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How To Solve Ford F150 Catalytic Converter Problems?

Ford F150 Catalytic Converter Problems

Does your ford f150 ride in a harsh and slow speed even if it is in a flat terrain? Or, have trucks making loud and frustrating noise that ruins the whole mood for driving? Are you smelling burn fuel from the exhaust more often that won’t go easily?

Those are vital indications of the ford f150 catalytic converter problems. In fact, these bad things are a sign that asking for a fix depending on the causes. And, if you are also one of those who are suffering from these issues, then we got your back to solve it together.

FYI, the catalytic converters help your truck to make less air pollution by converting the toxic pollutants into harmless gasses.

This part is very important that might cause severe damage if not fixed quickly. Don’t move for the next 10 minutes so that we can pretty easily figure out the problems and solve them. So, Are You Ready? Let’s Go!

Ford F150 Catalytic Converter Problems – Causes & Possible Fixes

Reasons for Catalytic Converter ProblemsEasy Solutions to Try Out
Debris build-up issuesClean the catalytic converter
Broken or melted catalytic converterReplace it with a new one

Symptoms Of A Bad Catalytic Converter Ford F150- Explaining The Truck Conditions!

Ford f150 trucks that are having a bad or problematic catalytic converter will make your life hell by causing different types of troubles. From noise to bad performance, no parts of the truck will be left safe from its damage.

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Diagram of Ford F150 Catalytic Converter Symptoms

So, what problems catalytic converter can cause on the ford f150? Well, note them out as these are the common signs of it:

  1. Poor Engine Performance
  2. Low Acceleration
  3. Black Exhaust Smoke
  4. Bad or Rotten Smell From The Exhaust
  5. Hot Temperature Issue

Maybe your truck catalytic converter has to work at a higher temperature that causes the part to be melted and due to that these issues occurring. Or, perhaps the dirt is the reason why your ford f150 catalytic converter problems coming out.

So, if you are thinking can a catalytic converter unclog itself, the simple answer is no. It needs treatment as fast as possible. You need to inspect your truck behavior closely as it can be other problems too.

A lot of people get confused with catalytic converter signs with misfires and treats other parts instead of problematic parts. If you want to make sure, then check out the ford f150 misfire symptoms.

Clogged Catalytic Converter Can Be The Root Cause Of All The Problems!

If you are smelling a rotten egg scent from the exhaust or seeing a lot of smoke, then worry no more the problem is a clogged catalytic converter. So, what does a catalytic converter do that causes clog?

For that, you need to study a lot about catalytic converters and it’s working. It actually controls your engine’s dirty or toxic gasses. And, during the process of making toxic pollute into safe gas, it builds up debris inside that causes clogging.  

According to Georgelawsongallery,

Now, as for the F-150 truck, it has two catalytic converters. You can find both cat converters on the back and the other one on the front side of the vehicle.

To treat the clogging issue, park your truck on safe and flat ground. And then, follow the given procedure: 

  • Pull up your ford f150 hoop and lift the strut bar. And also, wear protective glasses and a mask.
  • Take a ratchet wrench and loosen up all the bolts of catalytic converters. Then, take them out and keep the bolts in a secure place. Next, detach the catalytic converters from your exhaust.
  • Check the catalytic converters to whether they have any damage. Then, shake them and listen carefully. If you hear any noise, it indicates clogging.
  • After that, grab a toothbrush and power washer. Use the power washer so that dirt gets out of the converters. Also, brush out the trapped dirt using the toothbrush. After cleaning, dry them using a clean cloth.
  • Wait for them to completely dry out and then insert the catalytic converters back to their place.

Note: The location of catalytic converters is near to exhaust system that’s 3 feet from the engine to the muffler.

Fixing The Broken Catalytic Converter On Your Ford F150!

This is also a very common case where a lot of people find catalytic converters problems on their trucks. It’s because the excessive amount of heat produced in the exhaust causes them to melt. You’ll probably hear a loud bunch of noises just like hitting rocks.

So, if you are having bad engine performance, poor speed, noise, and heat issues, then it’s time to replace your old catalytic converters.

Step-1: Park Your Truck

Park your truck in the garage or an open place. Then, level up your truck so that you can replace the part easily. If possible, block the tires using wood pieces.

Step-2: Find The Catalytic Converter

Now, locate the catalytic converter under the hood. Open your truck hood and protect it with a strut bar. Makes sure the hood doesn’t slide off. Next, find out the catalytic converter that should be near the exhaust system.

Step-3: Take Out The Bolts

After that, use a socket wrench that matches the nuts of the catalytic converter. Attach the wrench to the bolts to loosen up the fittings. Then, remove them one by one.

  • Sometimes the bolts get stuck due to rust. In that case, apply some lubricant or oil on the bolts to take them out smoothly.
  • Clean the bolts and secure them in a safe place.
  • Use the penetrating oil to keep them torque well.

Step-4: Remove The Catalytic Converter

Take out the catalytic converter using your hand. Gently take it out without causing other parts to get damaged in any way.

  • Wipe off the dirt from the catalytic converter surface using a clean cloth.
  • Use grease or penetrating oil to keep it lubricated.

Step-5: Attach The New Catalytic Converter

After that, insert the new catalytic converter into the old one’s place. Once you have attached it rightly, insert all the bolts using the socket wrench to fit in gently tight.

Then, attach all parts that you possibly removed during the procedure. And, remove the strut bar and close the hood. Then, start your engine to test out.

Note: If your ford f150 has 2 catalytic converters, then do the same process on the other one too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a catalytic converter?

It is an emission control system that mostly takes part to keep out the toxic and harmful pollutants by turning them into safe gases. The catalytic converter uses a catalyst that helps the toxic and all the vapors to burn off. And, this way the truck emissions water (H2O), carbon dioxide (CO), and heat.

How much is a Ford f150 catalytic converter worth?

Typically, the ford f150 catalytic converter will cost around $950 to $2,500 depending on the labor and parts. The price can vary if you are getting a new one. However, it may also need an extra $90 to $200 for replacement. 

How long can you drive with a bad catalytic converter?

You can drive with a faulty catalytic converter for up to a couple of miles. But, it is suggested by most experts not to ride with a bad catalytic converter. And also, you won’t be able to ride comfortably with your truck due to its faultiness.

How long does a catalytic converter last?

Most probably the catalytic converter would last for up to 10 years or more. If you take care of it well, then it would last a very long time.

Overall Thoughts

Still, having bad troubles of a catalytic converter? Hope you are no longer suffering from it. In this guide, we have given all the possible solutions that will solve the issues at home. Doing these methods might take 1-2 hours but will give a sweet result afterward.

And, if you fear touching your ford f150 parts and have enough money, then call an expert mechanic who is well-experienced. Be sure to figure out the error of your truck first and then take proper action.

Hope you find this guide helpful to solve the ford f150 catalytic converter problems. Just avoid waiting as it might cause serious damage to your truck and either fix it with the help of an expert or do it yourself. Good Luck!

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