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[Step-By-Step] How to Use 4 Wheel Drive Ford F150- All Modes Explained!

How to Use 4 Wheel Drive Ford F150

As the number of competitors is increasing, ford f150 trucks have an accessible feature called 4-wheel drive which is one of the reasons for their popularity. This system lets people easily drive through difficult or tough terrain from sandy paths to rocky hills.

FYI, Electronic Shift on the Fly 4WD System aka ESOF offers 4 different modes for normal, efficient, and smooth driving based on terrains. Due to the lack of info and details on how to use 4 wheel drive ford f150, a lot of people stay deprived of learning the procedure from A to Z.

And, we know that you are one of them and want to know the process really quick. So, without bubbling around, let’s get into it. Are You Ready?

What Is 4 Wheel Drive On Ford F150?

The 4 wheel drive or 4WD is an accessible system that lets the engine shift power to the transmitter while this system is running. It is both beneficial with some drawbacks as the 4WD can cut the weight of your f150.

According to Josh From Truckomize,

4WD is designed to give power to each individual wheel, increasing the power with which the vehicle is able to drive. The latest additions to Ford F150’s 4×4 drivetrain include hill descent control and an electronic shift-on-the-fly.

But the drawbacks are easy to overlook as the benefits are better and dependable. Not only that the 4WD stop f150 trucks noise but also assure unnoticeable vibration even at full speed. So basically, you don’t have to worry about the bounce with the 4 wheel drive system.

Now that you have a good idea about what 4 wheel drive system is, be prepare for learning how to use f150 4 wheel drive down below.

How to Use 4 Wheel Drive Ford F150 In Detail!

Before knowing the usage of 4 wheel drive on f150, it’s important to know how many functions does it offers. In general, the 4WD system has 4 different modes and they are 2H, 4H, 4L, and 4A, etc.

To put it simply, these modes are good for different terrains driving. And also, all the f150 models that has 4WD will work by engaging the ESOF system of your ford f150 truck.

4WD- 2H Mode

To access the 4×4 system 2H mode, you should know which road conditions to use this mode. If you are riding on a normal road, or highway, or want a smooth drive, then the 2H mode is perfect for your f150.

And for that, just shift the switch on the center console to 2H, and then you see Shift in Progress in your message center. Next 4X2 will show in yellow light on f150 the cluster. That means the mode is activated so that you can drive comfortably on-road.  

Note: When you shift the switch to 2H, the 4X2 will lighten up on the cluster for a few seconds, and then it will disappear.

4WD- 4H Mode

The 4H is one of the most used modes when users drive between 15 to 55 MPH. This mode is not recommended for off-road. It is also safe for driving while towing.

To activate this mode, just move the center console switch to 4H and watch the message center as it’ll send Shift in a Progress note. And then, the cluster of your f150 will show 4X4 High in yellow lighting.

4WD- 4L Mode

The 4X4 Low or 4L is a powerful mode for climbing hills, driving in, or sand riding. This mode as well works fine if you are mostly like to ride at 15 MPH speed.

And also, this mode is better for towing heavy loads. The process of using the 4L mode on 4-wheel drive on f150 is given below:

  • Adjust the switch of the center console which is located on the steering wheel to 4L mode.
  • Then, the “Slow Down” message will pop on the message center. It will give how much speed you need to reduce for activating this mode.
  • After that, click on Ok. And then, you’ll see 4X4 Shift in Progress in the message center.

Note: The 4L mode will require your f150 to reduce speed up to 3 MPH or shift into neutral for accessing well.

4WD- 4A Mode

The ford f150 4×4 auto mode aka 4A mode is what makes your truck get the power to the front and rear tires as required based on your driving conditions. And to use this mode, you only need to move the switch of the center console to 4A.

Look into the message center as it will show Shift in Progress and then yellow light will illuminate showing 4X4 AUTO in the cluster. And, it means the mode is activated safely.

Warning: If you see Shift Delayed – Pull Forward on the message center, it means block in your 4-wheel drive system. To prevent it, shift into a forward gear like D (Drive). Move your f150 so that it unblocks the issue. Then, shift the gear to N (Neutral).

Electronic Locking Rear Differential

While using the 4-wheel drive mode, know that the electronic locking rear differential system will lock both front and rear tires so that your truck ride in improved traction. As you’ll be using the 4WD modes on snow, rain, sandy, or other challenging conditions, this system will require.

To use it, select the model you want in 4-wheel driver on your f150 and then pull the knob to set it. You can also rotate the switch in the 4X2 system to set it manually. In the cluster, you’ll see the rear differential is locked.

Warning: Be sure to ride under 20 MPH when using 4L mode and don’t raise the speed to 25 MPH.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is 4H or 4L better for snow?

If comparing 4H or 4L for snow road conditions, the winner will be 4H as it increases the f150 truck’s traction on rain, sleet, and winter. Even if a few people find the 4L good for maximum traction, still for the snowy road the 4H works the best.

Can I switch to 4WD while driving F150?

If your f150 truck has the older 4WD system, then it can manually be shifted between 2WD when your truck isn’t running.  You can also change the modes from 4H to 4L when the truck is stopped.

Can I leave my f150 in 4A?

You can freely leave your f150 truck in 4A aka 4X4 Automatic mode with no hassle. As you don’t have to disconnect the modes in the 4-wheel drive, it is totally safe to leave your ford f150 truck in 4 A or any other modes.
If you are looking for, is it ok to leave a truck in 4 wheel drive overnight, then the answer is still the same. It is safe to leave your truck in 4WD overnight.

Overall Thoughts

After checking this guide, you now know how to use 4 wheel drive ford f150 and will be able to access it without anyone’s help. Just like other reliable trucks, the ford f150 also adds the 4WD feature to improve the riding performance and quality.

In the case of using this 4-wheel drive, it actually isn’t hard once you get along with the function matching your riding conditions.

Besides, this modern function of the ford f150 makes riding a lot more comfortable and dependable in challenging terrains. So, no matter why you want to try the 4-wheel drive on the f150 truck, this geode hopefully won’t let you down. See You on Another New & Interesting Topic. Till Then, Bye-Bye!

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