second slide. On other models, it would be under the App option.

Sound System
Reset AllReturn all the settings back to the original (factory level system)
TrebleAdapt the high-frequency level
MidrangeAdapt the middle frequency level
BassAdapt the low-frequency level
Balance / FadeControl the sound ratio (Able to adjust it from side to side or front to back)
SCV (Speed Compensated Volume)Turn off the feature or adjust the audio system by detecting the wind and road noise
Occupancy ModeRearrange the sound depending on listeners
Sound SettingsStereoSurround

Step-4: In Ford models, hit on the Speed Compensated Volume bar after clicking the Sound option. there you’ll see a pop-up box that gives 4 options to choose one based on your need. and they are:

  • Off
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
image 2

So, if you want to know how to turn off speed compensated volume, click on the first-row option (Off). And to select the volume level, select one from the Low, Medium, or High options.

Step-5: Next, you can adjust the speed compensated volume 1-7 levels (if your truck is a 2010-2014 Mustang or similar models) using the Am/Fm CD or cassette unit. For that, hold the volume for 5 seconds to set the selected level. And, that’s it.

Note: Use the steering wheel buttons (Up, Down, and Down) to select the option. Otherwise, access the options by clicking on the touchscreen.

What If You Are Unable To Adjust The Speed Compensated Volume? Problem Fix!

In some models such as Fusion, Edge, F150, Escape, and so on, you’ll find Sony audio system that lets you have the speed compensated volume option. Sometimes it’s impossible to adjust this feature due to 3 specific reasons, which are:

  1. Audio Control Module (ACM)
  2. Bad Module
  3. Clicking Ok too early.

These are some reasons that are the real causes why the SCV system doesn’t function rightly. So, if you are also facing an error when functioning the speed compensated volume, then replace the ACM or other bad module (after checking whether it works or not).

And also, notice if you hit the Ok button before the 4 options (Off, Low, Medium, & High) bar box displayed on the screen of your truck. Just be patient and wait for a while until you see the options clearly on the display then take action.

Besides, be sure to check the manual to identify the error in the process of enabling or disabling the SCV mode.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does speed compensated volume work?

The speed compensated volume is a system that helps to adjust the level of volume of your truck’s radio based on the speed by identifying noise and wind.
Basically, if you speed up or accelerate your truck, the speed compensated volume feature help to increase the sound. Similarly, the volume goes down when your truck starts to accelerate slowly. It also helps to keep the ratio of sound to radio volume as close.

What is speed compensated volume?

The speed compensated volume system is a handy option under the Sound > Setting bar. This mode actually lets you raise or low the sound when your truck is speeding up or down. It is very easy to turn On and Off using the steering wheel button.

Is speed compensated volume and automatic sound leveling different?

Both of them are similar to the function in the truck. The speed compensated volume mode is an option that helps your truck to control the sound of the truck depending on speed. On the other hand, the ASL mode lets you hear loud noises once your truck is speeding up to 20 MPH.

Final Thoughts

Now, you are all clear about the speed compensated volume function and the process of turning this mode on or off.

Using this special option is easy and lets your truck simply raise the volume of the radio using the accelerator to speed up.

We tried to give the proper explanation on an easy way to enable and disable the speed compensated volume feature along with some random details. Hope you find this guide helpful to find out what you’ve looking for. Have A Nice Day!

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