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How To Solve Ford Power Deployable Running Boards Problems?

Ford Power Deployable Running Boards Problems

Your ford truck power running boards are acting all weird when you step on them and don’t come out? Or, aren’t retracting when you step out of the car and get stuck during the process?

If you are having similar issues, it means nothing but your truck power running board is not at its bets condition. These types of problems are very common that are actually indicating you to take care of their faults.

We know how you are feeling right now. Just like you a lot of ford users get frustrated with the same issues. Calm down and take a deep breathe to learn about a few solutions after locating the causes to give things a try.

Let’s figure out ford power deployable running boards problems along with causes and solve them together. What Are We Waiting For!

Ford Power Deployable Running Boards Problems – Reasons & Solutions!

Reasons for Power Developable Running Boards ProblemsEasy Fixes to Try Out
Rusted nuts and partsUse penetrating oil to clean them
Disabled setting issuesEnable the power running board’s function
Broken power developable running boardsReplace them

Ford factory power running boards issues to extract or retract automatically is like a love and hate relationship. You won’t be able to use the function for entering or exiting that easily. 

According to Wheelsjoint,

The power running boards can be set to automatically deploy and retract, or remain deployed all the time, or remain retracted.

And also, it might give a bad response due to the faultiness especially if you are a busy person. There are a lot of problems that you might notice such as not retracting rightly, stuck issue, or doesn’t respond at all.

So, what makes the power deployable running boards bad or problematic on ford trucks? Due to ice buildup and lack of access, they are unable to deploy automatically when you open your car door. You want to figure out the issue before following the solutions.

Maybe your power deployable running boards have rusted nuts that cause stuck issues due to trapped mud, dirt, snow, or salt. Or, perhaps internal disabled settings cause them to don’t act at all.

Sometimes the problem can be blown up fuse too. And if everything sucks and doesn’t bring back the old performance, then maybe they need replacement.

Lack Of Lubrication Might Be The Reason Why Power Running Boards Stopped Working!

If your ford truck’s power deployable running boards don’t move at all, then possibly the problem is rust or corroding. A lot of people also faced similar issues because they don’t take care of the power running board’s nuts and bolts that sometimes need lubrication.

So, let’s see the ford power running boards lubrication process that’ll solve the error:

  • Take a small brush to clean the right-side hinge, four pivot points, and nuts gently. Don’t forget to clean the corners too.
  • Next, you want to use compressed air to wipe out the particles.
  • Afterward, use the rust penetrating oil to spotless the metal junks. Soak it completely with the solution and don’t leave a spot.
  • Now, move to the left-side hinge, four pivot points, and nuts. Then, grab the brush to clean the rusted parts all the way through.
  • Grab the compressed air to remove the dirt and spray on the rust penetrating oil. Once everything is done, go back to open and close your ford truck door.
  • If you see the power running board is moving a little bit, then push it with your hand. And then, open your truck door to ensure it’s working.
  • Again, spray on the rust penetrating oil a couple of times on the parts to ensure it’s lubricated perfectly.

Ford Power Running Board Adjustment To Fix The Disabled Setting

Well, a lot of ford drivers use a jack stand under the truck that causes the power running board to not deploy while making loud noises.

Sometimes a lot of ford drivers don’t know the proper way to use jacks on point which causes the power running board system to be disabled. FYI, a little pressure under the power running board can also damage the module and motor.

image 11
Diagram of Power Running Boards setting

Before that, keep in mind you’ll find 3 options in Power Running Boards setting such as Auto, Off, and Out.

  1. By selecting Off, you are able to stow the power running boards no matter what’s door position is.
  2. If you selected Out, the power running boards will remain deployed all the time.
  3. By pressing Auto, you’ll be able to change the setting to deploy (it’ll turn on or retract when you open or close the car door).

Now, you need to go to the settings and do some changes

  • Turn on your ford screen.
  • Then, click on the Settings bar.
  • Next, go to the Advanced Setting and hit Ok.
  • Press Ok when you find the Vehicle bar.
  • Afterward, locate the Power Running Boards bar and click Ok.
  • Select Auto to fix the error. And then, test out by opening the ford door.

Replace The Ford Power Deployable Running Boards

So, you’re having a broken or bad power deployable running board and want to replace it. Well, don’t worry, we got your back to help you with it. Grab all the tools and start following the given procedure:

  • Park your truck and block the tires. Then, use jack stands to lift up the truck so that you can remove the power deployable running board easily.
  • Next, go under the truck and plug out the motor. After that, use a ratchet wrench to remove all the bolts and nuts. Be sure to take out the brackets too.
  • Now, detach the power running board from one side. Next, do the same thing to another side too.
  • Afterward, attach the new power deployable running board. Then, align it on the same spot as the old one. Insert the brackets, nuts, and bolts into their place. You can check how to install ford OEM running boards for better ideas.
  • And then, Plugin the motor just like it has been. And, test it out to ensure success. that’s it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long do power running boards last?

Technically, the power running boards would last not more than 5 years or 60,000 miles. Yet, if you take good care of them, then they will last a couple of months more. But, the cheap power running boards will last for 3 years. 

Are power running boards reliable?

Yes, they are reliable if you use them rightly. FYI, the power running boards of the truck work if the internal module runs well. But, if the module turns bad, then they will give the worst driving experience by not operating rightly.

How do power running boards work?

They in fact are designed to automatically come out whenever you open your truck door. And also, the power running boards exit after closing the door that runs with the help of an internal module.  
Once you’ve put your one leg up, the power running board will appear so that you can enter. It’s a great item for adding truck ground clearance.  

How much does it cost to install power running boards?

Depending on your truck models, locations, and labor, the price can be different. But, in most cases, installing power running boards will cost not more than $200 to $300.

Final Thoughts

At last, you know how to solve ford power deployable running boards problems. As a matter of fact, the power deployable running boards are used for entering or exiting the truck, it sometimes builds up rust due to moisture.

Depending on different causes, we have given quick solutions that you can try to repair your faulty power deployable running boards. And, if these solutions don’t fix your ford problems, then maybe it’s a somewhat serious error.

In that case, don’t waste time and hire an expert mechanic who will repair faulty power deployable running boards. Hope this guide fixes your power deployable running boards errors. Be sure to figure out the problems at first and then take action. Best Of Luck!

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